D&D 5E The Balancing Act - Races, Dark Vision and Other Items I would like feedback on


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Okay was looking at the various races to allow within my next online game and like usual their balance is speculative at best.
However before I get started with the races in general let me address first the subject of Dark Vision.
Dark Vision
Dark Vision is something that I completely (as I have always) disagree with as a common sense. For IMHO it destroys the basic atmosphere -- why would any of those races use "torches" or other sources of light underground as they would have no need-- that and as there are absolutely no creatures that exist (in our world) that have a sense anywhere near that. Of course we do have creatures that possess Dark Blind Sight and it seems like a viable substitute. So what do you all see as the pros and cons to replacing Dark Vision with a combination of Low Light Vision and making Dark Blind Sight (10 ft) a Feat that can be taken and with this representing a combination perhaps enhanced senses and/or special training to operate without eyesight.

What led you to crossing out the bit I bolded? Vs just not typing it?

Anyways, speaking as AKA Bob* my deep gnome character:
"Typical *&*&* {kindest translation: stupid} human. Of course we use light! Why the {bleep} would we not use light? Do you have any idea how hard it is to properly appreciate the luster of precious metals & the sparkle and clarity of gems IN THE DARK? Or when viewed in black & white? And don't get me started concerning your idiot sages dumb^&&% theories about us underground folk having some kind of "infra-vision or ultra-vision or whateveravision....
CAN I see in the dark? Yes. Yes I can. But I can see further/better with light. So yeah, I carry a lantern."

*So named because no-one in the party could pronounce his proper name in his native Svirfneblin. So rather than allow them to continue mangling it in insulting ways, growing really irritated by it, & eventually taking his pick ax to them as they selpt.... He said "Look, just call me Bob.".

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What led you to crossing out the bit I bolded? Vs just not typing it?
I crossed out and left things that were addressed here in this thread -- aka so rather than completely deleted something that another post refers too I put a strike-through it. Yes and someone also already pointed out a solid answer to this statement which is why it has a strike through it as it no longer applies I was shown the "light" you might say however it nor you answered the second item even though you put that part in bold as well. What is Bob's answer to that one?

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