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[+] Summer Reading List: Discussion Thread


Limit Break Dancing
This thread is for all those who are participating in the ENWorld Summer Reading Program. Every few weeks, we will select a leading book from the voting thread and read it as a group, posting our reviews, assessments, and discussions here in this thread.

A Bit of History
A couple months ago, I got the idea to start a "Summer Reading List" similar to the ones we had in school. I wanted to spend more time reading this summer, and I wanted to see what kinds of fantasy novels my fellow ENWorld members would recommend. So I started a voting thread and asked people to nominate their favorites. We upvoted and downvoted and recommended, and eventually a handful of books floated to the top of the pile.

The first book to rise to the top of the list is The Book of Three, written by Lloyd Alexander and nominated by me, @CleverNickName. So that is the first book that we are going to be reading, and we're starting today! Hopefully you have all had time to gather up a copy of this excellent book, and are prepared to spend the next week or two immersed in excellent fantasy fiction (with a heaping helping of Welsh folklore.) This is a short book, having fewer than 200 pages, so we will be spending the minimum amount of time reading it (2 weeks). Other, longer books will obviously require more time...but for now, let's block off April 30-May 14 to read The Book of Three.

What Is This Thread For?
This thread is for discussion! Everyone who is reading (or has already read) the books on the ENWorld Summer Reading List are invited to share their experiences, insight, questions, opinions, and thoughts here in this thread. Long essays, book reviews, and editorials are encouraged...but remember that this is a [+] thread. If you hate this book and everything it stands for, please find a civil and polite way to express that opinion. Insults, arguments, and other examples of rude behavior will be reported for trying to derail the thread.

Sound fun? I hope so. Anyway, let's all grab our copy and start reading!

Product Details
ISBN: 9780805080483
Publisher: Macmillan Publishing Services
Paperback, 190 pages
Audiobook narrated by James Langton, 5:03:00.
Available in hardcover, paperback, and Kindle format on Amazon.com, and at public libraries everywhere
Support your local indie bookstore

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Help Select The Next Book
And just a reminder, the voting is still going! A "reading list" wouldn't be much of a list if it just had a single book on it, after all. So the original voting thread is still open, and I'd like to encourage folks to continue recommending and voting for books. We will select our second book on Monday morning (May 3), so that everyone has ample time to collect a copy before we start it in mid-May. So be sure to visit the voting thread and recommend any books that you think would be fun to read and discuss as a group.

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