That thread about cars


I currently drive a 2016 Nissan Sentra. Mainly because I totaled my last vehicle (a minor fender-bender with an SUV isn't so minor when their rear fender is level with your radiator), walked onto the lot with my insurance check in hand and said, "Gimme the cheapest thing you've got with less than 50,000 miles on it that my fat *** will fit in"...

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Still rolling in my '09 Pontiac G8. Gonna drive it until the doors fall off. I get all kinds of mechanics and tire guys asking to buy it off me. Its a Pontiac lol!


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FWIW, Volvos have a special place in my heart. My first car was a hand me down 240 DL from my parents. My second was an 850, and my third was an S60.

That 850 generated several stories, and even saved my life. We were in the middle of a chain reaction hit and run accident on the freeway. The car went partially airborne and was shortened by several feet, but the only obvious damage to the passenger compartment was a rear speaker that got dislodged.

The S60 was purchased soon after, and Volvos are ALWAYS on my shopping list when it’s time for a new ride.


I learned to drive in a manual car. My first car was an automatic, but every car since has been manual.

Sadly my 19 year old Saab 9-3 is at the mechanic at the moment due to some kind of engine problem. Hope it doesn't get too expensive. :(

I seriously need to win lots of money so I can buy a brand new car. Can't really go pure Electric though for various reasons; range and lack of charging place being the primary ones.


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Sometimes I wonder why anyone still buys anything other than Honda and Toyota.

I mean…I saw a 94 Toyota Pickup with 150k miles sell for $15,000 recently because that thing will still be going when it hits 500k miles, it’s easy to work on, and American cars didn’t catch up to it in terms of mpg until the last ten years, and it’s still pretty good on gas.

Performance? Test drive a brand new model year Honda civic sport.


Our family has been in a Mazda CX-9 since 2020. It’s the first Mazda we’ve owned, and our first SUV. We almost bought a CX-5, but liked the extra room of its bigger sibling.

I may get a CX-5 for myself, though.
There was nothing else like the Mazda 5 on the market. Lots of room in a smaller package. Van style rear doors for easy access. I'm on my second already. Bought a 2008 GS and then a 2015 GT which, rather surprisingly, cost me less than the GS did due to price drops. I always thought that they had a winner with that package.


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I regret not learning manual. My family had a manual when I was a teenager, and I drove tractors when working on relative's farm, I never really drove manual. In the US, it isn't needed. In China and Taiwan, same thing. Everything is automatic. But in Europe and the Middle East I suddenly can't drive. In the US, it is almost impossible in many areas to even find a driving instructor who will teach manual. You have to have a family member or friend who drives manual and such folks have become very rare in the US. It is far, far, far easier to take lessons in horseback riding than learn driving with a manual transmission in the US.

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