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Spring's D&D Release Will Be Ship-Themed

So they talked about it a little bit on today's Fireside Chat. They mentioned that the full reveal are coming at a later date, but it will be a ship based product. It's almost done, but cover and title are not yet finalized.

Not much else was mentioned except some joke titles!
Not too surprising, given the UA, the upcoming seafaring comic book, the ship mini set, etc.



Oh man, I remember this picture. It represents the moment when I, as an 8-year-old kid, finally woke up to the fact that comic-book art is really, really silly.
Oh, cmon, it's plain not fair to judge the artform on the work of one of the most over-hyped hacks in the industry who is now properly considered a genuinely terrible artist coasting on a thirty-year-old reputation from when he was still decent before he got lazy.
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Did anyone speculate on the most obvious nautical theme yet?

D&D: Gilligan's Island! Who's your "Little buddy"? ;)
Is that when a three-hour session turns into a three-year campaign (with a follow up animated series, three TV movies – one featuring the Harlem Globetrotters – and another animated series set IN SPAAAACE!) ?


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