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WOIN Systems Upgrade: Integrated Weapons



  • [*=2]"Weapon integration. The android has some kind of ranged or melee weapon integrated into its body. Choose a weapon from the core rules. The weapon must be the same size category as the android or smaller, and worth 100cr or less. Thisexploit can be taken multiple times to incorporate multiple weapons, or to double the value of the weapon each time (so taking it three times results in a weapon with a value of up to 400cr)."

The way I perceive this upgrade, is that the android/robot is getting a weapon integrated into the chassis.

The way it is phrased is that the android/robot is getting a new weapon with it its' cost covered in the exploit.

My problem: Why would a high leveled Android ever want this exploit? Can't afford upgrades and max, a higher quality pistol.

My solution: If the android/robot has a size small ranged weapon (no matter the worth/upgrades), as long as it is size small, it only requires the Weapon Integration upgrade to put it in.

Like getting a new pair of alloys for your car, the mechanic doesn't need to the worth of them of 'quality' to be able to switch rims, the job is the same no matter the worth.

Tell me your thoughts please.​

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Well, that was fun
Staff member
I don't quite understand what you said. But yes, it's better for starting characters than for experienced ones (like some of the exploits which give you free starting kit, etc.) The main benefit is that nobody can take it off you.

It's basically free starting equipment (like the OLD Grand Elf's free musket, for example), which can't be removed from the Android.

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