D&D 5E Talls S&H adventure


Eowyn Rosebud
Early Morning
Round 0

Eowyn held up her hand to stop the others as she heard the voices of the orcs. She put a finger to her lips and made a motion like sneaking and pointed toward the river.

Stealth [roll0]
If she has time to cast Pass Without Trace before we sneak down, she will, and everyone will have +10 to their stealth.

Initiative [roll1]

[sblock=Eowyn’s Actions]
Magic Stone: 3 stones

Free Object Interaction:
Action: Cast Resistance
Bonus Action: Cast Magic Stone
Concentration: Resistance

[sblock=Mini Stats]
Initiative: +2
Perception: +4
Speed: 25
AC: 16
HP: 34/34 HD: 5/5d8+2

Cantrips: Druidcraft, Magic Stone, Resistance
1) 4/4 Cure Wounds, Faerie Fire, Healing Word
2) 3/3 Enhance Ability, Healing Spirit, Hold Person, Lesser Restoration, Pass Without Trace
3) 2/2 Dispel Magic

[sblock=Party Loot]


U'Tempei !Nothen - human eldritch knight
Arcata Dulat - human divination wizard
Saarthax - dragonborn paladin
Orin - warbred mastermind rogue

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Round 1

Thanks to Eowyn's magic the group of Ratcatchers manage get the drop on the orcs. Closing the distance quietly in the dark.

As you approach you can see one large orc standing guard, two merely big orcs are splashing with something in the water and another seems to be overseeing everything. Thanks to Arcata's owl, you can just about make out three more across the river, they seem to be watching your side of the bank for people coming from the village, but have clearly not seen you.

GM: You can basically get as lose as you want before attacking with range. If you want to try and sneak up and hit anyone with melee then you will need one more stealth check. The PC's will enter where the arrow is.

The river in the map is narrower than it should be, it should be around 50ft wide, but I couldn't stretch the image more or find a better one, so it'll have to do with the caveat that you can't jump over it.

U'Tempei: 54/54
Arcata: 32/32
Eowyn: 34/34
Saarthax: 44/44
Orin: 43/43

Bernold: 3/3
NAME: 3/3

Orc 1: 30/30
Orc 2: 30/30
Warspeaker: 65/65
Juggernaught: 95/95
Orc Archer 1: 30/30
Orc Archer 2: 30/30
Orc Archer 3: 30/30

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So the orc archers are standing at the edge of the east bank of the river?

Is crossing the river just difficult terrain?

Check the map again, I have modified the map with my infantile digital art skills, it's still narrower than I would like but putting that on a map is getting unwieldy. They are a few yard back from the bank

You can swim across (so half move) but there will also be an athletics check to fight the effects of currents and undertows. It is a substantial river, not just a stream. You can essentially place your character icon anywhere up to 30 feet from an orc.


First Post
Arcata steels herself, wishing briefly that she'd prepared something a bit less flashy, like her hypnosis spell. Not knowing what to expect, she'd come girded for battle. Then again, perhaps they could be cowed with a display of magic?

She crept closer to the band on the riverbank, wary of the big one, but even more so of the one watching over the others. It wasn't impossible that he might practice some kind of primitive magic. Counterspelling might be needed.

Her wand felt slightly slick between her fingers. This would be her first time launching a spell with intent to kill. It was going to paint a big target on her. If it didn't work, all the archers would focus on her. If the others didn't back her up, that big one would stomp right up and crush her.

I don't die here today, so here goes...

Arcata incanted and with word and will gathered power to herself. As it changed to heat, she guided it to her wand, where it manifested as a swirling mote of flame about the size of an eyeball. It whirled there for a moment, until she launched it across the river with a flick of her wrist. It didn't fly like a physical thing, arcing up and then back down. The spell flew straight and swift, uncaring of the laws of nature.

The three archers on the far bank had just enough time to see that tiny star hurtling at them before it erupted into a titanic blossom of fire with a hollow WHOOOOOMPFF followed by a sound like muffled thunder.

[sblock=Actions]Move south to A7 and cast Fireball centered on the middle orc archer to target all three of them. Dexterity save DC 15, or suffer full [roll0] damage.[/sblock]


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Saarthax is still hesitating what the best course of action is, when Arcata starts casting a fireball spell. When the firey explosion lights up the night, the paladin drops the stealth and rushes forward, reaching the two orcs by the water that he suspects are holding down a hostage.

"Release your prisoner," he declares loudly, belatedly realizing his nightshirt and, more pointedly, lack of armor make his current situation a lot more dangerous than usual. The unfamiliar axe in his hands likewise feels awkward, and Saarthax hopes that these orc raiders are easily frightened.

"Or face the consequences for your actions!" he adds, rather unconvincingly. Then, with the power of the Gods behind the word, he commands the one right before him to "DROP!"

OOC: Move up to O-14, then cast Command. Orc 1 must make a DC 13 Wisdom save or drop whatever it is holding.

[sblock=Temporary stats]AC 10 (nightshirt only)
HP 44/44
Greataxe +7 (1d12+4 slashing)
Spell slots used:
level 1: 1/4
level 2: 0/2[/sblock]
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First Post
Orin looks over the various brutes before him, trying to sketch out a quick strategy before charging in. The big one was probably going to be a priority, as it could very well swat all of them like flies, but he didn't know what that shaman had up their sleeve, either. And, of course, the archers were out of range, meaning they'd be taking arrow fire while dealing with the meatbags, with no way to stop it.

No way, that is, until the archers' side of the river exploded. The warbred swung his head back to see the still smoking wand of the mage girl who had tagged along with them, and gave her an approving nod before slipping back into the shadows. He highly doubted Saarthax's attempt at intimidation would work, but the rogue decided to see how it played out as he drew back his bowstring from behind a tree.

OOC: Orin will move and hide behind the tree at E11, and hold an attack on the big guy for if the orcs attack.

Stealth: [roll0]

Attack: [roll1]
If Advantage (which I'm assuming hide will give me): [roll2]

Damage: [roll3]
Sneak Attack: [roll4]


GM: You guys can sneak a lot closer than where your icons are. You can basically place yourselves anywhere up to 30ft away, so you could move and attack with your fiat turn.

U'Tempei whispers, "I'll deal with the archers." She clicks her heels together and small wings sprout from her boots. She takes to the air and flies into the sky. She drifts over the river at a height of about 60 feet before descending to 30 feet away from archer 3 at AF18+20ft.

OOC: yes, AF is off the map, but she wants to be behind him as she descends into close range of her hand crossbow. I assume that amount of movement takes more than one round. So she won't attack this round. When she is able to attack, she will swoop down attacking twice with her rapier and once with the crossbow.

Stealth, in case it is needed: [roll0]


the magical equivalent to the number zero
GM: You guys can sneak a lot closer than where your icons are. You can basically place yourselves anywhere up to 30ft away, so you could move and attack with your fiat turn.

Oh, that changes things. I'll edit my post, above, so that Saarthax not only rushes up to the orcs, but also commands one to drop whatever it is holding.

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