D&D (2024) spells going forward


Except the "spiritual" part of Spiritual Guardians implies Divine magic
Or primal, which is the one that is always going on about nature and primal spirits.

None of the magic power sources really have much real unique flavor of their own. Never have, really.

Arcane is 'Do anything except healing unless you're a bard or celestial sorcerer/warlock'.

Divine is 'Do anything but mostly protection and healing unless you serve a war or fire or magic ore any domain but healing god'.

Primal is 'Do anything that can be vaguely considered natural, so... anything.'.

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Ah yes, nothing says "Wizard" more than tossing around Cure Wounds and summoning Spiritual Guardians /s

Druids have had access to invisibility and fireball since 2014. Clerics can fireball and various other wizard spells. Sorcerers have been healers for years.

If the only thing that tells you someone is a cleric is Spiritual guardians, I’d say you have much larger issues at the table.

But again most fictional wizards map to sorcerer rather than wizard.
very true. WHen my buddy ran a harry potter themed D&D adventure for some kids a few years ago he made all of them have 1-2 levels of fighter, rogue, or ranger then go up as sorcerer to show case that 'learning spells' meant you always had them available to you but he also made all the teachers artificers and he removed all spell lists and just introduced spells they could pick from any list...
I think he made it all the way up to like 10this level. I know no one got to finger of death "ava kadava"
but he also made masterwork wands and made it super easy to make potions...


Crown-Forester (he/him)
I firmly believe that AL will be 2024 only.
I agree too, but I would also suggest that AL is not core play. It's always restricted otherwise core options to meet the goals of organized play.

AL being restricted to the 2024 revisions is the same as AL restricting magic item possession or character options to specific book combinations and of course to preventing you from using non-errata'd versions of class features and spells etc.

AL only being 2024-onward would also mean they'll provide free access to some 2024 options for players who only have 2014-2023 characters thus far. AL has never required you to buy new books to play. I'm SURE there will be Basic Rules and SRD errata that incorporate the 2024 One D&D revisions.

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