Unearthed Arcana Subclass features - Is "(as if concentrating on spell)" the same as concentrating on a spell?


I have noticed that some of the recent UA subclasses have features that last "until your concentration ends (as if concentrating on a spell)." Wizard Order of Scribes' Manifest Mind and Undead Warlock's Spirit Projection are two examples. While this phrase appears in the MM, I haven't found it anywhere in the PHB. I'm curious if anyone has thought about whether a PC/NPC using one of these features can also concentrate on a spell.

Two plausible readings of "(as if concentrating on a spell)" occur to me:
1) Although this feature is not technically a spell it is the functional equivalent of a spell requiring concentration, and your concentration can be broken just like with a spell. If you are concentrating on using this feature you cannot also concentrate on a spell.
2) Although this feature isn't a spell, the same rules for ending concentration on a spell are used to end concentration on this feature. Class features are not spells, so the rule against concentrating on more than one spell does not apply.

Follow up question: If you are a DM in camp 2, would you have a single concentration check apply to both the spell and the feature, or ask for one check for the spell and another for the feature?

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Clearly the intent is 1). However, it might be worth asking for clarification in the survey feedback, given how many people who seem to make a hobby of misinterpreting rules there are about.


41st lv DM
It's likely intended to be #1.
But at my table (if it ever comes up) we'd probably play it as as #2.


The notion of thought 2 never crossed my mind, nor do I feel it's the intent. If you did go with thought 2, I'd probably have separate saves for each, since you consider them two separate effects.

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