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“The Warning”

Wall has lost any and all patience with the Claw and Dragons. He marches into the closest tavern and looks for the easiest mark and goes to him. The rest of the party in tow. Pelor is going on about if this is really necessary. Pebbles insists it is.

This patron freaks out and tries to leave once Talon enters the building. Wall pushes him back down. The other two patrons become nervous also. The bartender asks them to leave. Wall simply says no and spills the man’s drink by “accident”.

“Where is the Claw hiding now?” and he grabs the man’s hand as the man picks up the glass.

“Where is this dragon that we have heard so much about?”



“I just crushed the glass within this man’s hand. I believe I even broke a bone. Where is the Claw?”



“Oh no. This man just broke a finger. The Claw. The Dragon. Where are they hiding?”

Pelor looks to the ground. He whispers to Pebbles. “I disapprove of these methods. Wall wasn’t like this before.”

SNAP “oops”

“How was he before?”

“Aggressive but he didn’t hurt innocent people.”

SNAP “How many more?”

“We don’t know anything!” shouts the owner.

Wall looks at the pathetic man before him. He has soiled himself and now kneels in the mess. Annoyed and disgusted, Wall lets the man’s hand fall to the table with an audible thud. The man pulls his bloodied and bent hand to himself and curls up under the table.

“Let’s go. Looks like we have to do everything ourselves.”

Then the door opens and the wind rushes in.

Standing in the doorway is a big armored figure with a hefty axe and shield. It turns its oddly shaped head slightly to look around the room then centers on the group. “Stop looking for the Creation Schema. Agents of Xulo and Xulo-12 can not be allowed to get their hands on the Schemas. Everything will change as we know of it otherwise.”

“And who are you?” asks Talon trying to intimidate the stranger.

“I am Crysis of the Chamber. That is all you need to know.” And then the figure backs away into the dark.

“After him!” charges Wall even as Talon grabs his sword.

They get outside and find… nothing. Talon begins to become frustrated and angry. Wall and Xen arrive next. Two men are there walking by and begin to run away as Wall stares at them. Another man, dressed in flowing robes is seen walking towards them from a dark alley. Wall gets in his face. Talon leans over the two of them.

“Where is he? Where did he go?!?”

“!?!” Stammers the person in confusion.

“Spit it out!” yells Wall even as Pebbles comes out to see what is happening now. Xen has his bow drawn. He expects trouble. It comes. Suddenly Talon screams out in pain and agony as blood splatters everywhere. The shimmering image of the armored humanoid appears. His wicked axe is now gored in blood.

“I see you are not the good type. You will do whatever suits you and your primitive needs. Have at thee.” And the creature attacks again nearly killing the hybrid. If not for Pebbles and Xen he would have. This activity is unseen as Wall continues to go after the man. When he senses the activity he suspects the man has set them up. The man takes a hard hit with a punch and doubles over. Wall is not done.

The armored foe takes to the sky and attempts to fly away but Pebbles chases after him.

The robed man turns invisible and hides. Wall grumbles then returns to the main fight. When he sees how badly Talon is hurt he reaches into his mind and psionically teleports Pelor to where Wall is and he to the poor soiled man inside. Pelor is confused for a moment until he sees the blood and gore that was Talon and goes to work.

Pebbles grapples with the Armored warrior and keeps him from escaping. Wall looks up and once more switches places psionically but this time with Pebbles. The warrior tries to escape but can not. Then Wall psionically enlarges…. and enlarges again. The weight of the HUGE Wall drives the warrior to the ground and crushes him into the ground. The others attack him as he is smothered under Wall’s bulk.

Talon, still unsteady, walks over and beheads the defeated warrior. Looking his freed head they realize he is / was some sort of reptilian humanoid (1/2 Dragon Bugbear). In no mood for games and wanting more answers, Talon and Wall pins the body up to a wooden wall and writes in blood-


Happy with themselves they begin to leave but are called to stop. Turning, several heavily armored humanoids are walking towards them.

No, not humanoids…. Warforged!


I'm scared to admit it, but Cedious was like the group's moral compass. Now he's gone, things have gone completely pear shaped. It's strange the balancing effects that selfishness and greed has on the psyche, don't you agree? :uhoh:


Nah, what am I talking about? The group were always psychos, even without Cedious. :lol:


“GIVE US THE SCHEMA!” declares a warforged holding a large axe.

“WE don’t have it. Go bug the Elderich dwarf.” Snarls Talon. He is not having a good night and is prepared to destroy this bucket of wood and bolts if he must.

“We have heard that you may have it. It is why the Damned Claw seeks you. Give it to us…NOW.” And he holds out his axe.

“Look Axehole, I am not in the mood. Leave or else.” Snarls Talon. The others gather around him except for Pelor whom already knows where this is heading and holds onto his holy symbol to begin calling up healing magic.

The robed man that Wall was thinking was with the reptilian has become invisible again and moves away from the main party. He doesn’t understand what is going on but enough is enough.

“Destroy the fleshlings. Then hang them up as they have this creature.” Calls out the lead warforged as he suddenly charges. The others follow him.

Xen targets him firing magical arrows into him. The hiding mage calls up enhanced magic and blasts the warforged even as they run to Wall and Talon.

Talon is teamed up on and the Axe wielder strikes very hard several times ( hit 3 times- 2 were confirmed crits) and he goes down in pieces. For this action Pebbles and Xen finish him off quickly. The other five warforged warriors continue to fight and cut away at them but the end is clear.

Talon is dead.

“This day has really sucked ……” oh now what?!?” cries out Wall.

He and others see the onlookers whom are all looking to the sky. Something can be seen against a moon.


The group been getting away from their normal role playing and becoming more blood thirsty. I think they are becoming tired of the campaign. This is by farthest the highest level they have ever run a game. But they insist on reaching Epic Level so we'll see. I am gearing the adventure to play into that "pick a fight" mode they are in. This is assuming they survive the encounters coming up.

why oh why did they decide to pick a fight with a large group of dragons.....?!?


The huge construct has not moved in nearly three days. It’s mind is elsewhere. It is scanning the known sections of its kingdom for specific persons. What is it scanning for? Its ½ brother and anyone with the knowledge of its whereabouts.

Finally a Stone Golem arrives. Within its grasp is a large tome. The title is written in common. The Huge construct looks at it and reads it out loud. “Cannith Journal of Agent Guise.” It opens the large tome and finds blank pages. With a cold emotionless sigh, it holds out its hand over the blank pages. The ring softly glows and the writing within appears.

It reads silently through several pages. It then murmurs softly. “It is about my ½ brother. I now know where to take him when we find his mind. Excellent.” It reads further and reads for two days straight. Finished, it slowly closes the tome and sets it on a high shelf within its workshop.

“The tome explains everything. It explains where House Cannith found my ½ Brother, how they assembled his mind and brought him to his home. There, he became Xulo. He helped the humans build the Warforged. He helped build the Creation Forges.”

The golem walks to the window and looks out over its kingdom. “But the humans were not happy with that. They tried to recreate him also. He was torn apart and scattered his remains through the world they live on. From their studies, they tried to recreate him. And they instead created me. Xulo-12.

But they left me. Left here on this world. The world of conflict. The world of war. The world of the Warforged!” It raises its large arm into the air. It looks like it could destroy anything in its path.

“Together with my ½ brother, we will rule this world and the world of Eberron! Construct 3456- Get me the generals. It is time. It is time to recover my brother!”

A Steel humanoid, with a hammer for a hand, leaps away to gather the forces. War is here.


“Okay….THAT was a bad idea.”

Using his new dark vision goggles, the halfling looks around his environment. It is a 15 x15 x15 cell. Stone with a heavy duty wood and iron door. No light what so ever.

Cedious looks around and decides it is time to leave. He pulls out his magical rapier and stabs into the wall. It stops abruptly. He stabs again and again and the same thing happens each time. “Adamantine laced walls….?”

He goes for the door instead. He stabs into it without looking for traps and electricity courses through him and he is thrown back into the wall… smoking.

“That’s…. That’s okay. I’ll sleep now. Tired. I will stay here …. for now.”

Closes his blistered eyes. “ow”

And thus the Halfling is trapped… for now.
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“A Dragon’s Rage”

The aggressive adventurers stop and wait for the creature to land. It lands out of view but shortly walks to them.

“What has transpired here? There is much violence here…even for Storm Reach.” The Large Silver Dragon says as it slowly advances down the street.

“Nothing much. Just killing Warforged.” Says Wall.

The Silver dragon looks over the group. If it has made an opinion of them it does not reveal it. It looks at the broken and gashed warforged. Again, no reaction. Then Wall and Talon step away from the ½ dragon humanoid’s hoisted and bloodied body. The eyes burn a brighter blue. The scales visibly shake. The wings twitch. “What …have…you…done?” it says in obvious restrained anger.

“It attacked us so we killed it.” Says Talon.



“IT has a name. IT has the name of Crysis. IT was a friend of mine. IT worked for me….no with me….” The claws dig into the stone and dirt that make up the packed down street.

Pelor turns from healing and tries to quell the situation. It is too late.

The Dragon attacks quickly and furiously. It also attacks without a plan and reason.

The group is quick to surround it while staying apart so that the breath weapon doesn’t strike the majority of the party at once. Now even the bravest onlookers flee the scene.

The crazed dragon doesn’t last long as it attacks without reason or plan. It has played into the group’s fighting style.


megamania said:
Sorry- It was his goggles he had purchased while in Aundair. I may have not mentioned it.
You, my friend, know how to rain on parades, even mine. :(

Oh well. Where Cedious is involved, we all know that he's bound to cause utter chaos, much like madness follows in a Daelkyr's footsteps. :lol:

Yup. In the mean time, Wall is stepping up to keep up the madness. At least now maybe I can fill in the level gap between characters. He just reached 16th while Pebbles and Talon just reached 14. Everyone else is 13th level still.

But considering they have now added Chamber / Dragons to the "Most Hated by..." list EXP will be pouring in. :]

“Crimson Hand: Assassin”

The group returns to their abrasive methods and hit each tavern they encounter. They learn of House Cannith’s location. They did not know Many of the Dragon houses had outposts here in Storm Reach. They march directly there.

Unknown to them they have picked up a tail. Someone has been watching their activities with the Silver Dragon and now continues to watch them as they reach the Cannith outpost.

House Cannith has taken over an entire giant’s stone structure for their own use. There is only one entrance. Magically, the door has been reduced to a mere ten feet high. A sliding viewing hole is on the door. Looking up, the PCs see some cranes high above and signs of construction and work. Cannith is still busy converting this ancient structure over to their current uses and sizing needs.

They knock on the door loudly using the hilt of their weapons. A moment goes by before any noise can be heard within.

The door window cover slides open and a man inside calls out. “You have reached the House Cannith Facility of Stormreach. We are not accepting work currently but leave…”

“We want to talk to your boss.” Interrupts Talon.


“We are looking for the Creation Schema.” Says Wall winking to the group.

“I am sorry. If you are looking for a specific item you would do better speaking to the ½ orcs of House…”

“Aw comon already! Open up!” Bellows Talon.

“Everyone from you folks to the Emerald Claw are here looking for it. We want answers! NOW!”

“I have never…”


A massive fireball strikes the group and the side of the Cannith building. Its flames reach out to strike everyone. The doorman screams in pain as some of the magical fire seeps into the building through the door’s window.

Still on fire, many of the group begin to spread out to avoid being caught in another fireball. Pebbles’ biggest fear is what they are facing. She knows that was no fireball. It was enhanced or another type of magical fire attack. A very powerful one at that.

A second strike is made and Wall and Talon are set aflame and screaming. No sound comes from inside the doorway. Xen has escaped the area of the blast and begins to look for a target. As he looks he spots a straight line where the leaves and twigs are in motion. Suspecting the truth, he fires an arrow at it. Fierce winds redirect the arrow into the coming dawn.

Duracel, the new mage that seems joined them, moves to the far side. He can not survive another attack (1 hp remains).

Looking to spread out further, a sudden rise of magical blades appears keeping the group enclosed. Pelor is very busy healing the wounds of everyone, including himself. Xen can not find the source of the magical attacks. Either it is well-hidden or using magics to stay out of sight. He secretly hopes it is not another dragon.

Then they hear sounds of large and heavy creatures coming from either end of the street. Five Warforged Titans appear along with many house guards and mages. Who ever attacked them has gotten away. The Group looks bad and now is going to need to be careful with House Cannith. It almost appears they attacked the building.

“What is the meaning of this outrage?!?” calls out a human wielding a glowing staff. Most of the group looks at each other as they continue to pat out small flames and cinders on their persons and equipment.

“We came for answers- that was not us attacking!” calls out Wall with a lot of annoyance in his voice.

Pelor steps up and begins to speak to the mage. Pelor’s incredible ability to calm others in a non-magical means works well for them here. They receive no help or answers, but they do get to leave with warnings of never returning.

Unknown to the group, House Cannith is well aware of who they are and what they can do. And they are the bait.

“Blue Dragon Strikes”

Not far away from the Cannith building a Huge Blue Dragon waits for them. It has heard of the carnage these fools are causing within its beloved city. They are to be destroyed.

Everyone flees the streets as it simply waits for the group. Finally they arrive and immediately go on the attack. Pelor has given up trying to control the group.

As the group moves in lightning flares out striking several members of the group. They spread out hoping to avoid it from happening again. The creature merely shifts and lines up a new row of evil adventuring violent invading bastards.

Wall and Pebbles enlarge and flank the creature with Talon charging up the center. Xen fires arrows at it from the distance and Duracel tries what he can to attack with spells. Pelor merely holds back. These new allies are proving to be a bad influence on Wall.

The dragon falls but the group is heavily damaged and nearly without spells. It is time to take cover and hide.

“A New Subject is Found”

CAT-23 and NBA-78 continued their patrol. They patrolled the entire Prison Section daily. Though they looked like warforged they were not the warforged of Eberron. The armor was not as bulky and yet was just as strong. More care was taken with the carvings and etchings on the armor. Each was like a finger print- unique and usable to identify one construct from another.

As they walked down the rows of cells they saw little new. Most were empty except for bones. Any metal and usable items were already taken and recycled to create new warforged.

As they turned around a corner, they spot a flash of light. Someone has been imprisoned and they were not told!

The two of them rush to the cell. The door remains hot from the electrical surge. The magical trap has been tripped. They peer in and see a steaming body of a halfling. In his burnt hand is a rapier made of adamantine.

“Recycle” the two guards say in unison.

“Mysterious Fog and Warforged”

The group attempts to take cover in the hidden sections of the ruined city and encounter thick fog. Thinking nothing of the fog in an equatorial environment, they continue on within the mist. They stop and rest within it hiding in a ruined building. The fog has still not lifted but they continue on anyway.

Finally the fog lifts and they find they are not where they thought they were before. Looking around, these are older giant ruins and deeper in the jungle forest. The stone work is made from a darker stone. Pebbles and wall figure igneous rock vs the sedimentary stone much of the ruins were built with in Stormreach.

“Are we still in Stormreach?” asks Wall to Pebbles.

“I want to say yes but….I’m not sure.”

“There is light over there. Maybe there is a camp there. We can get directions.” Offers Talon.

“Seems kinda dark still doesn’t it?” comments Xen as he looks at the lingering fog that hides much of the skyline.

As they get closer to the light they discover it is a fire built within several large stone walls. The walls are ruins of Giant built constructions from thousands of years ago. They also see a lone armored figure standing on top of these ruin walls watching them.

They march directly to the figure and suddenly find themselves being attacked by warforged. These warforged have a unique look to them. Their armor has a better fit and design than any warforged they have seen before. They are all also very effective warriors as they find out quickly enough.

The ten warforged are defeated and the group begins to search the area. Nearby they find an active portal. Looking around, this portal has had a great deal of use recently.

Before they can investigate any further a wall of blades separates the group and fire erupts striking the mage and clerics of the group. They are under attack!

“Crimson Hand: Assassin and more Warforged Come”

Growing tired of testing the group, the assassin known only as The Crimson Hand strikes. He was hoping to find Cedious as that was the primary target asked for termination by Garrow. He has learned that the Cleric- Pelor is holding the team together so he begins to target that spell caster.

Everyone tries to shield him quickly.

Two fire storms later, Pelor castes invisibility purge and the assassin is revealed. Everyone unleashes in that direction and the fighters charge him. As he goes to fly away, Pebbles takes flight and traps him. She enlarges and drags him back to the ground where Wall and Talon are waiting. It ends quickly.

Unknown to them however, the firestorm attacks have attracted more warforged that were scouting the area.

The group checks out the softly glowing portal. The portal is 20x20. Wall decides to check it. He walks into and reappears on the other side. The landscape is crazy and insane to him. It is magma and hard broken up rock with miles of interlocking and over lapping stone bridges and walkways. This goes for miles in any direction. He is quick to report his discovery. “So now what?” he asks Pebbles.

Even as the group is setting up their camp to rest and figure out what to do the warforged sneak up. There are about ½ dozen warforged panthers and a pack leader along with two Large warforged that look more like golems than ‘forged. The panthers attack the camp even as the group spots the larger warforged.

Xen fires his bow (2 crits!) and downs the pack leader quickly. The panthers take more time to defeat. However, the large warforged are built for warfare and seem to be untouchable. “Any ideas?” calls out Talon.

DM NOTE This is a rare occasion of stopping play due to work in the middle of a combat.

I guess there are about 30 regular readers but you are the only one that responds. Sorry I am so late updating. Busy life as of late. Gaming this weekend so I really am aiming to update before then or else I will be forgetting stuff.

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