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D&D 5E Tall's PotA Campaign - IC

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Gormok glances over his shoulder to see how his companions are doing but can't see much, focusing on the task at hand, which would be crushing this reaver so he can move on...
My last post was a mid-round update. Waiting on [MENTION=33284]Yavathol[/MENTION]'s action, then I'll add Nariah's for [MENTION=3552]Char[/MENTION]womangene. I'll keep Gormok's action for your next round if you like.

OOC: Errol actually moved to the railing beside Illvelious.
Oops. Fixed on my map



OOC: Ooops, sorry!

Bolstered by the arrival of his companion, Ilvellios focused his attention on the remaining foe.

Extra Attack:

[sblock]Ilvellios hp 39/39 thp: 6
Str +0(+3 Saves), Dex +4(+7 Saves), Con +4, Int +0, Wis +2, Cha -1
Acrobatics +7, Survival +6, Stealth +7, Insight +6, Perception +6
AC 17
Inspiration: no
Ki: 5/5
HD: 5/5
Quarterstaff +7, 1d8+4
Unarmed/Radiant Bolt +7, 1d6+3


Illvilious tries to land a blow on his attacker but the reaver dodges all his attacks easily. His actions are not in vain as a blast of energy flashed from the corridor, leaving the pirate barely standing.

2D10+4 = [1, 7]+4 = 12

I forgot about [MENTION=6814006]Thateous[/MENTION]. He needs to take his turn 4 as well

Nariah 23+6/23
Errol 36+6/36
Gormok 55+6/55
Thateus 32+6/32
Illvilious 39+6/39

Reaver 1 3/32
Reaver 2 Dead
Reaver 3 Dead
Reaver 4 1/32 - Hexed (Nariah)
Reaver 5 Dead
Reaver 6 4/32
Reaver 7 Dead
Reaver 8 Dead


Thateous Finishes off the last two reavers in the keep just before you hear shouting from outside. "Intruders! Intruders in the keep!"

You quickly realise that you have taken most of the keep, though the bailey is held by the cult. There are some unexplored rooms downstairs but the two entrances - one in the room upstairs and the main entrance into the hall - could be held against many attackers.

GM: Reaver 4 has run outside the keep, so you don't have LoS, but you can finish off 6 with that roll. The map shows he downstairs portion of the keep and the layout of the bailey. Rooms A and B are unexplored.



Dessarin Valley
Round 0

“Let’s hold here for now,” Errol said. “It’s defensible, and we have the secret way out,” he reminded. “Secure that main door.” He pointed down to the large door of the main hall. Hopefully it had a bar they could drop to block it. “Then let’s clear the rest of the rooms down here, make sure we don’t leave anyone behind us. I’ll find a high position and see who I can take out in the bailey before they realize it and run for cover.” Errol started yanking arrows out of bodies. He was going to need them. “Do we know how many are left? If you find an armory with some arrows, that would be good.”

OOC: It’s a keep, so hopefully there are arrow slits or crenellations or something that he can use for overwatch and cover. Also Errol’s HP should be 44+7/44.

Bonus Action:
Action Surge:
Free Object Interaction:

[sblock=Errol’s Mini Stats]
Errol Character Sheet
Inspiration: Y
AC: 16
HP: 44+7 thp/44 HD: 5/5d10
Superiority Dice: (3/4/R @ d8 DC 14) (Commander’s Strike, Rally, Trip)
Arrows: 51
Arrows used:
Bolts: 2
Bolts Used: 0
Action Surge (1/R)*
Second Wind (1/R 1d10+5)
Inspiring Leader (1/R +7)*

[sblock=Party Loot: Claim and put on your sheet before next level up or it goes on Errol’s]
Helm of Heroism (Armour (Helm), Rare (Requires Attunement) Great spirals on the sides of this helm and the pointed nose makes it resemble a ram. Great tales of those that have worn this helm are told the length and breadth of the land, of their courage and selfless deeds that led to great victories. Once per day the wearer can cast the spell Heroism as a first level spell. This spell has a range of self and does not use your concentration. You can choose to use your INT, WIS or CHA as your casting attribute for the spell.
Potion of Healing - Ilvelios
Potion of Superior Healing - Gormak
Potion of Fire Breathing
2 Potions of Flying
20 gp


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