So how do we respond?


I fear at this point that even if WotC walks back their plans, the well is poisoned. You can no longer trust that WotC will leave the OGL alone like they promised and intended at its creation.
it is, which is why it should be changed so it is open (no registration, no reporting, no fee), perpetual and irrevocable.

Then it no longer is a matter of trust

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A Title Much Cooler Than Anything on the Old Site
If the their new products interest me, I'll buy them. If not, I won't. While I find the legal discussions interesting, I don't see it affecting my purchase decisions.


CR 1/8
Some boxed text, maybe for my #dungeon23 tomorrow:
"This is an empty room, but for a green devil's head carved onto one wall. It gaping mouth is dead black inside. Something barely legible is scrawled within."



Mod Squad
Staff member
Mod Note:
I, myself, have suggested e-mailing WotC. E-mail and other contact should only be sent to official WotC business addresses.

Anyone publishing personal e-mail addresses, street addresses, phone numbers, or other contact information of WotC personnel will be promptly banned from the site.

We will not tolerate anyone enabling or engaging in the harassment of individual WotC employees.

Send your grievances to official business channels only, please.


He Mage
I am enthusiastic about the 2024 edition.

These OGL concerns will significantly effect the time and money I spend on 2024 onward.

In an extreme hypothetical, if the fears prove true about a draconian "not-OGL", that might mean abandoning D&D instead of celebrating its triumph in 2024.

For the moment, I am still in a wait-and-see mode, for the dust to settle.


New Publisher
Yea, lots of good fantasy out there.

And if it's a good movie us RPG folk won't make a dent.
If we won't make a dent, why boycott? Especially if it's good? I'm all for taking on big business, but you gotta be smart about it. Or take some high ground that really only effects you. Both are reasonable choices.

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