D&D 5E Species-based epic boons


Obviously I'm maintaining the old/normal approach of different species being different.
I'd like to have at least two epic boons per species to offer to my players. Here's what I have so far. Power levels vary - just like the power levels of the base epic boons, from "Misty Step 1/SR" to "Fire Immunity and a 1st level spell at will" to "Have an extra 9th level slot." I generally tried to lean into things that use or emphasize base species traits, but that are (mostly) not "bigger numbers". Suggestions?

Half-elves, orcs, etc, may choose from the boons available to either parent species.

Eyes of Light. An Aasimar gains immunity to the Blinded condition, and can see invisible and ethereal creatures within 30’.

Wings of Cover. As a reaction, an Aaracokra can use its wings to shield its body against a weapon attack, reducing the damage of the attack by 2d6+CON modifier. Doing so reduces the Aaracokra’s flying speed to 10’ the following round.

Lungs of Steel. Whenever it takes the Attack action, a Dragonborn can replace one of its attacks with a use of it’s breath weapon. It’s breath weapon recharges every four rounds.

Resilient Spirit. The dwarf gains advantage on saving throws against exhaustion, paralysis, and petrification.

Hearing the Air. An elf gains blindsight 30’ unless in an area of magical silence, and has advantage on Perception checks.

Lasting Endurance. Stone’s Endurance is no longer limited to once per short rest. Instead, it may be used until a 1 is rolled on the 1d12 before requiring a rest to recover.

Nimble Dodge. As long as a halfling’s speed is above 0, it gains +1 AC.

Versatile Adaptation. A human gains +1 to hit on all attack rolls and skill checks.

Ferocious Attacker. An orc deals 4 extra damage with any weapon attack it makes.

Ramming Charge. If a satyr moves at least 10’ in a straight line towards a target and hits it with a ram attack on the same turn, the target takes an extra 2d4 bludgeoning damage, and must succed on a Strength saving throw or be pushed up to 10’ away and knocked prone. The saving throw is 8 + PB + the Satyr’s STR mod.

Tricky Dodge. When hit by a weapon or spell attack with an attack roll, a satyr may use its reaction to force the attacker to re-roll the attack, taking the new result. This ability may be used a number of times equal to the satyr’s DEX modifier, recharging on a short or long rest.

Hellish Immunity. A tiefling gains immunity to poison and fire damage, and resistance to cold damage.

Master of the Tides. A triton gains the ability to cast its racial spells 3 times per long rest each. It can also cast Maelstrom once per long rest.

Created Mind. A warforged’s mind is not conventionally constructed. It gains immunity to psychic damage, and powers or abilities that detect thoughts or alignment.

Potent Poison. Any time a yuan-ti deals poison damage to a creature, the target takes 1d12 extra poison damage. The range of the Poison Spray cantrip increases to 30’.
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They're nice, but wouldn't it be more flavourful if the boon were related to the species of the giver of the boon? (Assuming you play it that boons are given.)


They're nice, but wouldn't it be more flavourful if the boon were related to the species of the giver of the boon? (Assuming you play it that boons are given.)
I'm not playing it that way. After they hit 20, assuming they haven't ended the campaign yet (not likely to happen at current pace), they'll get these each time they complete a major milestone in place of levelup. I'm keeping a text file noting which epic boons their actions may justify, and will give each player a short list to choose from.

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