Stars/Worlds Without Number (General Thread)


I’ve never been interested in running a cyberpunk game, but if it’s a book by Crawford I might just Kickstart it on general principle.

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Cars Without Number - Fast and Furious licensed RPG.

Tsars Without Number - Steampunk Pre-Revolutionary Russian RPG.

Bars Without Number - Prison break RPG.

Numbers Without Number - Accountancy the RPG.
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I'm not really into Cyberpunk either, but some of the previews I'm seeing on it, as well as the fact that there will be magic rules, is really selling me on this book too.
The beta is available to backers, so I took a look at it. The only class is the “operator”, which gets two edges. Edges are (more or less) class features from classes in SWN and WWN that you can mix and match. Magic is handled through an edge. You get an effort pool and four spells. Casting seems like a mix of psionics and mages from SWN and WWN respectively. You prepare spells, but casting them takes effort. If you run out of effort (or don’t want to commit any), you can overcast. In some ways it’s not as bad as torching (you can’t lose any attributes), but in some ways it’s worse (you’re likely to lose some of your next turn and may die).

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