11 / 11 / 05

Let me know if I've forgotten anyone-

Top Players-

Merric d'Cannith
Self-professed creator of the modern warforged. Head of House Cannith South. Will do anything to further warforged. Has a hidden Creation Forge somewhere in Sharn. Collects Schemas and recentlt married to Lady Elaydren ir'Vown- d'Cannith.

Changling leader within the Emerald Claw. Orders are to retrieve the pieces no matter what. Killed and resurrected once already. Has a LOT of pull within a powerful organization and many powerful and resourceful lackeys. Hates Cedious personally. Something about being killed by him I suspect.

Lady Elaydren ir'Vown-d'Cannith
Master spy. Pretended to work for Cannith North then revealed to work for Merric of Cannith South instead. In reality- works for Kim Elderitch. Married Merric to get his trust and his creation forge. Also getting Cannith training with magical creation.

Kim Elderitch
Dwarven member of Aurum. Platinum level. Many think he is the richest non- dragon-marked house member alive. Has many parties and individuals working for him including Elaydren and Rush Late-a-lot.

Jorlanna d’Cannith
Leader and head of House Cannith North (West if you must) and current employer of the PCs. She wants the Creation Schema to gain power within the house.

Lord of Blades
The ruler of Steel Nation has been searching for the schema for many years. His visions aid him in locating the pieces but he seems to always lose them. He has sent many of his warforged followers out to collect the pieces including members of the ‘87’ of whom Rush is a member.

A Blue Dragon whom has placed wards around the pieces to alert her of any disturbance or meddling with the pieces. She has gone to Xen’drik to prepare for many factions to coming Endgame of the Creation Schema.

Group of linked persons dressed in red, black and bronze
This (ese) persons seem to aid and hinder all parties involved for some reason known only to it. We have seen a bugbear ranger, a human fighter, a drow monk, a hooker, and a human aristocrat.

Secondary Players-

Rush Late-a-Lot
Warforged and one of the "87" of Steel Nation. He is a powerful psionic metamorph whom holds no alligance to the Lord of Blades. He is a mercenary for hire and currently on the payroll of Kim Elderitch. He has one flaw or curse- he has constant bad luck or bad timing

Demise of the Emerald Claw
She has also been placed on the trail of the Creation Schema by Vol. She spent the better part of several months in Undersharn battling Warforged looking for the second part. Great Sword of Steel Nation escaped with it. Where she is now is uncertain.

Keltis and his Brood
Emerald Claw member and trusted friend of Garrow. He has been asked (ordered) to hunt down and destroy the PCs. He has several lovers whom are all necromancers including Karrion Kold.

Boddynoc Grinkle with Asunder
Once a party member, he was mutated by a fiendish mist that made him into an undead creature. He still wishes to solve the question- “What is the Creation Schema?” With his alignment altered and now undead, he has returned to White Hearth in the Mournlands to look for new clues.

Special Mention NPCs
Bumbling Cannith employee and stooge for Lady Elaydren.

A very powerful ancient mage that enjoyed trap building. He has encased many deadly or dangerous items and artifacts within his traps for safe keeping. As seen with his trap in Eldeen Reaches, he can manipulate time, space and energy.

This name has come up twice with visions / dreams with players. Obviously he / she / it has something to do with the Schema.

Sara Silvergleam of the Korranberg Chronicle
Gnome snoop and reporter that seduced Cedious into telling the world about what he knew about the Creation Schema (which was little then and still…). She was having issues with Thrane clerics also. She knew of some unrest within their community.

Bork Bouldershoulder
Ogre bully and local hero of Rhukaan Draal. Killed one party member with a single blow.

Warforged Warlock that had a bad run-in with something in Eldeen Reaches due to Keltis and Karrion Kold. More on him eventually

Supernatural Creature
Thief hired by Kim Elderitch to sneak into Cannith Tower and find specific scrolls dealing with the Creation Schema

Kerri and the Tharashk Smite
Called in to deal with fiendish occupations on Starvos Island. She “killed” Boddynoc Grinkle, Asunder and Chief believing them all to be evil and possibly under fiendish possession.

Dark Lanterns
Spies and protectors of the Country of Breland. They know something is up within their city of Sharn. Warforged and Emerald Claw members had a violent and bloody gang-style battle that lasted several months. They suspect it involves something House Cannith has created. They have Lucian searching Undersharn for clues currently.

Bemnol and The Trust
Spies and protectors of the country of Zilargo. He came to meet the PCs while trying to stop a serial killer that targeted Gnomes. He knows something is up and that House Cannith is involved in a three-way split for power.

Dice of Stormreach
Legit dragon-shard and artifact expolorer whom has ties with criminal element within the growing settlement. Contacted by Zoberraz to prepare for many unwanted travelers.

No Name Given
Zoberraz has come to Xen’drik to speak to someone that knows much about the Creation Schema. This same person also has spies with Fairhaven watching House Cannith.

Spooky Karrnath Noble
Seduced and had her way with Cedious. How much of the night REALLY happened however? Maybe we’ll never know.

Rorsa and her family
Awakened Dire Wolf that stays near White Hearth in Mournlands. Freed by the PCs while they came there.
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11 / 11 / 05
“What is Behind Hatch #3?”

Somehow they missed it the first time.

Somehow they missed checking the jacket on the floor of the guards room while in his office. Boddynoc now had an orange key to enter the hatches he could not before at the Whitehearth facility. He rolled the orange crystal key between his yellowed fingers in uncertainty. He remembers how the wards on the hatch nearly killed Cedious when he tripped them.

Finally tired of his indecision, he impulsively stabs the key into the slot. Nothing. Then the hatch pops and air releases. Boddynoc looks over his undead shoulder to his warforged warrior companion and smiles. Asunder goes first.

His armored shoulders scrap the edges as he descends into the darkness. Boddynoc begins to go then stops. Rorsa sits at the cavern entrance and watches the dull mists that are the sky begin to roll. A storm will be starting soon. Rorsa briefly wonders if it will be rain, acid or blood this time. Boddynoc walks up to her.

“I need you to watch over the den. Asunder and I could be gone a long time. Do you understand?”

“Rorsa understands. Sit. Watch. Guard. Protect. Rorsa protects her den and pack well.” Rorsa was another creation of the Mournlands. Once a simple wolf, she was mutated and changed by the events that forever changed the world as it was then known. She remembers little of it but often cries and whimpers in her sleep. Boddynoc wonders what kind of pain and terror she is reliving.

Boddynoc leaves her and returns to the hatch and climbs in. His yellowed eyes adjust quickly to the darkness. He sees a vague gray and black shape moving below him. Asunder stops and speaks but the tube they climb down distorts the sounds. He looks down and lets go. Tiny bursts of pure white appear as his armored body scraps the rest of the way down. He lands with a loud thoom about fifty feet down. He is immediately thrust into combat. Boddynoc decides to sit back and let him take the chances and risks. After all, he can fix Asunder later. Repairing his undead body is no where near as easy to do. Especially here in the Mournlands.

Several moments pass by before he continues. Warforged. Two warforged guards were here Asunder has destroyed one but the other is only shutdown. They bind him tightly then look around. It is a globe shaped room much like the other entrance. Annoying.

“What have we here?”

Asunder turns to the voice but can not see. Boddynoc is uncertain what to think. His darkvision undead eyes see what the mind tries not to comprehend.

“Hello.” He says.

11 / 11 / 05

“What is the Creation Schema?” Elaydren calmly asks Merrix while he studies a recently found item from Xen’drik.

“Hmmm?” He mummers with distraction.

“You have had me searching for the pieces for a long time now love and I’m not sure even what I am searching for.” She gently moves the shipping box and materials off his workbench and sits there to demand his attention. His eyes never leave the rune-etched rod that may be a schema itself but created by the Giants of ancient time.

“At first I thought it was a schema for creating the warforged themselves but my research says it is not and how would the ‘forged be here without it already being here and assembled. So- What is it?” She tries to put on a pouty face and draw his attention. He only has eyes for the piece of metallic history in his hands.

She ruffles his hair and hopes to coax him away from his studies. It doesn’t work. She doesn’t want to tip him off at what she does know so she restricts herself from saying Xulo. It clearly has something to do with the schema and thus is important. “Can you tell me something more?”

A moment passes and finally he says “…in a moment dear. This schema is about …placing …Wonderful! It is! It is a schema created by the Giant clan Dres-terza. This is a wonderful discovery!” He gets up and begins to rush off then stops suddenly remembering his new wife is here. “I’ll tell you more …later!” And he rushes off.

She watches him leave in disbelief. She has never been ignored like this before. Never! She may need to do something she loathes to think about. Deciding it may be the only way to pull him back to being putty in her hands she leaves to locate a guard she has used often before.

Thirty minutes pass and finally she locates Regganold (Last seen in Segment #28 at the House of Payne thanks to Boddynoc and Cedious). “I have a special request of you guardsman.” The guard nearly falls off his seat. He rarely ever was addressed by Lady Elaydren ir’Vown-d’Cannith. And when she did it usually was something either illegal, to be a secret or best- Both.

11 / 11 / 05
“Origins of the 87”

Kim Elderich was not used to waiting. Even as a child, 350 years ago, he had the power to order a servant to death if he was made to wait. “Where is she?!?” he grumbled.

The warforged next to him shrugged and looked out to mists again. Rush Late-a-lot never liked the mists. The dull gray bored him. Still, it was where he was born. He also was becoming impatient. He knew the reason they did not enter. The mists clouded more than vision. They also mislead the senses. There were stories of people becoming lost within the mists and never coming out.

“Tell me of your origins again.” Commanded as much asked the well-dressed dwarven aristocrat.

“I was made, not born. The Lord of Blades was my father.”

“Tell me of the Foundry. Do you remember any of it?” The dwarf had genuine and sincere interest in the subject.

“I remember when the light first reached my eyes I saw misty colors and black spots. Then I saw the Lord and his aids. They were very excited to see me.”

“The Foundry…. How is it you were different? How were you and the others different?” The dwarf lit his thin and long cigarette.

“The Foundry was designed to create basic warrior models when he found it. When the “Lord” found it I mean. He studied it and studied the schemas used to create my older brothers. He wanted to experiment and create better warforged. That is how the 87 was created.”

“How did he improve the process?” The dwarf blew out the green smoke through his large nose and took another puff of it. Blue smoke seeped out from his mouth this time before he forced it out his nose.

“He added new material to the schema box. Refined material. In some cases- magical items or remains from items found in Xen’ drik. I was created when placing a power stone into the mix. The psionic power and residue was forged into the body making me naturally psionic.”

“Amazing. I truly wish I was there to see it.”

“You do know he pushed it too far. He broke the foundry creating my brothers and I.”

“Can it be repaired?”

“It is an artifact of Cannith and Xen’drik design. I doubt it can be.”

“You may be surprised Rush. I have seen wishes fulfilled of incredible levels before.”

The mutated warforged sits silent. He was against the Lord of Blades preachings but is the dwarf any better? Perhaps he will know in time. In the meantime the wait was over.

Through the mists came several armored skeletons and a darkly glowing woman. In her hand …a piece of the future … and his past.

11 / 11 / 05
“Gnolls In The Mountains”

Winter was not yet gone. Snow still existed in patches along the pathway. Just a month ago, this same path was closed due to several blizzards that had crossed the Graywall Mountain area producing some 25-ft of snow within two weeks. What could bring a handful of House Cannith employees and a noble here seems impossibly unclear. But here they are.

Regganold and four other guardsmen walked warily ahead of the mistress of the house. Though they were her guards, they all knew she could protect herself well enough from the creatures they were to meet here in the middle of no where.

Gripping a wand held in her forearm carrier, Lady Elaydren ir’Vown – d’Cannith watched ahead of the group of guards. Regganold seemed to know who to go to for what she sought easily enough. The pitiful and debased guardsman seemed humored by the request in fact. Whether it was because of the item requested or for whom it was for was unclear and she honestly didn’t care. He and the others would find themselves at the wrong ends of accidents shortly. Possibly even before reaching Sharn again.

The wand glowed and vibrated lightly. It had detected what she sought. Or at least the procurers. She slid the wand back into its sheath and pulled out another wand. From her hip she held another wand. She was taking no chances at this moment. She needed to know what the Creation Schema was and in such a way Merrix was not made suspicious of her. She still needed him and the house.

The men suddenly jumped back and withdrew their swords. “Back m’lady!” yelled one guard.

“I am NOT your lady. I am your master!” and she points her wand ahead of them and utters one word. Three tall mangy looking dog-men become visible. A total of five Gnolls stand before the men. They snarl and snort at the inconvenience.

“And where is the other? I know there is another here. Your master I suspect.” She scans the brown hillside and white spots on the grass. She detected an evil greater than these gnolls. She is certain of it.

“Do you seek me?” answers a female voice.

Everyone turns and sees a tall light brown skinned woman with silver hair. The hair twinkles in the dawning light. Her heavy fur coat fails to hide her curves. The guards, especially Regganold, find themselves absorbed at the sight of the mysterious woman. Lady Elaydren loses her frown for a moment then stiffens up her back and points the opposite wand in her direction.

“You would point that crude weapon at me my dear?” says the woman in mocked surprise and fear. “It is good you stopped and did not point it directly at me. I would have become offended.”

“Your charms work well on my men …but not on myself.”

“Your pulse quickens. You feel warmth. But yes- you are of a strong will. You know what I seek and I know what you seek. Do we have a deal?”

Carefully, Elaydren places her Wand of Dispel Magic into her hip holster and withdraws a scroll case. “Show me the drug.”

The men all freeze in fear. They were not aware of drugs. What is their mistress up to?

The beautiful and exotic woman holds up a bag. “The powder is within. Burn it as incense and his will is yours. His body is yours.” An evil smile crosses her soft face.

Each throws the item of choice. Elaydren weighs it in her hand. “This is not a trick?”

“Your ring tells you I speak truthfully.”

“As does your magic.”

“Then our business is over.” Elaydren walks past the woman and her men follow her but not without bows and good-byes to the woman.

Once the Cannith representatives have safely left the woman morphs. She becomes taller and her clothes fall off revealing a very ugly Hag. “Your gift is really a curse. I would have given it to her freely if I had known whom the intended victim was.” She turns to the Gnolls and they all return to their mountain homes.

11 / 11 / 05
“The Ambassadors from Darguun”

The Goblin adjusted his monocle as the electric rail began to slow down. He and the others were all peering out the windows watching the Breland country side go by. Ceasus was slightly envious. His room in Rhukaan Draal was little better than a basement but it better than most of his fellow goblins had. It was at least water proofed.

Ceasus was small and slender even for a goblin. He was quite relieved to have traveling friends. Riding with him were several nobles. The Shoulder family was looking to do business in Sharn before the electric rail went to Wroat. Two of the brothers were quiet and solemn watching the land speed by. The youngest however was becoming drunk on Mror Hold Whiskey.

He was considered a city hero. He fought back the human aggressors by himself. The human body was still hung on the town square bell tower. It was little more than bones and places for hornet nests to build but carried a lot of power for the young Ogre. Something he carried very openly.

This was his first visit to anywhere outside of Darguun. He had been warned of the dangers of a human city but he felt 15 feet tall and Magic proof. His brothers knew this would one day be his undoing. Little Ceasus knew when.

Bork Bouldershoulders was becoming a problem within the city. He was a threat to the existing ruling noble family- the Hard Hitters. When he first rose to glory, both families felt it would die out after a while. It did not. Worse, he has used it to gain political power and intimidation over the masses of the city. He was a threat to the city’s fragile peace. Both families did not want a war. Something had to be done.

Ceasus got up when the rail stopped. He was greeted by no less than 20 guards and a mage. There was also a goblin there to translate for both sides if magic failed to do so. A few guards was expected and a mage in hiding was predicted. However, this show of force had to be for only one reason and one reason only- Bork. Word had reached the city guard of this Ogre’s rash show of power. The people of Sharn would not tolerate such a thing.

They all left via a large air traveling aircar. It arrived at the city hall where Ceasus and three guards left along with the goblin translater. The three Ogres were still with a sizable force and a mage. “We seek the Morgrave University.” Says the most fluent in Common. “Specifically we seek a professor there named Bonal Geldem.”

“Why do you seek him?” asks the curious mage whom had many contacts within the University and believed Bonal had either left or was disbarred for illegal activities. Activities that occurred in Darguun.

“That is between him and us!” snarls the tipsy Bork. “He gotz something of ours and we wantz it back!”

His two brothers glare at him. “Why not tell him about the schema you idiot” mumbles one Ogre whom then covers his mouth reliezing he given out further information.

“Hummm… very well. I can arrange a meeting.”

11 / 11 / 05
“Eviction Notice”

Boddynoc couldn’t believe it at first. He was looking at himself ..before Starvos island. “What are you doing here?”

“This is my home now. Asunder- remove this mockery from my sight.”

Suddenly the lights come on. There are several warforged warriors and military types dressed in blue and gold. House Cannith!

The figure before him molds into a pale featureless face revealing him or her to be a Changling. “I am Jonal. I represent the TRUE owners of this facility and I must ask you to leave after giving me all of your keys.”

Boddynoc looks at Asunder’s wounds. There is either a mage here or a caster of magic. Many smoking burns suggest magic missile strikes. Perhaps a wand. Quietly he picks out some clear lense glasses of his and places them on his face. The magic he just transferred to them reveals a human mage to Asunder’s right hand side. He holds a wand and is prepared to use it.

“You left this place. Abandoned it for many years. My teammates and I clear the rabble from it and this is how you thank us? Who do you answer to? Merrix?!? Lady Elaydren?”

The changling makes a sutle nod which is caught by Boddynoc. “Strike to the Right!” and the battle erupts once more. Asunder swings to his right with his weapon and a burst of blood from no where suggests the invisible mage was struck well. He crumbles to Asunder’s feet and drops his wand. Dying he grabs the wand again and before Asunder or anyone else can act he snaps it and dies as it explodes within the sensitive area.

A loud boom is heard above that startles Rorsa. She runs to the hatch which now smokes and smarks. She calls out to Boddynoc but hears nothing but the crackle of a fire.

Below, the lights flicker once more. Asunder has been blown apart from the waist down. Most of the other forged are stunned or down. The few humans are dead, burned by the magic release. The changeling is badly injured but alive. Boddynoc looks at his torn body. “There are good things about being less than perfectly alive. Pain for instance, is what I choice to make of it.” Turning to the moaning form near him he adds, “And I know how to give it out. Too bad about Asunder. I will need a new warforged bodyguard I suppose.”

A few hours later, Jonal wakes up. She wishes she had not. She and three other survivors have been hung up within what looks like a shower room. She inspects her injuries. Her shoulder, burning from being dislocated and now tied above her looks grossly wrong. A few teeth are missing. Her right leg can not support any weight.

“Awake finally. Good.”

She rolls her head to the left and there stands the undead zombie holding a vial. “*&%#@ you.”

“*&%#@ me?” Come now, is that anyway to speak to the person that is about to make a whole new you?”

Suddenly she knows fear. “What do you mean?”

“I was once very normal. I felt pain, I felt hunger, I felt cold. Now I feel only rage and the need to discover what makes a warforged tick. I suspect there is more here to discover to help me reach those goals.”

She is quiet. Her eyes never leave the vial.

“What is here? I thought it was a possibly a forge but it is not. It is something else. What is here?”


“For a non-living creature I have little patience. Tell me- what is here of such great importance?”

The gnome places his yellow skinned hand on her hip. “These burns look bad. Is that bone I see? Its all so black and charred.” He pushes on the meat and she screams louder than he stating that this was in fact a piece of warforged that melted within her skin.

She passes out.

In the next room , Asunder’s remains are laid out. Boddynoc hopes to fix him but doesn’t know how. He needs a cleric and most cleric’s would have nothing to do with him at this. What to do?

11 / 11 / 05
“Tempting Fate”

“Are you certain?”

“If I asked for caution, I would have summoned you before starting the Forge.”

“Yes my Lord.”

MT4U looked down and walked away from his leader, friend and savior. He feared what would happen next. He feared what would happen when the Lord of Blades once more powered up and operated the Forge. Would he add another forged to his army and Nation? Would it be a standard issue or a member of the 87? Would it be something entirely different?

He went to the special locked storage room and gathered the six plates that formed the Warforged Schema. MT4U carefully slide the six walls together creating a box. The magic contained on the walls created the warforged. If something was placed within the box, it could alter the process. By adding magical items or artifacts, the Lord of Blades created the 87.

MT4U carried the holy relic out to the main forge. This artifact could not be duplicated and the scars from the last operation remained. The Lord of Blades had placed an unknown item into the box to base the creation specification on. Whatever it was, it cracked the forge and nearly killed all within 500 feet of it.

The Lord of Blades came into the room carrying a small item wrapped in cloth. He carefully placed it into the box and closed it. MT4U did not get to witness what the item was. He feared his Ruler’s rage if he asked.

Energy crackled and leaked from the crack on the huge forge. Raw materials were added to the forge then the box was placed into the sliding drawer and closed.

It hissed and sealed. MT4U shook in both fear and awe. He was to witness something holy once more. He was a witness to several hundred births and possibly as many as twenty of the 87 magical warforged.

The machine glowed and hissed. The Lord of Blades looked up with concern and love. The expectant father was once more going to be a father.

The Forge then shuddered and thudded. Green mist blew out and soon the mist became a thick fog. Something was going wrong! Horribly wrong.

“My lord- what did you place in the creation box?”

“The phylactery of d’Cannith.”

“The ….!”

MT4U’s last sight is spotting a 3 foot round slot where a key could be placed. A Schema maybe…. Then everything goes black.

Reacting barely in time, the Lord of Blades activates his built-in teleportation head band and reappears as the magical mushroom cloud rises from the cave where House Cannith had built and hid the Forge.

In a bitter voice, he says but one thing- “Xulo.”

11 / 11 / 05
“Honey is better than Vinegar”

“He is still but a man.” Mumbles Elaydren. She sets the candles within the room. Next she sets up the properly drugged wines that were his favorites. She sets the animated harp and flute up and gives the list of songs to be played. Then she changes clothes into something elegant, sexual and provocative.

“All men want the same thing and will do anything for it.” She takes her wand of Emotions and touches the perfume before her. She then places it on her clothes and her bare skin. She fluffs the pillows and smoothes out the covers on the bed. Next she gets out her Ring of Charisma and places it on.

“And that something I have and he will tell me everything I need to know to have it.” She prepares a few more things then goes to her lock box. Within here is the vial she traded for. It should work no matter what. She turns it over. “Draconic. I’m weak on that. Two drops ? or is that twenty drops…. “

Merrix is down the hall within his personal library. These books come directly from Xen’drik. Many no one else has seen or read in over a thousand years. He smells the perfume first. He detects the magic within it and smiles. It is powerful magic. VERY.

His eyes water slightly. His skin tingles and become hypersensitive. A love potion he thinks. How quaint. That is what she tried to use on him when first they met. He went with it because he knew he had to. People were talking about him. They spoke of his love for the forged and disdain for warm flesh. So he went ahead and got married to quell these stories. Obviously, he needed to fulfill the physical side of love ...again. Very well.

She was still twenty paces away.

When she came in his mind began to swim with emotions. His love knew no boundaries. He suddenly knew what needed to be done. How to be happy. How to feel fulfilled. His desire burned for achieving this objective. Soon he thought….

Elaydren looked onto him with a powerful smile and twinkle in her eyes. Her shapely body seemed more shapely and perfect than before. He memorized every curve in his mind. Her hair was perfect. He tried to memorize this also.

She said nothing she spoke in volumes. She took his hand and placed it on her chest. He stood up and followed. The magical perfume was beyond intoxicating.

In her love nest they laid down. The candles burned softer and the music slowed down.

She knew how boring and unimaginative he was. But that didn’t matter. She was going to force the information out of him. She was going to learn about the Creation Schema. She was going to learn about Xulo. She was going to know it all.

Lights out.

“oh … my …god…. Merrix….”

11 / 11 / 05
“Bork’s Just Deserts”

“Why do we go here?” demands Broke Bouldershoulders.

“Our contacts said to go underground near the Statue of the slain hero Gractus.” His older brother says in Giant.

“What does it matter? Why do we worry so about this human?” He spits when saying human. A lone human homeless person looks up from their hovel in the underground tunnel. He snarls at the person whom becomes pale.

His brothers were beginning to grow impatient. Bork was becoming an embarrassment to the family and a pain in their backsides. They wanted to get this over quickly. However, they were still too close to the surface. They had to go deeper.

“This place stinks of more than human waste. Why would the professor see us here?” Complains the aggressive Ogre.

Deeper thinks the oldest brother. I want to be first thinks the middle brother.

Finally at 30 minutes of going down. They stop once they find a unique mark on the wall. The oldest brother proclaims this mark as their meeting place.

“Finally!” snarls Bork. “How long do we wait?”

“Until something happens.”

Five minutes go by. Nothing has happened.

“Arrrrgh! I grow impatient. Can’t we get this going?!?” He rages in Giant.

“Yes- lets.” Says the oldest whom swings and grabs Bork by the back of the head and slams his face into the stone wall. Bork slides down the wall leaving a bloody trail down the wall and crosses over the mark.

The middle brother slams him with his magical club. Bork’s ribs give. He spits out blood and a weak “why…?”

Surprise gives way to rage and he tackles one brother to the ground. However, there was much damage already done and with two versus his one the battle ends quickly.

Broken, bloody and appearing dead, each of the brothers give him one last hit apiece before cleaning their weapons and moving onward back to the surface.

Bork lies looking dead and above him, the symbol remains ..coated in blood.

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