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Talon Comics: Any word?

Ranger Rick said:
I would think the Hurricane excuse is why he has not seen anything in week 9 & 10. The Hurricanes will not be a decent excuse for weeks 1-8.
Denton is many hundreds of miles from the coast. The hurricane couldn't possibly have had any serious impact on his ability to fulfill order or answer emails.

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Sniper o' the Shrouds
I deleted one post that recommended physical violence. Any further recommendations are going to come with mandatory vacations.

Word from Talon (on his forum) is that he'll ship out the order tomorrow.

I had to visit his local-friends portion of his forums (no longer available to the public, after my visit) to get his attention.

I'll let people know when it gets here...

To update: On 9/27, he said he'd ship it out within a few days.

On 10/15, he responded to my email, and said he'd ship it out within a few days.

I sent him an email on 10/22, asking if he'd shipped it out yet. No reply as of today.

Latest word is the books are boxed up, and only have to be taken down to the post office. Why it hasn't been done, I don't know, and I'm past the point of wanting explanations. I want action. I've waited over three months, and been promised multiple times the books would be shipped.

Is this a case of federal mail fraud? :mad:

Teflon Billy

look Man, Stannis gave you the straight deal.

Derek (Talon) hasn't bee properly filling orders for, like, years now.

I hope you get your stuff at some point, but I think you should maybe look at other options and actions open to you.

Darth K'Trava

First Post
If you paid by credit card, time to ask for a refund to your account for "goods not delivered" and then report this jerk to the BBB so no one else gets screwed by him.

I paid by PayPal, but that was six months ago, or longer.

The woman from the district attorney's office suggested filing mail fraud charges with the post office, as this would fall under the federal criminal laws.

I've filed a claim with the US Postal Service. Sure, it's only about $50 (and all I'm asking for is Castles & Crusades, the first two books, which with shipping probably comes to less than $40), but I'm getting sick of being defrauded. I'm too damn trusting, I think...

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