Critical Role Tal’Dorei Reborn from Critical Role's Darrington Press

Critical Role's publishing arm, Darrington Press, has announced that it is relaunching the Tal'Dorei campaign setting (which was originally published inn 2017 by Green Ronin). The new setting is called Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting Reborn and will launch in late 2021/early 2022.

Since we launched Darrington Press, one product has been asked for again and again: the popular and out-of-print Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting.

Today, we are delighted to announce that the sourcebook is coming back, in a shiny new form: Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting Reborn—lovingly hashtagged #TalDoreiReborn for short. This definitive sourcebook brings the locations, people, creatures, and character options of Critical Role’s Tal’Dorei to your gaming table, complete with 5th edition stats for new magic items, subclasses, and even the members of Vox Machina. Whether you’re a fan of the original sourcebook or are totally new to Tal’Dorei, this book is for you.


The book is double the size of the original, at 280 pages, and advances the setting by two decades.

Inside, you'll find info on each major region of the setting, 9 new subclasses and 5 new backgrounds, new magic items, creatures, and updated stat blocks for the members of Vox Machina.

There will also be a deluxe boxed set from Beadle & Grimm's.

The FAQ indicates that it will not be possible to buy the PDF-only version at launch, but if you buy from the Critical Role shop you get the PDF bundled in (not if you buy it elsewhere though).
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Did they mention if there was any difference between this book and the Green Ronin one?
From the Darrington Press Site:
This book totals 138 pages above the original Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting, published in 2017 by our friends at Green Ronin. It applies updates and improvements throughout, in addition to advancing the setting two decades into the future, up to the time of Campaign 2 of Critical Role featuring the Mighty Nein.

Existing owners of the book can look forward to all manner of new content in Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting Reborn:

  • Over a hundred new illustrations and maps
  • Over a dozen new magic items
  • 4 all new subclasses, and a slew of updated subclasses for play in Exandria and beyond
  • Dozens of new creatures and adversaries, amounting to 18 new stat blocks
  • All members of Vox Machina (and some companions!) have been given full stat blocks as well, perfect for bringing these adventurers directly into your games
  • Oodles of updated lore and setting information, including information about who sits on the Tal’Dorei Council and what has happened in the two decades following the end of the Vox Machina campaign

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