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Ostensibly, yes, @Corinnguard. But what I was going for was:

Jekyll and Hyde like character who has to deal with having an Erudite and Animal side which each assert themselves at different times and force the heritage to be trapped between the two.

Undead-Touched. Either straddling life and death, themselves, or bound in some way between worlds to see into the Ethereal and act as a natural Medium.

Planar Entity. While they exist on our plane they do so while fighting against the pull of the plane they belong on... I was thinking a race of quasi-material entities that have to use fabric or armor to give themselves structure as they work to avoid being drawn into the Gyre.
All three of those sound like they'd be synergy feats in LU.

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How about a campaign path adjacent backgrounds.

To save a kingdom is coming out. Have a background that directly ties a character into "to slay a dragon". So the dragon or other npc know the character. There might be additional events that would occured in the campaign if there is a character with that background.

This kind of thing.


I was thinking on other system areas the same could use expansion while looking over your dungeon delving article again, still probably my favorite GPG piece to date, and it got me thinking about other A5E unique systems and then about journeys and Supply. The idea feels like it's still a little underdeveloped or maybe underutilized.

Functionally, it serves as a limitation on journey distance and as a journey level HP pool that can be threatened by journey/terrain events. Unfortunately, it's just a bit too easy to replenish/ignore with various class and origin features.

So how about expanding the size of the pool and the class of threats? I'm thinking like long frontier expeditions, or campaigns following caravans, or maybe even extended boat or skyship journeys. Putting more people and material at risk would let you up the consequences and strain of Supply acquisition, so you could just expand the existing system up and take advantage of the increased numbers to make a Ranger or Druid less impactful without invalidating their ability.

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