D&D (2024) Survey is Live for Unearthed Arcana PHB Playtest 8


Possibly a Idiot.
I explained it again in the previous post. Maybe it was not clear enough before.

They got your point, they are arguing your logic is backwards: The solution to your problem is carrot, not stick.
If you want people to heal in the middle of combat, healing spells need to do way more healing (like 3x as much as they currently do), not less. Monsters already do way more damage than players can heal through, and that's what causes the ping pong problem in the first place.

Personally, I think the cure is worse than the problem, having good combat healing means having mandatory combat healing. which leads to bad player experiences when someone gets stuck playing a band-aid.

Anyway, as for the main topic: Barbarians need elemental damage resistance to keep up with new monster design. Otherwise, bear barbarians are going to be even more of a dominant pick than the were before.

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They got your point, they are arguing your logic is backwards: The solution to your problem is carrot, not stick.
If you want people to heal in the middle of combat, healing spells need to do way more healing (like 3x as much as they currently do), not less.
Then you are also not getting it.


If you are healthy, you gain more healing, so it is not wasted.

Only if you wait until someone is down, you heal less.

So... waiting until someone goes down is not the best strategy anymore.
I am not arguing that anything gets nerfed compared to 2014...

I want it buffed when used earlier in combat so it actually helps.

2d8+wis+potential life cleric is not that bad.
If you want, i would also like 3d4hp per level on someone not unconscious. I just don't want healing word buffed compared to 2014 when used on dying people.


I'd like them to take those conjuration spells and add just a little something that makes them feel more like there's a creature there. (In particular the Celestial, which just seems like a pillar of light, and the Elemental, which can't even move ATM.)

Otherwise, I generally like everything. I still think that Druid Wild Shape is a mess. I mean, at this point you barely get much from the Creature Stat Block, so why bother with it? Maybe if every creature carefully gets something unique that makes it seem like that sort of animal, it'll be worth going to them for those things, but half the Stat Block gets shaved off for the Druid's own stuff... I dunno, I just don't like it much.

It's better than it WAS, though!

Love the Monk. I wouldn't change anything. I'd rather they raise others up than drop the Monk back down. Or heck, LET the Monk, Ranger, and Sorcerer be a little OP this time around! (I'm mostly kidding here).

No, the bonus healing is actually wasted, because even these buffed healing spells don't outpace Monster damage. This isn't problem of language, it's a problem of math.
But you can slow the race to 0 significantly down if you want. But at least that is not representing what I said. So we could debate that. But lets just say we disagree here.

Still: I don't really want healing word buffed on unconscious targets. Letting people pop up as bonus action all the time is nothing I like.
I would even buff cure wounds on unconscious targets to make up for it so the healed person stays conscious for a round or 2.


Did mine.

Mostly very laudatory on the Monk - I did mention that the free version of Patient Defense should gain the benefit of Sap to bring its power up slightly compared to the other Monk's Discipline options, and that Wholeness of Body and Quivering Palm are a bit underwhelming.

Regarding spells, I made various suggestions here and there.

Then at the end, I mentioned that I thought the Rogue should probably have more Sneak Attack dice to bring it up a bit closer to other martials while using Cunning Strike more freely, and that the Rogue should get Expertise in Thieves' Tools back plus the rule from Xanathar on combining tools and skills in order to give them a niche as the best traps and locks expert for an adventuring party.

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
I expect the Monk will meet with warm support.

Three things to consider including in feedback:

1. The Word Tree capstone is my main hope for change. I'd really like to see plane-hopping included in the final version.

2. For Wild Shape, I think it is GREAT that they specify forms that appear in the PHB. Others are allowed if the DM says so, but I really think they should be encouraged to keep this qualification if at all possible.

3. One thing I don't think has been discussed on these boards in the inclusion of Cure Wounds and Healing Word on the now restored) Bardic spell list. For a while it looked like that was going to go away - that not every Bard would have healing abilities in their repertoire (that made the Bard really exciting for me, that bards might be able to choose their spell lists). If you have views on this choice, you should let them be known!

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