That Full D&D Renault Commercial Is Here And It Features Tiamat And Venger!

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That was amazing! Finally, a real ending to the series... product placement forgiven! This needs to be included with future boxed sets of the cartoon.

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Apparently French car makers have a thing for referencing cartoons in their commercials for the Brazilian market. Here is Peugeot's Wacky Racers. [video=youtube;A2apYrKvgLw][/video]
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The funny thing is about six years ago I started writing an updated movie script based on the old D&D cartoons... maybe I should dig it out LOL! :)

I think we all have scripts for unaired D&D cartoons lying somewhere in a box of old papers.

As a kid, I wrote out extensive backstories for the kids based on what I thought was cool.

Everyone was attending an upscale private school somewhere in the Northeast, which ever since I've watched 'The Gilmore Girls' I think of in my head as 'Chilton'.

Eric was there because his dad was a wealthy industrialist and business tycoon. His poor social skills made him an outcast at the school, and he believes people only like him for his money.

Diane's parents were professors: her father is a noted astronomer. Although superficially popular, at times her race made her an outcast in the school.

The other four kids were need based scholarship cases.

Presto came from a middle class working family. His good grades and high IQ let him in on a partial scholarship, but his background and nerdiness made him an outcast at the school. He was the first to befriend and befriended by Eric. Together they'd started playing D&D. The rest of the group gradually became friends through their shared connection to the game.

Hank was a foster kid and like Sheila a star athlete. He'd been given a scholarship mostly to bring him in as QB on the school football team. Like Sheila, his status as an athlete made him superficially popular, but his background was at times a source strain.

Sheila and Bobby were foster kids like Hank. Sheila had basically raised Bobby, which is why she generally acts more like a mother than Bobby's older sister and why Bobby mostly treats her like she was his mom. Sheila was on prohibition for petty shoplifting, though mostly she stole things to provide for Bobby. As a result, although her grades are good, the school administrators have threatened to throw her out of school. She is not liked

Bobby like Sheila was a discipline case. He frequently is in trouble for fighting, owing to his hair trigger temper. In particular, he's attacked much older kids for teasing his sister. Both kids are at the start of the story in danger of being thrown out of school.

All the kids have been invited as Eric's treat to go to the amusement park together after school. Eric is old enough to drive and rich enough to afford tickets.

Two of these kids are never going to make it home.


The median age in Brazil is 31. By comparaison, in US (37), UK and Canada (40). I guess there wasn't baby boom in Brazil in the '50-60.


The median age in Brazil is 31. By comparaison, in US (37), UK and Canada (40). I guess there wasn't baby boom in Brazil in the '50-60.

Well, Brazil wasn't a big player in WWII and returning soldiers that drove a baby boom after the war. Just in influx in immigrants of Nazis escaping Europe.

I'm joking of course. That was Argentina.... ;)

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