Spelljammer Spelljammer's Astral Dreadnought & Adult Solar Dragon

In October of this year, WizKids will be launching two big miniatures, both linked to the upcoming Spelljammer setting -- the Astral Dreadnought and the Adult Solar Dragon.

The Astral Dreadnought will be $249.99. The creature lives on the Astral Plane, and is the size of a large dragon.

The Adult Solar Dragon is featured on the cover of the Light of Xaryxis adventure; this mini will be $109.99.


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Yeah, that price range is just too much.

I like Wizkid's minis, the unpainted line is at a great price point, for example. But in many ways they're getting too greedy as they realize they can target collectors - like GW levels of absurdity.
The singles market for the sets with blind boosters shows that people will pay for collectables.

The Alhoon for example goes for as much as $50 while I can get an unpainted one plus 2 intellect devourers for $5.

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IIRC, the character that's on the cover of the 12-episode Spelljammer adventure can separate from the bottom half of the wizkid figure and actually legit attach to the top of the Adult Solar Dragon to ride it basically.

I paid $40 for the jumbo Rita Repulsa who does nothing but menace All Might and Uravity on my shelf, so...

Also, inflation and the price of shipping and materials.
I really don't think that fully accounts for it. The price of other toys didn't double/triple in the same time. The gargantuan dragons went from $30 (a little pricy for a toob figure, but whatevs) to $90! Look at high end collectibles like Sideshow or Gentle Giant. Prices have remained static. Wizkids went from cheap mediocre minis to really expensive mediocre minis. It's bad when you make GW look reasonable.

They seem to be aware that their audience is really small for the pre-paints, so are intent on gouging them as much as possible. $80 for the wild in the witchlight balloon was a complete joke. They used to at least offer them cheaper for the unpainted version, but I guess they realized anyone can slop speedpaint/instant color/contrast paint over them to get the same/better paint job in 10 minutes, so just decided to focus on whale hunting instead.


With the current price of miniatures, I getting more serious about getting a 3rd printer. Have a few buddies with printers and they have produced some very nice minis at a very cheap price.

I work at a toy store and many products have doubled in price because of Covid. There are things we don’t carry anymore because, at the increased prices, we can’t afford to sit on product to wait for someone willing to buy it. I’m sure If they could sell it for less, they would because they’d probably sell more.

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