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D&D 5E Talls S&H adventure


Oops, I think I mixed up Command and Suggestion. I was working on the idea that he was compelled to release the prisoner and that the effect was longer than 1 round.

I'll update the map.
Orc 1 was standing where Saarthax is now. I'll have the orc be next to Sarrthax, in the water. I don't think this has significantly altered the game as the orc hasn't done anything on his turn and wasn't supposed to be able to do anything.

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the magical equivalent to the number zero
Orc 1 was standing where Saarthax is now. I'll have the orc be next to Sarrthax, in the water. I don't think this has significantly altered the game as the orc hasn't done anything on his turn and wasn't supposed to be able to do anything.
True, that's why I felt free to describe my actions regardless of orc 1 swimming away or staying in place. It's settled now, thanks! :)


Eowyn Rosebud
Early Morning
Round 2

Eowyn crept forward again to the next bush. Seeing the orc had escaped her spell, she whispered again and opened her small hand. A burst of green light like millions of stars flew toward the orcs.

[sblock=Eowyn’s Actions]
Magic Stone: 3 stones

Move: To I8
Free Object Interaction:
Action: Cast Faerie Fire. I want to catch at least the Juggernaut and Orc 2 in it, but if I can get the warspeaker also that would be great. Need a DC 15 Dex save or be lit up and give everyone advantage in attacking them.
Bonus Action:
Concentration: Faerie Fire

[sblock=Mini Stats]
Initiative: +2
Perception: +4
Speed: 25
AC: 16
HP: 34/34 HD: 5/5d8+2

Cantrips: Druidcraft, Magic Stone, Resistance
1) 4/4 Cure Wounds, Faerie Fire, Healing Word
2) 3/3 Enhance Ability, Healing Spirit, Hold Person, Lesser Restoration, Pass Without Trace
3) 1/2 Dispel Magic

[sblock=Party Loot]


U'Tempei !Nothen - human eldritch knight
Arcata Dulat - human divination wizard
Saarthax - dragonborn paladin
Orin - warbred mastermind rogue

OOC: Since the orc is no longer swimming to U'Tempei, she will use whatever movement she has left (not much since she only moves 30 feet) to fly back across the river.
[sblock="Mini Stats"]Passive Perception: 12
Passive Investigation: 11
AC: 15
Speed: 30 ft; Fly 30 ft
HP: 49/49

EXPENDABLES (when recovered)
Inspiration: No (per DM)
Hit Dice: 5/5 (d10+3) (per long)
Action Surge: 1/1 (per short)
Second Wind: 1/1 (per short)
Spell slots remaining (per long)
1st Level: 3/3[/sblock]


First Post
Arcata moved a bit farther down past the tree to get a better look at the orc that was casting spells. As a spellcaster herself, she knew well it was a wise idea not to tempt fate and let that go on.

It would take a fair chunk of her remaining stored power, but surely the situation warranted it, between the orcish shaman and the hulking beast...

She conjured another swirling sphere of flame and hurled it at the shaman, trusting its explosive force to engulf and destroy the other nearby orcs.

(Actions: Arcata moves to A12 and casts another Fireball, this time on the vertex of L18. The resulting 20' radius should hit the juggernaut and Orc 2, as well as the shaman. Damage is [dice]8d6[/dice]. Dex save DC 15 for half.)


What is orc 2 holding that does 2d10+3?
It's a battleaxe. I suspect its a Matt Colville-ism in the stat block. These are not MM orcs, but Matt's upgraded version. They look suitable for level 5 PC's, and as such I think would have 2 attacks. Rather than giving the orcs Multiatack, he makes their damage twice as much.
[MENTION=4936]Shayuri[/MENTION] I find it a bit cumbersome too. I use Orokos Instead
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Round 3

U'Tempei quickly dispatches the last archer then makes her way back to the other side of the river, her winged boots keeping her aloft. Orin looses an arrow at the warspeaker before moving to threaten the Juggernaut. Offering advice to Saarthax to take down his own opponent. Saarthax manages to get the unfamiliar axe to bite. Eowyn, keeping hidden in the bushes, calls forth fey energy to illuminate the orcs. One of the orcs and the juggernaught both start sparkling with light. Arcata repositions herself and lets loose another fiery blast of powerful magic, catching three of them in the blast. Bertold arrives from the dirction of the village carrying a large, clanking sack.

The remaining orc scrabbles around for his axe before standing and swinging at Saarthax, knocking the paladin to the ground. The warspeaker gestures and the ghostly axe moves to swing at Orin catching the rogue in the side. He moves up to the Juggernaught and strikes him with his staff, "Kill them you oaf!" he shouts. The Juggernaught takes the advice and swings his huge sword at Orin. Its a horrible blow that the Juggernaught quickly follows up with his tusks, knocking the rogue unconscious.

[SBLOCK=Rolls and Stuff]
Eowyn's Faery Fire. I tried to get all three in but it was getting a bit gamey as each only had a corner barely touching.
Juggernaut save: 1d20-1 2 Fails
Warspeaker save: 1d20-1 12 Should be Orc 2 - Fails

Warspeaker save; Juggernaught save; Oc2 Save: 3#1d20-1 7 17 4
Warspeaker failed 26 damage
Juggernaught passed 13 damage
Orc 2 failed 26 damage

Orc 1 WIS save: 1d20 14 Passed
Orc 1 attack and damage: 1d20+5 18 2d10+3 18 Ouch these guys are savage. On the plus side you have Gaiven now.

warspeaker spiritual weapon: 1d20+5 23 1d8+3 6
warspeaker goading lash: 1d20+5 23 1d4+3 7 Juggernaught has advantage on next attack and deals and extra 3d6 damage.

Juggernaut sword hit and damage: 2d20k1+6 23 2d8+4 15
Juggernaut extra damage: 3d6 14
Juggernaut tusk hit and damage: 1d20+6 22 2d6+4 14

Orin: 0/43
U'Tempei: 49/49
Saarthax: 0/44
Eowyn: 34/34
Arcata: 32/32

Orc Archer 1: 0/30 Dead
Orc Archer 2: 0/30 Dead
Orc Archer 3: 0/30 Dead
Orc 1: 30/30
Orc 2: 0/30 Dead
Warspeaker: 34/65
Juggernaught: 75/95 Faery Fire

Bernold: 3/3 (Saarthax)
Gavien: 3/3 (Arcata)[/SBLOCK]

OOC: Ouch, savage round.
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