Star Wars Saga/D&D 5th Hybrid [OOC/Rolls]


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I like it... so to further expand... The group gain so many 'Exploits' each 'Mission'. Too not give to much away for how tough the adventure might be the Mr. Johnson might sell to the player's that the job is just a 'Milk Run' easy mission. The group gains 1 Exploit per player member. These exploits can be used for later legwork, planning or gear. If the mission blows up and unexpected complications come along the GM can and should assign extra Exploits to the party based on the real mission difficulties.

Basic Exploits
1 per party member = Milk Run/Low level of danger
2 per party member = Moderate level of danger
3 per party member = Dangerous mission
4 per party member = Extremely dangerous mission

Any party member can use an Exploit in the mission so long as a majority of the party agree (maybe all, maybe no one)

Maybe also each party member might be able to do something to add another point to the pool. Not sure how, just thinking it would be cool.

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I think I am going to try a one-shot of this here. As my face-to-face game is taking the summer off I have no games :( and well one of the reasons I dropped here was depression WELL not having a game over the summer is also super depressing. But I am super hesitant as I don't want to flak off again. I am hoping that by making it a one-short some short game I can keep everyone (myself included) engaged.

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