Spelljammer Album! Spelljams!

So far it’s very “Stranger Things”, which is fitting.


1. Magic Sword - Seeds Of Destruction
2. Osees - Arena Of Blood
3. Reggie Watts - Space Is A Place
4. TEKE::TEKE - Visible Lights
5. Black Marble - Far

6. Mikaela Davis - Left Hand Path
7. Lucius - love is the disaster
8. Penny & Sparrow - Xedalli
9. Y La Bamba - Moon Dancer
10. Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - Light of Xaryxis

11. MonoNeon - Spacefighters
12. Cardioid & pink paint - Crystalline Climbers
13. Devon Gilfillian - Me and The Moon
14. Red Fang - Endless Sea
15. Nolan Potter’s Nightmare Band - Ghost Of The Nautiloid

16. Deru & Arooj Aftab - Forgotten Land
17. Wizard of Waz - Topolah’s Song
18. Califone - chaotic.evil.astral.elves
19. Shabazz Palaces - The Door To Endlessness

“You know what they like on the Rock of Bral?" asked Perkins, referring to a location in Spelljammer. "Rock music! The brilliant Chris Funk has assembled a motley crew of bards to create Spelljams—music inspired by our newest Spelljammer adventure, Light of Xaryxis. I encourage Dungeon Masters use Spelljams as background music during their D&D game sessions or listen to it while dreaming up future hijinks. Everyone else: enjoy the music of Wildspace!”


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Game Designer
Soundtracks are some of my favorite accessories for RPGs in crowdfunding campaign or just buying outright. I have several playlists of my own that I carefully curate, but having some original stuff to mix in there is great.

Finished giving it a listen this morning. I dig it, though I only recognized two of the artists. There's a definite vibe to the whole thing that makes the various styles cohere better than you'd think. I'm surprised there's no Metal, though.

I would love to see someone who knows a lot more about marketing than me break down how much this likely cost, because I think it's a sensational idea and would love to see it for every adventure and campaign setting, maybe even every WotC D&D product. (Caveat: I use a lot of sound effects and music in my games, which I gather is not universal.)

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