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D&D General [Spoilers] Which Situations From The Suicide Squad Might Have Happened in Your Games?

This is more about the current Suicide Squad movie from James Gunn and not the previous one from David Ayer or the series that's existed on and off since the late 80s that both of those movies are based on.

While I feel having an explosive implant to force the party to do something might be rare for most campaigns (though there's the Geas spell). Having a near TPK because of a traitor and a bad plan, like the beach scene might be less common too. I feel that having the PCs slaughter a bunch of friendly NPCs unknowingly because they assumed they were hostile and didn't ask questions, like the rescue of Rick Flag, might actually be quite common.

But most of all I feel that many campaigns have had a Milton in them. Much like that guy the Harley Quinn and Bloodsport didn't even acknowledge existing, I've had a few nameless NPCs killed while tagging along with the party with the DM actually saying "well actually I have a backstory and name for them, that I just thought of". In one case another PC did react the way that Polka Dot Man did to Milton dying (I think that PC might have been a LG Paladin), while I might have reacted more like Harley did with her "Who's Milton?"

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Closest I've come to matching Suicide Squad in an TTRPG is a DCC funnel. Each player makes up a quick batch of PCs and they are taken thru a session long sprint in a super dangerous scenario. Whoever lives gets to be team 2 :)


I loved the whole "Milton is dead!" scene.

Currently, the group in running has a Milton. An NPC gnome who is being escorted home through the Dark Heart in the feywild (basically, one if many places where the darker fey hang out). He's probably less helpful than Milton, even I forget he's there.

The scene with the "heroes" killing a bunch of the rebels under the assumption they were the bad guys only for the rebel leader to essentially forgive them screamed of "well, the party just killed a bunch of the NPCs I meant to be allies, but I'm not rewriting the plot".

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