D&D (2024) spells going forward

So going forward with 'arcane' and 'divine' and 'primal' spell lists how are the 2014 classes getting spells?

so in the warlock cantrip thread I have been beat over the head by "it's not on the 2014 spell list"
however I also keep being told that nothing will stop the support of the 2014 warlock.

so come 2024 lets say we get the new classes more or less as they are in the playtest. then the first splat book adds 15 new spells, 10 to the arcane list, 9 to the divine list and 6 to the primal list.

now we have a player that is playing a 2014 warlock and another playing the 2024 cleric... the 2024 cleric just got 9 new spells, but the warlock list for 2014 isn't every new arcane spell, so how will you know what ones to add to the warlock list? Do you think a sidebar?

it gets worse with the 2014 bard that has multi spells from divine lists... now I don't have to just look at those 10 arcane spells but the 9 divine (yes that means some overlaped).

so going forward will the 2014 classes not be supported?

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so in the warlock cantrip thread I said I could see both an argument for and against being able to take the pact powers as cantrips...

in the 2014 book a cantrip with the words "warlock cantrip" are cantrips warlocks can take. As such any new cantrip labeled as such can easily be read the same.

so lets got to 2024 and say another cantrip is added, is it a cantrip ANY warlock can choose or only 1 a 2024 one can.


Crown-Forester (he/him)
I'm not sure the universal spell lists are going to stick.

I think this is part of why people have said they DON'T like power source spell lists.

They've had to make too many classes far more finnicky to accomodate signature spells not being on their power-source list or made spells entirely different spell schools to do so. I think it's more trouble than it's worth and they're going to go back to class spell lists, or at least some combination of class+power source spell lists. The point was to reduce the amount of clutter and repetition, but it's just moving the clutter into the class features, and even eating some critical class features like the Bard's Song of Rest.


Frumious Flumph (Your Grace/Your Eminence)
Whichever method ends up being chosen, they need to communicate it firmly, otherwise it's going to be a nightmare for Organized Play guys at conventions...

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