Not a problem. I have plenty of other charaters at which I can mock and cackle at their misfortunes. I always know Cedious will come through with his madness to make me smile.

After all, very little beats taking a dump down a Khyber Shaft! :lol: The ride, and the waits, are worth it just for that. :p

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okay- this is where Creation Schema is at-

Writers Block

Crazy personal life with tons of externals

Albany Gameday (and resulting disaster)

Disinterest in how Creation Schema was spiraling out of control

Difficulty running an Epic level adventure / campaign

partial meltdown at last session

Creation Schema will return. Hopefully sooner than later.....


First Post
sunday andy it will be all better :)

besides you still have alot to update i can just barely remember these sessions it was like a month ago!



03/17/07 I have gotten very far behind on Storyhours. This is due to time, writer’s block and to some degree- lack of interest. So I am going to summorize the last few sessions here-

They defeat these strange and more refined looking Warforged. They discover a portal that Wall checks out. It leads to a bridge / island area with an ocean od lava and steam. They decide against going there.

They battle four Far-Realmed ½ Dragon T-Rexes which attack with invisibility and other spells. Talon is tasted and swallowed by 3 of the four but always cuts his out. Nearly kill Wall through sheer numbers as he holds them all off as the others attack at range.

They battle formian giants with spell casting powers whom beat on the group a great deal. The group check out their home and instead I kill several members as I use War Hulked Hill Giants with levels in fighter on them. They didn’t see that one coming. Talon and Pebbles are killed while Wall is forced to flee or die in the next attack.

They enter the area the next day and face several more giants (not the war hulked ones) then leave again.

They spot and recognize the Siberys Heir (Kim’s super huge fire elemental ship) and decide to chase it down. They relieze that Kim is after the Creation Schema and must have all the pieces (and he may).

For background stuff- Kim HAS found all of the pieces but his will has so far beaten the spirit’s charms. The bad news is Kim wants to assemble it at the creature’s home anyway.

Figuring Merrix Cannith would want her revived, Kim Elderich has brought Elaydren to the highest level healers of the halfling house of healing. She has been resurrected but pretends to have little memory of events. False. She still wants to be Queen of Xen’drik. Ore doesn’t trust her.

Xulo-12 is moving a strike force to Xen’drik to find the Creation Schema and also begin to conqueor it.

The dragon’s want the group dead and have begun to search for them.

Vol has recalled the changeling cleric. His fate is unknown. His minions however continue to search for Cedious to kill.

Lady Demise still seeks the Schema

The Chaos Storms are gaining in power and time on our plane.

This is a cop out but it needs to be done.

Cedious said:
sunday andy it will be all better :)

besides you still have alot to update i can just barely remember these sessions it was like a month ago!


Its 1:30am Saturday.... 32 hours from game time and I have NO idea what we will be doing....

“New Returning Foes and Allies”

The group discovers a giant’s walled in space with gates only a medium sized figure can fit through. Taking shelter here from a Chaos Storm they stumble onto Bash, a ½ Giant.

After a brief conversation with the dimwitted ½ giant the storm reaches them and a bolt of colored energy strikes the ground nearby. The ½ giant is greatly concerned. It struck the rat nest he feeds from. Suddenly the ground swells and outpours mutated dire rats- dozens of them!

The group does what it can with this swarm. Their skin squirms and moves on its own (Far Realm Template). Using high-level damage attacks they eventually defeat the creatures. Bash joins them since his food has been made “icky”.

Before they leave a mass of metal attacks. Wall charges it and finds he can do little against it. Only with Pelor’s healing can he even attempt to go toe to toe with it. The creature summons Iron Golems (MMII Abomination) and group is forced to flee.

They spot Kim Elderich’s ship fly by low to the ground. “Follow that ship!”

“Xen’drik Time Warps”

We skipped last week due to my wife’s serious back injury.

Following the river the air ship was following, the group finds themselves within the mountains out of the jungle (Wind Walk). The river ends (begins) as a huge lake that is partially frozen. There is about four inches of snow. Deciding to rest, they set up their tower to sleep.

They awake to being buried in 75ft of snow and ice! They tunnel out and leave the area returning to the valley following the river again. Here they discover a destroyed watercraft by House Orien. There are two survivors- a warforged fighter with extra heavy plating and a human samurai.

They were sent here to find a group of adventurers that were seeking the Creation Schema 3 months ago. This is when the group discovers they “slept” for over three months. They also learn that to reach the place they are looking for, one follows the river to the lake then follows the ridgeline.

They leave the next day…but first they battle strange polymorphing Owlbears that summon dire wolves also.

(Xoriat experimented on vampires and Owlbears creating these creatures.

okay, we didn't reach Tark' Dunan but I updated anyway.....

“Hill Giant Barbarians”

It is twilight as dawn breaks when Bash the ½ giant spots something near the magical tower once owned by Pebbles. He calls out to the others then quickly climbs down the side using a rope. Inside, everyone was awake but had not come out as of yet. They were discussing the path of travel as described by the samurai and the warforged.

They open the door and see Bash charging three approaching Hill Giants. Each have weapons out and readied for the smaller kin. Suddenly Slam and the Samurai are attacked by more Hill Giants that were waiting at the door!

Bash is bashed as he finds himself surrounded by the original three he saw. One of the giants is a necromancer and begins to seriously harm the party with his scythe attacks (used Aspect of Nerull figure) . If the giants had attacked a bit sooner then the battle would have been over quickly. However, everyone was rested and spells reacquired. Pelor begins rapid use of healing spells and Wall teleports with the weakest to bring them to Pelor then he enlarges and begins to pound on the surprised giants.

Eventually the giants are defeated and the group is victorious. They loot the bodies and then begin their wind walk to locate the Siberys Heir air craft owned by Kim Elderich.


Well, you're alive. It's something. And you're still updating. You could have simply vanished into thin air, never to update again...

I'm going to stop encouraging you now. :uhoh:


First Post
Bah andy tells me he has updated but he missed out of the other half of that day..... maybee im just gonna get him to write it out at work then i will post the Story Hour with my own lil cedious twist.... because after all i am the center of this universe and any other as well.

I doubt we will return to Creation Schema so I figured I would give a bit of the how it was to close-

Group was to find Kim Elderich on Turak Durn. This was a planar exploratory floating city created by the giants and where the planar invasion began. The city is over run by many escapees as the gates are beginning to falter and let out occupants.

They were to face everything from elementals, to Demodragon (Latest Dungeon Magazine)

Having the freeing Kim and CEDIOUS from the creatures here trying to expand on the CHAOS EFFECT they were to go to the home of the Creation Schema.

Here Xulo-12 was to be found also.

My origin of Xulo and Xulo-12. Xulo is the Creation Schema when assembled. It has the power to create / recharge Creation Forges. Fearing the forces they had discovered, House Cannith built a SECRET lab on the Plane of battles where they tried to create a controllable version (its an artifact...can't be done). After a dozen they quit and tried to dismantle the program. Xulo-12 awoke and used its powers to POSSESS ANY CONSTRUCT and took over the facility. Cannith ran away and cut ties and hoped to never hear of it again.

Unchecked, Xulo-12 created a warforged army and conqueored a large section of the plane (LOB would be so proud) then she learned of the creator... the original Xulo. She sought it.

So..... arriving here at the same time is Kim Elderich, the PCs with Cedious, Emerald Claw led by Garrow, Emerald Claw led by Demise (NOT working together) and many others following to know what is happening. members of the chamber and Dark Lanterns with Trust.

After this major slug fest is completed, I had hoped the PCs would want to destroy Xulo (s). To do this, each piece needs to be taken to a different plane and destroyed in dramatic and dangerous fashion.

This would in theory take us to 24th level.

Maybe it'll happen...... who knows.

For this summer we will do some pick up games of Dragon's Hoard then maybe another Campaign (shorter) of Eberron.

Sorry for the disappointment.


I read through all of that and I don't get a conclusion!?

No half-red dragon trolls? No Half-Fiend Warforged? No Awakened Golem Paladins? No more comedic bathroom breaks?!

The whole long, drawn out process, the highs and lows, on the edge of my seat as the climax approaches . . . and I get left confused and weeping as a Virgin on her wedding night.

Sorry. The group and I had a bit of a falling out during the summer. Members were getting involved in stuff I don't take kindly to. The group was disbanded and I have not had a new group since not that I could ever replace the way Clinton played Cedious and Jeff his violent characters.

I am looking to return to doing some storyhours again however. So keep watching.

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