D&D 5E Talls S&H adventure

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Eowyn Rosebud
Early Morning
Round 1

Eowyn crept forward quietly and carefully, using the bushes to screen her from the archers on the other side of the bank. She had no need or desire to get closer. Quietly she whispered a sound, not really words, and pointed two fingers at the largest orc and the shaman.

[sblock=Eowyn’s Actions]
Magic Stone: 3 stones

Move: To F3
Free Object Interaction:
Action: Cast Hold Person at 3rd level on the Juggernaut and the War Speaker
Bonus Action:
Concentration: Hold Person

[sblock=Mini Stats]
Initiative: +2
Perception: +4
Speed: 25
AC: 16
HP: 34/34 HD: 5/5d8+2

Cantrips: Druidcraft, Magic Stone, Resistance
1) 4/4 Cure Wounds, Faerie Fire, Healing Word
2) 3/3 Enhance Ability, Healing Spirit, Hold Person, Lesser Restoration, Pass Without Trace
3) 1/2 Dispel Magic

[sblock=Party Loot]


U'Tempei !Nothen - human eldritch knight
Arcata Dulat - human divination wizard
Saarthax - dragonborn paladin
Orin - warbred mastermind rogue


Round 2

While the others move into more favourable positions Arcata sends a fireball streaking across the river to explode amidst the archers, killing two of them before they even realised someone was there. Saarthax walks up to an orc, his confident posture betrayed by his flapping nightshirt, "Release your prisoner," the orc looks at Saarthax, then pushes a small raft of sticks and straw into the river before jumping in behind it and and kicking for all he is worth to get across the river. Eowyn reaches out with her magical energy. The warspeaker shrugs it off but the brute strains and struggles. Orin takes a cautious approach readying for an attack only to see the huge juggernaut step towards Saarthax. He looses an arrow that pings off the crude iron plates that the brute wears as armour. U'Tempei, takes to the air and quietly lands behind the remaining archer.

The last archer looses an arrow back at Arcata but in the gloom the arrow skitters through the trees to no effect. The second orc abandons what he was doing by the water and charges at Saarthax, landing a savage blow that nearly knocks the dragonborn to the ground. The shaman shouts, "Delay them!" in orcish, then makes a gesture that summons a ghostly axe next to Saarthax that swings and cuts through his night shirt like the flimsy cloth that it is. The huge brute strains, huge muscles bulging with effort until suddenly he lets out a deafening bellow, free from the restraining magic.

[SBLOCK=Rolls and stuff]
Orc saves vs Arcata's attackOrc saves: 3#1d20+1 20 14 7Should be archer saves 1 saves: 16 damage; 2 fails 34 damage - dead; 3 fails 34 damage - dead
orc saves vs Saarthax commandOrc 1 save: 1d20 7 fails
Orc 1 athletics: 2d20k1+3 20 to cross the river without being affected by the current
This should be the Jugernaught save, nit attack rollJuggernaut sword hit and damage save: 1d20+1 4 Held
warspeaker save: 1d20+3 21 saved
Orin's attack misses
Juggernaut save: 1d20+1 21 freed at end of turn.
archer 1 attack and damage: 2d20l1+2 11 1d8+2 4
orc 2 attack and damage: 1d20+5 15 2d10+3 18 on Saarthax
Warspeaker Spiritual Weapon: 1d20+5 22 1d8+3 11 hits Saarthax for 11

Orin: 43/43
U'Tempei: 54/54
Saarthax: 15/44
Eowyn: 34/34
Arcata: 32/32

Orc Archer 1: 14/30
Orc Archer 2: 0/30 Dead
Orc Archer 3: 0/30 Dead
Orc 1: 30/30
Orc 2: 30/30
Warspeaker: 65/65
Juggernaught: 95/95

Bernold: 3/3 (Saarthax)
Gavien: 3/3 (Arcata)[/SBLOCK]

EDIT: Some spelling and grammer
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U'Tempei fires two bolts at the remaining archer. She then draws her rapier and advances to the shore to greet the orc swimming her way.

OOC: Attack #1 [roll0] Advantage as the orc doesn't know she's there [roll1] Damage [roll2]
Attack #2 [roll3] Damage [roll4]

What is orc 2 holding that does 2d10+3?
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First Post
"Bilgruk," Orin curses in the orcish tongue as his arrow clatters off the giant's armor, before he notices the shaman shouting orders. The warbred shrugged as he carefully skirted around the juggernaut.

"Cut off the head...," he mutters as he knocks another arrow. Orcs were pretty good at raging about without leadership, but it was worth a shot.

Out of the corner of his eye, he sees Saarthax struggling with his attacker. "He's got a limp, go for the legs," he calls out in Draconic.
Move to J14

Action: Attack Warspeaker
Attack: [roll0]
Damage: [roll1] piercing

Bonus Action: Help Saarthax with an attack on orc2


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Saarthax is pleased to see the first orc drop down into the water at the power of the Gods behind his words, but forgets about him when the axe from the second orc painfully splits the paladin's side. The dragonborn cannot suppress a groan as his knees shake with the impact, but he finds himself upright in spite of the pain.

"Gods take you, orc," he says through a red haze, and a quick prayer calls on the Divine to guide his hand in battle against this foe.

Yet another surge of pain erupts from his body, this time from his arm, as a ghostly axe tears through his scaly skin and nightshirt alike. From the distance Saarthax hears Orin shout a hint about his opponent, and he trusts the warbred's eye. Without thinking further, the dragonborn slashes the heavy axe at the orc in front of him, then reverses his grip and makes another swing.

"Gods, allow me to keep fighting this evil," he whispers, feeling the wings of divine safety around him, shielding him from attacks.

OOC: Take the Extra Attack action, making two attacks on orc 2. I assume Orin's Help action only grants advantage on the first attack; if not, feel free to correct me on that.

Attack 1: [roll0] Advantage: [roll1] for [roll]1d12+4[roll] slashing damage
Attack 2: [roll2] for [roll]1d12+4[roll] slashing damage

If either hits, I add a level 1 Divine Smite to add [roll3] radiant damage.

Then, as a Bonus action, cast Sanctuary: For a minute, any creature who targets me must make a DC13 Wisdom saving throw or choose a new target or lose the attack or spell.

[sblock=Temporary stats]
AC 10 (nightshirt only)
HP 15/44
Greataxe +7 (1d12+4 slashing)
Spell slots used:
level 1: 3/4
level 2: 0/2 [/sblock]

By the way, I'm not sure what action orc 1 takes after failing his save against Saarthax' Command spell?...
the orc looks at Saarthax, then bushes a small raft of sticks and straw into the river before jumping in behind it and and kicking for all he is worth to get across the river. (...) orc saves vs Saarthax command Orc 1 save: 1d20 7 fails


the magical equivalent to the number zero
OOC: Hmm, not sure why it didn't roll the damage rolls. Let's retry that: [roll0] (first attack) [roll1] (second attack, although I suspect it's a miss)

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