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Talls Strongholds and Followers adventure - Full


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
The link is forbidden for me too :)
The grove is on the map, look on the lake NE of Gravesford. Work something in zhe story to get us on a mission, cry for help from local druids, villagers or visions or whatever

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I didn't think to look on the map - duh. That's a perfect spot. I'll get something up to have you two meet up with the party soon.


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Since my character is a newly formed Thiefling

Sorry to be nitpicking, but it's tiefling (so without the 'h'). It's German, from 'tief' which means 'deep', so loosely translated tiefling means 'one from the depths (of hell/the abyss)' which I find awesome.

When the 'h' is added, I can't help but think of a stealing toddler. ;)

I like both characters, and can't wait to encounter them in-game!


I preferred Nails to the character Tom ended up with. And being 18+ episodes behind, I'll never catch up now.

Boots is actually more the character Tom wanted to play anyway. He does a pretty good job.

There is actually a fan-done sort of transcript/summary for every episode (I will have to search for it, since I've never used it). Recently they sort of finished a story arc (first delve into Ringwell) and are about to go down again. Matt's said they are about three or four sessions from closing "Book 1" and then will take a couple months off before doing "Book 2".

They also did a 3 week break where Phil ran an adventure in his world.


Hi All,

Sorry for the VERY long unannounced silence, I have had a mad busy couple of weeks followed by a brief vacation away from civilisation. I'll try to catch up with everything in the next day or two.



Hello all,

So after a ridiculously busy end of year, I am finally finding some free time to look at games again. The perfect storm of unprecedented work load across the county and staff shortages left me busier than I have ever been before.

Are people wanting to revive this game?


So with four checked back in I will get this moving again.

since the fight with the shambling mound is basically over, I propose a short rest for those in the fight giving the new PC's time to introduce themselves.

It looks like @Herosmith14 and @ Shayuri are not posting anymore. @SteveGorak are you interested?

Halloween Horror For 5E