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I trialed an rp style today, that I found quite fun and interesting. Sure, some of the edges were a little rough, but when it's the first go at something there's always a few kinks to ease out. This thread is my warning to you all. Watch out for my PMs...

It worked like this:
a) PM anyone and everyone on the site, stating my intentions to host an rp, and brief description of what it was. A lot of people simply replied to wth? Or no...or busy, I respect that, but some silly people responded and decided to join me. I also nagged a few people on msn...XD
b) Get everyone into Carpe or Ahoy.
c) Set the scene
d) everyone designs a character in their head to suit the scene. It has nothing to do with the character you're signed in as, though it could if you wanted it to.
e) NPCs in setting, or in anyone's creation should be able to be played by everyone.
f) play by post wreaks havock. in other words, if someone gets in before you, doing something conflicting you need to change your post. If two people happen to post conflicting things at once then someone needs to change/state change of post.

It was funny. It didn't last long, but was great for a laugh. It had a walrus, and a polar bear, and a blind middle aged guy and a unicorn and penguins and a woman.
I want to make free form things like this a regular occurrance when I am on, or even when I am not on, anyone can do this!

So dont be surprised, when you get my PM guyz!


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