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SUN PM: The Spectre Over Specularum (B/X D&D) [FULL-accepting alts]

The Spectre Over Specularum Fear has gripped the capital city of Karameikos. People have been disappearing in the night. Rumors of an impending cataclysmic event have been whispered on the streets. The people are fearful and lock their doors securely at night. ………. and none of this really matters.

Your young cousin, Thalia, is missing. It’s a personal matter now.

The mission: Find out what became of your younger cousin.

System: Moldvay/Marsh/Cook Basic D&D with some additional material.
The PC’s:

Cedric: (Human fighter, Thalia’s cousin)
Katarina the Red (Human fighter)
Darnok Trollskinner (Dwarf)
Brianna (Elf)
Stephanos the Learned (Human magic user, Cedric’s brother)
Brother Justin (Human cleric)

PC Information

This adventuring party has worked together for several years, first teaming up to battle the evil forces in the Caves of Chaos, then moving on to adventure in distant lands. The PC’s are all good friends and have learned how to work well as a team. A threat to one is answered by all.

Cedric is the leader of the company but he would never claim or assume such a title. An expert with a sword, and a clear tactical thinker, Cedric’s ability to remain calm and focused in the most dangerous of situations has saved the party on several occasions.
Primary Skill: Explorer
Secondary Skill: Athlete
Background Skills: Craft: Blacksmithing, Craft: Cooking, Knowledge: Law (Karameikan)

Katarina the Red:
It seems that Katrina’s job is to find trouble. A fiery redhead with an impulsive streak a mile wide, Katarina is an expert fencer and an accomplished rogue. Katarina has a talent for sniffing out money and has contributed greatly to the group’s financial success.
Primary Skill: Thief
Secondary Skill: Athlete
Background skills: Gambling, Performance: Dancing, Profession: Sailor

Darnok Trollskinner:
Darnok is a proud warrior as well as an accomplished ranger and explorer. He taught Cedric most everything he knows about tactics. Sometimes tactics get forgotten when friends are being harmed. It’s times like these that throw Darnok into a berserk frenzy.
Primary Skill: Ranger
Secondary Skill: Explorer
Background skills: Profession: Mining and Craft: Stonemasonry

Brianna is a Callarii Elf, native of Karameikos. She met Stephanos some years ago while receiving magical instruction from the same tutor as he. Brianna’s natural charm helps her in the role of negotiator. She is also a skilled archer, spell caster, and dabbles somewhat in the thieving arts.
Primary Skill: Diplomat
Secondary Skill: Thief
Background skills: Craft: Leatherworker, Craft: Bowyer

Stephanos the Learned:
Stephanos is Cedric’s older brother and tries to protect him when possible. His skill in the arts of magic and command of large amounts of academic knowledge sometimes tend to push his natural overconfidence to dangerous levels.
Primary Skill: Scholar (Thaumatology, Religion, The Planes, Law (Karameikan), History (world), History (Karameikan), Geography (world), Geography (Karameikan)
Secondary Skill: Diplomat
Background Skills: Craft: Blacksmithing, Craft: Glassblowing, Profession: Scribe

Brother Justin:
Brother Justin is a good-natured priest of the Church of Traladara. He accompanied Darnok on his travels for a time before meeting the others. Justin’s easygoing demeanor and status as a religious figure aid him in smoothing over some difficult situations that this party always manages to land itself in.
Primary Skill: Diplomat
Secondary Skill: Healer
Background Skills: Knowledge: Nobility (Karameikan), Knowledge: Architecture (Karameikan), Profession: Brewer

PC’s in this game have abilities and skills beyond what is given in the B/XP rules. No knowledge of Basic D&D rules will be needed to play.


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