Son of Krauss Greyhawk Age of Worms Game (OOC)

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Thanks, folks. A lot of the info I am providing you is from the web enhancements for the Adventure Path game, so thank the good people at Paizo as well.

I think that the more you understand the world your character lives in, the more fun you can have playing them. It's fun to play with action figures in the sandbox, but when you build a whole sand city for them, and put in roads, municipal buildings, trees, etc. it becomes much more exciting.


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BrO: I am about to steal the OOC info from you and wanted to say thank you for the access to it. I will be the first to admit that you have raised the bar pretty high on this and if you ever want to talk shop/bounce ideas off of a fellow runner of this path, please shoot me an e-mail anytime.


Awesome game all, and a great read as well.

Thanks Verbatim, although as I've mentioned a lot of it is simply cutting and pasting. I put together games I'd like to play in myself, and just type in more background info when I have the time and inclination. After a while it all begins to pile up. Good luck in your game.

On a design note, I'm tempted to change some of the combat encounters to non-combat ones for the purpose of running them in a PbP setting. We'll see if I can pull that off. I just think in the PbP world, combat can soak up all your time.


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I think if the party is willing to wing it some with you, then go for it. I am still wondering how my first toss of the dice will go with my group. I thought about getting them to go to an irony place and send me a preset of twenty rolls. From there, I just started at #1 and went through until I reached the end of the list. Then had them redo it with another block of twenty.

Still milling that one over though...

A recent post in a different game reminded me of something. Unless we're in combat, or unless you state otherwise, I am assuming that you are "taking 20" on the following skill checks: Search and Open Locks. Both of these skills are full-round actions, which means that "taking 20" takes about 2 minutes to complete, which is not an unreasonable amount of time. Also, both of these skills don't have immediate negative consequences, so you can just keep on trying. There will be exceptions to this rule, given the circumstances, but unless anyone has a problem with this or states otherwise, I'll assume you're "taking 20".


Poor Gregor. The kid is cursed in more ways than just gigantism. He sweats out the grunt hard work of physical tasks, but that rogue Owen gets the credit! ;)

The stone slab/gas trap here, and the one on the sarcophagus in the level above have taught you something about the dangers of exploring ancient cairns.

You each gain 200100 XP.

EDIT: FYI, that should bring you to a total of 200 + 150 = 350 XP.

EDIT: It would be helpful if each of you could create an "Current XP" field on your character sheets, if you haven't already. Thanks.
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Sure. I guess this means I'll have to pay attention that sort of thing...

and look up how much we got for the wolves.

Have there been any exp gained other than that?


BO, would you mind posting a link to the character thread in your first post in the thread, I've lost it and don't have search. Thanks.

Voadam said:
BO, would you mind posting a link to the character thread in your first post in the thread, I've lost it and don't have search. Thanks.
It's actually in my signature as well, Voadam. I don't know what options you have selected, so you might not see the signatures, but it's there. The way I have it configured, it only shows the signature once per page. I don't know how everyone else's is set up.

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