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D&D 5E Tall's PotA Campaign - IC


Duran swipes at the Reaver with his hefty paw, while digging into his animal forms great reserves of fortitude.

Action Multi attack

Bonus action burning a 2nd lvl slot to regains [roll4]

Putting Duran on 26+3temp HP

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Round 2

Errol aimed a ragged shot at the nearest bandit that somehow manages to catch him in the throat and kills him. J.V then springs up, charging at the next bandit along loosing a bolt of arcane energy that flies wide. Nariah then closes with a priest and looses her own eldritch blast but she can't aim properly at the shifting form.

The great bear in the midst of the reavers bites at one, grabbing him by the shoulder and racking him with his huge paw. Ilvillious chases after the priest but his attacks always seem to find thin air

The priest turns on Ilvillious, unleashing three bolts of force that strike true but seem to cause the elf monk little more than an inconvenience, before continuing his retreat, "Hold here!" he shouts to the bandits. The reavers continue their savage attack on the bear. The bandit to the south, finding himself alone flees, taking care not to approach the bear. The two bandits to the north look like they might flee as well, but seeing the priest seems to galvanise them. They both loose bolts at Ilvillious but both are way off mark.

The squares are 10x10 as the map was getting too big otherwise, so I've changed J.V's attack to an eldritch blast, as there is not much point in dashing this round - if you would rather do something else let me know.

Initiative: Initiative
Group A:
Illvilious, Nariah, Duran
Group B:
Priest, Bandits, Reavers
Group C:
Errol, J.V.

[SBLOCK=Rolls and notes]
Ilvillious' attack would be with disadvantage due to blur so here they are: Illvilious disadvantage rolsl vs priest: 1D20 = [10] = 10
1D20 = [7] = 7
Making his two attack rolls 10 and 7 for two misses

Priest magic Missile vs Illvilious: 3D4+3 = [1, 2, 2]+3 = 8
Illvilious gets an AoO vs the priest

Reaver attack on Duran attack and damage: 1D20+4 = [7]+4 = 11
1D8+1D6+2 = [3]+[1]+2 = 6
1D20+4 = [3]+4 = 7
1D8+1D6+2 = [1]+[1]+2 = 4
1D20+4 = [10]+4 = 14
1D8+1D6+2 = [5]+[6]+2 = 13
two hit for 19 damage

L1 takes the dash action.

T1 and T2 attack and damage vs Illvilious: 1D20+3 = [2]+3 = 5
1D8+1 = [1]+1 = 2
1D20+3 = [6]+3 = 9
1D8+1 = [4]+1 = 5


Ilvillious 25/27
Nariah 23+6/23 concentration on hex
Duran 16/34 Bear form
Erol 36+6/36
J.V. 27+6/27
Forgot about the Inspiring Leader THPs last round

L1: 11/11
[-]L2: 0/11[/-]
T1: 11/11
T2: 11/11
[-]B: 0/11[/-]
R1: 2/22
R2: 22/22
R3: 22/22
P: 52/52; 111-/22-/3-; Concentration on Blur: 9/10;

View attachment Map1c.pdf
So everyone can post actions for round three.


Ok, I believe, after temporary hit points, that puts Ilvellios on 25/27 hit points.

Anyone got a Faerie Fire to counter the Blur?

Edit: No! Would have been a critical! :-(
I shall hold off on posting Ilvellios next turn depending whether Duran would like a flanking bonus on
on Reaver 1, or if Nariah or JV can cancel the Blur..


JV decides it best to fire an arrow since he can't reach the milieu.
OOC: Firing ar the one the bear mauled already. Move forward to E17


OOC: Oh come on 2Hp 2friggen HP ill take flanking bonus, hitting the priest seems pretty redundant at this point and o would like those dpr machines, I mean Reavers dead.

Duran opens his maw wide at the bloodied Reaver before following up with a paw at whom ever deserves it.




Seeing Duran sorely pressed, Ilvellios let loose some gutter language at the priest, and ran up behind the nearest Reaver, letting loose with his quarterstaff..


Using martial arts:

If hit by a missile weapon, Ilvellios will use his Arrow Catching ability! :)

[sblock]Ilvellios hp 25/27 thp 0
Str +0(+2 Saves), Dex +4(+6 Saves), Con +1, Int +0, Wis +2, Cha -1
Acrobatics +6, Survival +5, Stealth +6, Insight +5, Perception +5
AC 17
Inspiration yes
Ki: 3/4
HD: 4/4
Quarterstaff +6, 1d8+4
Unarmed/Radiant Bolt +6, 1d4+4


Charwoman Gene

Nariah moves towards the priest and barely gets within range to cast Faerie Fire.

OOC: Move to K8
Action: Faerie Fire D4-E5 Hitting P and T1 DC 14
[sblock=Mini Stats]AC: 14 Init: +2
HP: 23+6 / 23 Hit Dice: 4 / 4 [1d8]
Pact Magic Slots: 0 SR (2)
Slot Level: 2
Fey Presence: 1/1 SR
Inspiration: 1
Concentration: Faerie Fire


Well, neither of us remembered to roll it, anyway!

In my home games, you have to be there for a round, you don't get the bonus on the round when you move into position..


GM: I haven't been using the flanking rules as I find them very OP. Duran would have been flanked the last two rounds - which I don't think would have been good.

For pbp I think it would add to much faf.

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