Unearthed Arcana Spores, Brutes, and Inventors: Unearthed Arcana Brings You Three New Subclasses

While I like the mechanics behind Brute, do we really need another generic fighter? Champion...

While I like the mechanics behind Brute, do we really need another generic fighter? Champion already does that pretty well.


The immediate impression I get from this UA is that they had a whole handful of various game mechanics they wanted us to give our opinions on whether we liked them or not... all to be used in their various other classes/subclasses coming up. But because they weren't ready to show us the full work-ups of those classes/subclasses... they "created" these three subclasses to use as a flavor clothesline from which to hang all the mechanics from.

I mean, the arcane armor just screams Artificer to me. But because they probably don't have the full 20 levels of Artificer to show us for another round of playtesting yet... they create this fake "School of Invention" so that we can see and give opinion on the mechanics before they possibly then incorporate the armor stuff into the Artificer for that classes next playtest.

And the Brute? As FlyingChihuahua says, it's completely unnecessary when we already have the Fighter. But if they want us to tell them whether we like giving out a smaller damage bonus die at a lower level just like they already give out a larger bonus die to many of the cleric domains at a higher level... they made up this basic Fighter subclass to have us take a look.

The eventual question of course being whether anyone will actually ever comment on the mechanics, rather than just rail against the fluff over and over. :) We might not see it here on the boards... but hopefully they'll get something useful in their surveys.

This is probably the most likely scenario; especially given in one of the Brute's ability, it specifically says, "your level in this class", which leads me to believe it's actually going to be a different class altogether.

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As an avid Magic player who’s been loving the Plane Shift supplements, the first thing that struck me is that the Circle of Spores and College of Invention are perfect fits for a Ravnica campaign, adding the perfect subclasses for the Golgari and the Izzet respectively.

Although, a friend pointed out something to me...with the way the Circle of Spores’ Fungal Infection is worded, it seems like the zombies it creates can’t move...oversight maybe?
I also thought of MtG when reading this UA. I was thinking that invention might work as a class for Urza.

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Also, unless I misread it, the spore zombie cannot move, since it says it can only take the attack action. For lasting as long as it does, that seems a mistake – maybe it should be “can only take the move or attack action.”

Moving is not an "Action" with a capital "A". So the restriction does not apply to movement.


Looking at all three subclass, I love the druid I think it is an interesting take and it has given me some ideas to polish up my warden subclass.

Brute I think that I would make one simple change which is to make it so the Brute Force ability works only with melee weapons that lack the light or finesse properties, or perhaps just the finesse property.

The invention tradition looks like it could be a bit of fun, looks like they took apart the old lore master and redistributed some of its abilities here. I like the way they can throw some magic out there and then see what happens. If I was going to make one change it would be that the arcanomechanical armour is able to transform magical studded leather instead of just nonmagical studded leather.

I think the brute is top. It is avariation of the champion. I think, maybe it would be sufficient to have the brute ability as an alternate champion feature.


I love the spore druid! I like the idea behind the inventor wizard but it needs to be reworked to actually do what it claims to be.


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Circle of Spores is a pretty solid addition. Definitely one I'd take.

Brute... Both the name and write-up make me think this is an attempt at replicating video game brutes. Which are non-bosses, but boss-like, encounters that are tough to kill. Kinda... mini-mini-bosses.

The Inventor seems like it's trying too hard to be a Wild Mage. Just give wizards a wild magic school and get it over with.


I like the abilities of spore druid but fluff doesn't quite match the mechanics. Since these druids get off on whole cycle of life, I'm not sure they'd be making undead...I'd change the undead they create to plant. Wouldn't make a big difference mechanically, but having the zombies be of the plant type would be cool, and flavourful. And creepy, having fungi and spores animating bodies.

The Brute is dull, but not hurting anything by being in game.

The Inventor is strange. Why is it arcanomechanic armour? There's nothing mechanical about the studded leather. I don't like the spell abilities. They're more like chaos magic than inventive. I think Mearls and Crawford missed the mark on this sub-class.

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