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The Best Streams: Non D&D Edition


Obviously Critical Role is the best known stream, and there are a number of other pretty well known D&D streams. What are some of the best, most fun to watch NON-D&D streams? I know Geek and Sundry has a couple (Vampire, I think?) What else is out there? What do you love? Hell, what do you stream?

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I like "Wildcards" on the Saving Throw channel (also available as a podcast). Wildcards is a Savage Worlds AP that went through four or five seasons of Deadlands and is now on the third season of East Texas University. The GM is one of the best I've seen and I think they do a good job presenting the system along the way.

The Saving Throw channel has some other ongoing series that use non-D&D games including FATE and Hunter the Vigil. And for one shots they have Ghostbusters, SotDL, Bureau13, Masks, Inspectres, and a lot more.