Tell me about your favorite theme park attractions


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Nothing new to add to what has been listed, but I would put the Harry Potter areas at Universal to be a top highlight for amusement parks I've been too.

The biggest surprise was Legoland. Took the family to the one in Oralando FL years ago. It was much better than I expected. Very fun and manageable park with younger children. I recommend staying at their onsite hotel. The hotel itself is fun and getting early and late access to the park is nice to ensure access to the most popular rides without spending too much time in long lines.

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There used to be a Theme Park called Opryland. In it they had a ride called Chaos. The first "dark ride" I ever was on.

It was awesome.

Sadly, it no longer exists (as far as I know, Opryland ceased to be the amusement park many many years ago).

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