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It stood perfectly still and made no sounds. It was on guard duty. It was a warforged of Steel Nation.

The gray mists and clouds above did little to alarm it. They always were there. In his thirty days of watching this area he had seen nothing except for a lone Living Spell that was too far away to be bothered with.

He blended in with the piled dead bodies of elves and humans with their horses. They were all struck down by the forces that created the Steel Nation. This same force now keeps them preserved for eternity.

Suddenly the very bodies he was hiding within grab and hold him. He struggles and finds they have become undead! He is pummeled and gouged by the undead horde. Incorporeal forms rise from the ground and begin to attack him while he is held.

Soon C-U2 is undone.

The undead horde moves onward. Behind them, a glowing form that commands them. She is or was human at one point. She pushes the horde forward towards Steel Nation. Towards the Lord of Blades. Towards a piece of the Creation Schema.

A mere ten minutes before the horde arrives within the Steel Nation inner settlement the Lord of Blades is given warning. He musters his troops and they attack but many go down by their savage unnatural attacks. While busy stopping the horde several animated undead thieves sneak into the settlement. They seek one thing only- a specific magic item.

They explore the Lord of Blades’ home and detect what they seek. It is hidden and locked. Three undead are destroyed trying to pick the lock. The fourth opens the lock and spills the contents onto the ground. Finally, it finds a round piece of adamantine with strange runes on the edges and several etchings that resemble cracks on it. Short rods stick out the flat side on the back. The remaining thieves run for it.

The siege lasts two hours before the undead leave the Warforged City of Steel Nation. The Lord of Blades is quickly angered. Seeing the undead retreat, he understands at once the reason. DIVERSION!

He races back to his settlement and curses as he finds the destroyed undead and the items of power on the floor.

Someone has stolen his piece of the Creation Schema.

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Child of Hypnos said:
ah, i hadnt realised it was moving :)

what are the PCs alignments by the way?

Vale Matterhorn is CG
Cedious I believe is CN
Black sands says he is CN but I treat him as CE
The others I believe are either CN or LN. Lean heavily on the Chaotic side.

Why do you ask?

Child of Hypnos

First Post
megamania said:
Why do you ask?
ive gotta party thats kinda diverging at the moment:
1LE, 2LN, 2CN (but one his heading towards being CG)
and i was wondering how much of a problem it was gonna be, thats all.

[ up til now ive not had any evil PCs in my groups and chaotic v lawful isnt a big a problem.
but if one PC's good and merciful and another is evil and kills supplicants out of hand i think im gonna have trouble :uhoh: ]

this stuff is v. cool by the way, its helped me stop feeling guilty about killing PCs off :]
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Then you will not like what I have to say then. I have a serious personal / family crisis that has intensified greatly and it will hinder my play time greatly.

As for your question- I merely lay out the plot. I allow them (Players) to do whatever they want. Sometimes this creates a situation for me to quickly deal with but I keep enough antagonists around that I can "steer" Players back to what I want to do or close enough it doesn't effect my game plan / plot.

Their action in Darguun was the only time I had any issues and that wrapped up nicely with one of my all-time favorite sessions of the Prisoner ship escape during a fierce storm.


First Post
*sigh* game day was back on but my truck went *BANG* could not get there *cries*
ohh well there is allways next time i guess


Cedious said:
arrrg again with the rogue comment if its not a halfling coment its a rogue comment i can not win arrrg *cries* you know there are OTHER players in the group besides me.... i have allready had enough mind affecting stuff go on with my poor little halfling he allready is freaked out about doggys eating hands that move.....!
This whole trap we aare in is a mind f@#% in itself!
Can't we all just get along!
But Cedious! You're the first prey that moves, wriggles, writhes, and generally screams for mercy when I poke you! :] How could I ignore you? It is extremely gratifying to hold a rusty dull dagger and stab you repeatedly. No, an honor, really. :p Now hold still. *brings out a saw* This will only hurt your crotch momentarily. *approaches menacingly*
Cedious said:
But i must admit this Xulo sounds interesting........ :lol: just when you thought mega has revealed his whole plot somthing else comes along..... i must ask him about this at work :)
Yes, with a good DM, you can't really tell when the end of the road is, can you? :) You're very lucky, my friend. :] One who is so willing to go to great lengths to make you suffer so very much. ;)

For some good news- I and the players are talking about playing BOTH Saturday and Sunday to "catch up" a bit.

Also- in the mean time, I am attempting to do a NPC Block. I have MANY NPCs working in the background and figured I could write updates on them in the meantime.


Whiteheath Facility

Why is Elaydren dealing with a Hag?

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