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Crusty Old Meatwad (he/him)
I can't recall seeing this level of detail reported about a single weekend of movies.:

Writer Anthony D'Alessandro is naming exactly what was spent, in which methods, on some of marketing (though not all of the marketing) with a comparison to some other movie marketing spends through those methods. He's naming exactly which theaters specifically made exactly how much money for a particular movie this weekend. I happened to see Asteroid City at the AMC Burbank which apparently was the #1 theater in the nation for The Flash this weekend (which is no surprise as Warner Brothers studio is about 5 minutes away). I had no idea you could access the exact take from a specific movie theater.

I don't think any of this adds crucial data for us fans given it's not a complete picture, but I did find it interesting and thought others might as well. And we can use this thread if we want for Summer Movies in general.

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I wont spoil anything but I read an article last night detailing all the cameos in the Flash. The amount and who actually got cameos was very surprising.


Crusty Old Meatwad (he/him)
More box office related.

Basically 6 ir 7 blockbuster budget movies released on after the other.

Think only Spidermans doing particularly well.

I thought flash might flop but expected 70 odd million vs 55.

It did $64M domestic. Most are listing it as a flop due to excessive adders in the budget and marketing but that's always unclear until streaming.

In other news, Quantumania quietly is a profitable film now. They cleared around $30M profit on the movie.

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