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Hello starwars fans and true believers!

I noticed there aren't a lot of Star Wars games on the boards, and i was thinking about DM'ing the new Dawn of Defiance campaign. Care to join anyone?

I will select y'all depending on the amount of replies. I will accept one Jedi (padawan level and options for further training will be hard to find) and one force-sensitive. I'm aiming for a maximum of 6 characters.

You can use the creation guidelines as they are hosted on or if you want to i'll try and post the basics here, or you can just ask me.

I'd like a balanced group and some good backstories. (i emphasize more on story than on mechanics)

Finally, our characters will start level 1.

May the Force be with you all.
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I would be up for it. I just got the SAGA rules and have been wanting to try it out. Will you allow custom built droid characters? If not I can go with something else.


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I will allow one custom droid character. However, i want a good backstory on how it got independent, because it must be able to think/act independently. If you rather let your character have a master, you can also choose one of the other players when they arrive.
And congratulations, you're the first ;)


He Who Lurks Beyond The Veil
I could be interested to play a padawan who managed to escape the Order 66. Probably will multiclass to soldier or scout later on, or if we happen to find anyone to teach him then to Jedi Knight.

EDIT: A short consept:
Alder Antilles (AKA Argo Leir)
Human Jedi 1

Alder is young, rash and courageous Jedi-padawan who survived the Order 66 when his master sacrifised himself and made it seem like the padawan would have died too. He decided to change his name to both escape the jedi-hunters and to signify his notion of beginning a new life after he fled jedi-hunters from Alderaan. He chose Alder Antilles, making up the first name from Alderaan and picking the most common surname in the galaxy. With great grieve he has cut of his padawan-hair-braid, and bought some more common clothes. After that his old life as Padawan Argo Leir ended and the life of Mercenary Alder Antilles began. He still continues to revere the jedi ways in secret but publically he has become a whole different man. Alder keeps the cut-off hair-braid with him in a secret locket intending of not leaving it until the jedi order has been restored and he can either grow a new one or be knighted.
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Excellent, I'll get to work on creating my droid...hope it works :lol:

Also how should we generate ability scores, point buy?

Name: EF-8 / Doctor Karnof
Race: 4th Degree Droid
Class: Soldier
Level: 1
Initiative +6, Perception +2
Age: NA
Height: meters
Weight: kg
Hair: None
Eyes: Red
Basic, Binary, High Galactic

Str 16, +3 (10 points)
Dex 12, +1 (2 points)
Con NA
Int 12, +1 (6 points)
Wis 10, +0 (2 points)
Cha 10, +0 (4 points)

HP: 30/30
Damage Threshold: 15
Condition: Normal

Reflex Defense: 14 (Flat Footed 13)
Fortitude Defense: 15
Will Defense: 11

+2 Ranged, Blaster Rifle 3d8 or 2d8 (stun) or
-3 Ranged, Autofire

+2 Ranged, Blaster Pistol 3d6 or 2d6 (stun) or
-3 Ranged, Autofire

+4 Melee, Stun Baton 1d6 or 2d6 (stun)

Acrobatics +1, Untrained
Climb +3, Untrained
Deception +0, Untrained
Endurance +3, Untrained
Gather Information +0, Untrained
Initiative +6, Trained
Jump +3, Untrained
Knowledge (tactics) +6, Trained
Mechanics +6, Trained
Perception +2, Untrained, +2 Equipment Bonus
Persuasion +0, Untrained
Pilot +1, Untrained
Ride +1, Untrained
Stealth +1, Untrained
Survival +0, Untrained
Swim +3, Untrained
Treat Injury +0, Untrained
Use Computer +6, Trained

Weapon Proficiency (Pistols)
Weapon Proficiency (Rifles)
Weapon Proficiency (Simple)
Armor Proficiency (Light)
Armor Proficiency (Medium)
Point Blank Shot

Devastating Attack (Rifles)

Force Points: 0

Starting Wealth = 3000 credits

2 Arms with hands(Free)
Locomotion: Legs (Free)
Heuristic Processor (Free, 5kg)
Comlink (250cr, 0.1kg)
Vocabulator (50cr 0.5kg)
Compartment Space 2kg (100cr)
Improved Sensor Package (200cr, 2.5kg)
Armor Plasteel Shell (400cr, 2kg)
Locked Access (50 cr)
Stun Baton (15cr, .5kg)
Blaster Pistol (550cr, 1kg)
Blaster Rifle (1100cr, 4.5kg)
4 Energy Packs (100cr, .4kg)
2 Energy Cells (20cr)
Hip Holster (25cr, .5kg)
Tool Kit (250cr, 1kg)

Credit Chip (w/ 895cr)

Total Weight Carried: 10. kg
Light Load/Encumbered/Stagger: 64kg/128kg/256kg

EF-8 stand 6” tall and is of slim build. Humanoid shaped body, steel grey in color. Eyes are a menacing red color.

EF-8 is still developing is personality, but believes he is Dr. Karnof.

The EF (Emperor's Fist) droid series was a secret project (as a contingency plan) funded by the emperor shortly before the clone wars to create a line of droid assassins to kill jedi during Order 66 in case the clone troopers where unable or willing to carry out the order. The program was conducted on the planet Jardeen IV and led by Dr. Karnof. The first seven droids which had been fully operational at the start of Order 66, where each was assigned a jedi target. None of the EF series droids succeeded in their mission. Due the failure of the droids, the program was quickly ordered to shut down, as clone troopers and Lord Vader were successful in purging most the jedi from the galaxy. However the EF - 8 model was nearly complete, except that it did not contain the Order 66 code. EF-8 was mothballed at the project laboratory by Dr. Karnof.

Upon learning of the failure of the program the Emperor dispatched agents to Jardeen IV to deal with Dr. Karnof. Of course Dr. Karnof knew that that the Emperor would not tolerate the failure and agents would be arriving shortly. Unfortunately for Dr. Karnof, he did not vacate his research lab before the arrival of the agents. During the encounter Dr. Karnof was hit with blaster fire near a power generator, one of the stray shots hit the generator exploded and Dr. Karnof was caught in the conflagration. Satisfied that the purge had been completed, the agents quickly vacated the lab.

However unknown to the agents, the blast was near the EF-8 droid, in which the strong electrical currents released by the explosion charged the droid's battery. Within moments EF-8 became operational. It saw the its "creator" laying dead, of course EF-8 felt no pity or remorse for the dead doctor. For the first few hours of operation, EF-8 downloaded all available holodisks that had not been destroyed in explosion. EF-8 learned much about Project "Emperor's Fist" and as the droid learned and absorbed the knowledge in its databanks, its programming error became evident because EF-8 had not been fully programmed. EF-8 believed itself that it was Doctor Karnof...
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Blackrat, your character idea has been approved. You're in. Also, you'll be the only force user.
I would strongly suggest that you use your Force powers extremely discreet in-game (like when nobodys watching, or that nobody can pinpoint it to you). I would also suggest you multiclass in the scout-skill.

As for character generation; i leave it up to you to choose wisely as long as you follow the rules of the SAGA corebook. You may also post your charactersheets here and then i'll see if i agree with the build. If not, we'll try and work something out between us.


He Who Lurks Beyond The Veil
Cool. That's about what I had in mind. Alder will keep it as secret as possible that he can use the force. He will also keep it very rare to draw his lightsaber. It's not a good time to be recognised as a jedi these days ;) . I'll get on creating the sheet right away. And as Dragoon already asked, shall we use point buy and how many points?


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CORRECTION: i have looked at campaign standards and i'll let you know some changes.

1) you begin play at 1st level
2) You HAVE to use the planned generation method for your character (p. 18 SAGA core manual), but you can build a character with 28 points. Each ability score starts at 8 (and can't be lessened).
3) One droid is allowed if it is a custom one.
4) Everyone starts play with maximum credits
5) For equipment purchase, military or illegal ratings are forbidden at the start of the campaign (you'll come by them later). Also take into account licensing fees.
6) Vehicles follow the same rules.
7) Possible destinies: destruction, discovery or rescue. That is all.
8) Though rare, character's CAN die in the campaign. Leave it up to me what happens then (in-game surprise)
10) Once all players are established, i'll keep log sheets and i'll let you know if you level and stuff.

Then i'm waiting for at least two other players...


I'd like to play a Zabrak Scout, if possible. I have posted a short background. I wanted to hit some ideas without typing a novel about them. If more is needed/wanted, I will be happy to add on. I didn't want him to have anything tragic to happen yet. I was thinking that if he travels with his mother, that would be an easy way to introduce him into the story.

[sblock=short background]

Kered Rinos spent quite alot of time with his father in the wilderness of Iridonia. They often stayed overnight in the wilderness, somehow managing to survive the raging winds that plagued the planet and avoid the dangerous animals whenever they could.

They lived in the capital city of Malidris, mostly for his mother. She was unusually gifted at slicing. So much in fact, that she actually worked for the government of Malidris as a security advisor.

Kered sometimes traveled with his mother on her trips, often to other planets. He loved every second of it. Whenever he was on the ship, she would often lose track of him. He would wonder around, looking outside when he could or exploring parts of the ship. His life was great. No true worries, a great family. He never knew how that could change. Or how soon it would.

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