D&D 5E Tall's PotA Campaign - IC


"I think I would prefer to fight on the stairs, that way we won't get surrounded. Most of the group prefers ranged attacks, so it falls to Gormok and I to keep the enemy away from the others."

Are the stairs wide enough for one person or two?

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OOC: GAH! I spend nearly an hour getting a map sorted for the keep and then realised I stuffed something up and have to start again. I'm trying something different so that I don't have to redo the grid reference every round.

Anyway, if you open the door you'll need initiative.


Round 1

The door creaks open and five rough looking sailors turn to see who is intruding on their space.

GM: initiative: 6d20 41 Damn, that doesn't show the individual rolls in the link. The highest single toll was 13+2 for 15 init for the reavers. Although apparently I can't count as there are 8.

The party has surprised the 5 in the room upstairs. The three downstairs are not aware of anything yet. You are on the top floor of the tower. The two stairs go down into a large hall. The L and M columns are a balcony that overhangs the space below.

Illvilious 39+6/39
Nariah 23+6/23
Errol 36+6/36
Gormok 55+6/55
Thateus 32+6/32 (Still has JV's image, I'll change it next round)

Reaver 1 32/32
Reaver 2 32/32
Reaver 3 32/32
Reaver 4 32/32
Reaver 5 32/32
Reaver 6 32/32
Reaver 7 32/32
Reaver 8 32/32

I'm not sure everyone's character is updated in the RG. Errol's link seems to go to the level 4 sheet


OOC: Maybe the guys downstairs won't hear the sound of combat, right there all deaf is requirement for the cult. This is looking bad I either Gormok can hold the door and shoot down the balcony at the others or he could leap off the balcony and lock up the three down there or alternatively we could all squish in the room behind us and lock them in the door way. Not that Gormok has would be thinking like this he will literally do the first thing shouted at him.


OOC: I suggest Errol and Ilvellios stay still, so we're fighting one person in the doorway at a time. Means Gormok will be on his own holding off those coming up the stairs, so you may want to stay close, and not jump down where you'll be outnumbered three to one!


OOC: ok, in that case Ilvellios can step into the doorway, or maybe the door can be held closed, while you all go forward. I'm not clear on the initiative order, but if he goes before the enemy, that's what he'll do..


Dessarin Valley
Round 0

OOC: I added an updated link here below and in the RG thread. He also gives 7 thp now, so everyone should have +7. Errol should have 44+7 HP.

“Anyone have silence?” Errol suggested as he started launching arrows into the surprised cultists in the room.

Action:2 Attacks on Reaver 3
Longbow: 1d20+9 21
Damage: 1d8+4 5
Longbow: 1d20+9 11
Damage: 1d8+4 8
Bonus Action:
Action Surge: 2 Attacks on Reaver 3; the last hit will include Trip, DC 15 Str save
Longbow: 1d20+9 24
Damage: 1d8+4 9
Longbow: 1d20+9 16
Damage: 1d8+4 6
Trip damage: Trip: 1d8 7
Free Object Interaction:

[sblock=Errol’s Mini Stats]
Errol Character Sheet
Inspiration: Y
AC: 16
HP: 44+7 thp/44 HD: 5/5d10
Superiority Dice: (4/4/R @ d8 DC 14) (Commander’s Strike, Rally, Trip)
Arrows: 50
Arrows used: 4
Bolts: 2
Bolts Used: 0
Action Surge (1/R)*
Second Wind (1/R 1d10+5)
Inspiring Leader (1/R +7)*

[sblock=Party Loot: Claim and put on your sheet before next level up or it goes on Errol’s]
Helm of Heroism (Armour (Helm), Rare (Requires Attunement) Great spirals on the sides of this helm and the pointed nose makes it resemble a ram. Great tales of those that have worn this helm are told the length and breadth of the land, of their courage and selfless deeds that led to great victories. Once per day the wearer can cast the spell Heroism as a first level spell. This spell has a range of self and does not use your concentration. You can choose to use your INT, WIS or CHA as your casting attribute for the spell.
Potion of Healing - Ilvelios
Potion of Superior Healing - Gormak
Potion of Fire Breathing
2 Potions of Flying
20 gp



Gormok grins at Erroll"I know that one!" Gormok suddenly inhales deeply and holds his breath standing stock still not even blinking making no sound at all.


I suggest Errol and Ilvellios stay still, so we're fighting one person in the doorway at a time. ...
Feel free to re-position yourselves I've only dropped you there so that everyone is on the map.

...I'm not clear on the initiative order, but if he goes before the enemy, that's what he'll do...

The party is going first and you have surprise, so essentially you get to have two rounds before they do.


OOC: Ok, if Gormok takes the door then Ilvellios will go at the front, nearest to the stairs so that he can protect the missile users there!


OOC: So if we stick Gormok where Errol currently is he shall open the door and go ham. OH on a side note my phone had a unfortunate accident this morning and my replacement is looking like a fortnight in shipping Yay china. My posting may be less frequent but ill try and check at least once a day

Seeing the look from the group Gormok figured that silence meant something else,shrugging the glares off he kicks open the door and unleashes a flurry of blows against the unsuspecting reaver,quickly looking over his shoulder to make sure he is doing good then swings some more.



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