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Sunday AM: Rocket Corps - Return to Jupiter (FATE/SotC)


With Nazi forces on the run, the Interplanetary War is drawing to a close. The brave members of the Rocket Corps patrols the newly established Jovian Control Zone, where US Army Rocket Corps fleets scour the moons for the last remnants of Axis forces.

At Science Station Ganymede, War Department scientist Doctor Zach Zoeller trains his science instruments on Jupiter, studying the phenomenon that captured him and the crew of the Liberty years ago. But to his surprise, his instruments reveal a lone rocketship that breaks away from the Saturn traffic lanes, slipped past the picket patrols at the fringe of the JCZ and plunged into the swirling Great Red Spot of Jupiter. This is a troubling development, one that could turn the tide of the nigh-won war!

Fortunately, Dr. Zoeller has developed a ship that he thinks can navigate the mysterious eye-gate of Jupiter. But it can only accommodate a small team of specialists and troubleshooters. The right team. The team that has been beneath the clouds of the giant planet, in the alien world ruled by the Iron Lords.

Dr. Zoeller flips on his video-phone and puts out a call Rocket Base Glory, where most of his former companions are stationed. It’s time for a Return to Jupiter.​

Rocket Corps: Return to Jupiter is the third chapter in the Rocket Corps on Jupiter series of games, though having attended prior games is not required. The game uses the FATE engine (the same one used for Spirit of the Century) to drive fast paced action in the Iron Lords of Jupiter setting, originally published as a D20 modern setting in the pages of Dungeon/Polyhedron. The setting apes "sword and blaster" and fantasy and "planetary romance" to the tune of Flash Gordan and John Carter of Mars.

1) Jasmine
2) Qualidar
3) Dire Wolf
4) Dark Touch

1) dorgin malgard
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First Post
Thanks for running this again. I had a lot of fun revisiting the setting and getting the chance to kick more nazi(ish) butt.


Thanks for playing everyone! I had lots of fun running, and everyone did their level best to bring the awesome! :cool:

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