12 / 10 / 05
“Cooling Effect”

They find another quiet hallway with no traps or guardians. They stay here to rest before moving onward. The next room is the Forge. This room has a trend to be very dangerous.

Cedious has a new plan. He is going to open his Decanter of Endless Water on full and flood the room. The others are nor sure this is a good idea but who can step the rogue after he has made up his mind?

He opens the door with his Decanter in hand and …..

The room merely glows a dully. The forge is cooled already with only narrow vents of molten materials here and there. The pits are cooled and it is not hot or vapor heavy either. There appears to be no one here also.

“I should flood it anyway…” The halfling rogue mutters as he puts the magic item away. He slips down to the floor magically as Black sands jumps down onto the cooled pit. The top dents in heavily and slowly reforms after he steps off. Taskerdoo hops onto the center swinging catwalk. It creaks and a single chain link breaks. “No one else -PLEASE! It’ll break!” he calls out now happy he doesn’t have Logan with him. Everyone else climbs down to look around.

Cedious finds a control panel complete with several levels. He looks at them then the vats and cooled materials and his teammates. He returns to looking at the levers. He can’t help himself as he pulls on the one lever. A clanging sound is heard and the sound of something moving overhead. Cedious steps back as if to prove it was not his doing.

Water begins to pour out of vents on the ceiling and it crashes onto the cooled vents. He quickly turns it off then and inspects what has happened. As everyone begins to scold him for hitting the lever a loud banging sound is heard. Curious, they all locate the sound. It comes from a cooled vat. As they near it a stone fist punches through the metal shell. Out comes a Stone Golem!

Black sands rages and attacks. Vale strengths him with Bulls Strength and after Haste. The Golem proves to be very resilient to most of their attacks. It breathes a green vapor but everyone just coughs it away. Soon it goes down. Deciding to be cautious, they try the other levels incase more Golems are there. The next level is either faulty or has nothing as only water pours out. They try the third and final vat and lever and out comes a Golem that they destroy before it can even climb out of the hole.

Feeling safe, they begin to scour the room for magical items and loot.

They find the following:
Ring of Protection +2
Quarterstaff +3 (Breath Water and Free Movement spells 1/day)
Spellbook (Planar spells)
Manual of Quickness +1
Manual of Gainful Exercise +2

But no last red crystal in the shape of an X.

They go over their notes and leave the room looking to try the Water Room. The last time they were there they faced a hurricane and a Dragon Turtle at the same time. What could be there now?

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12 / 10 / 05
“Life is a Beach”

Gathering their wits, they arm themselves for the worse as Cedious holds the latch that exits the magical hallway. They gather their spells and choice their preferred weapons. Show time.

Cedious pushes open the door and he hears seagulls cawing and sees a sun is rising. He smells the sea and feels the gentle sea blown breeze on his face. He senses no danger.

“Uh… is that a …beach?” asks Sharshek looking over Cedious’ and Taskerdoo’s heads. Looking over his and Vale’s head Black sands hopes for a Sand Dragon to kill.

They walk the ramps to a cell that has been filled with fine pure sand. Clear blue water fills the other three cells. Gold fish and green grass fill these tanks. The total effect is that of paradise.

“Where’s the Dragon?” asks Black sands with obvious disappointment.

“The greatest danger is the one not obvious.” Says Vale while looking directly at Black sands. “Some are hidden in direct view.”

“Sand men? Maybe each pool is a Colossal Water Elemental…..”

They enter the room and go directly to the sandy beach and sit down. They relax without giving up their guard.

Finally. Both Cedious and Taskerdoo decide to explore the waters. The others decide to dig and investigate the sand. Nothing.

Within the water however they find an incredibly well hidden secret door that leads under the sand. Carefully the two of them enter the doorway and find…..

A floating steel box that measures about 1 foot square. They explore the room and find nothing else. Cedious nearly fumbles with opening the lock but does so finally. Inside- the fourth and last Red “x” shaped crystal.

“Lets get the hell out of here.” Says Cedious (DM NOTE- Slightly paraphrased)

12 / 10 / 05
“Now You’ve Done It- RUN!”

The five adventures travel to the Sculpture room and find everything is as it was before. They begin with putting in the red “x” shaped crystals as they have before. The third “gift” rewarded to them is a scroll of Contact Other Plane. Taskerdoo groans. He wanted the Schema piece.

DM NOTE- Bill fears being sent into another plane or dimension when this is completed. By adding so much Planar themed spellbooks and neat stuff I fed this fear.

The fourth crystal is added and out comes- A Half-Moon shaped adamantine piece with small studs and rods sticking out the back of it. A Creation Schema piece!

“You put the eyes in…” “No you do that.” “I found them- you put them in.” “You are the rogue- not me.” No one feels the exit from this magical trap that involves Time and Space will end happily. Finally Cedious climbs up to place the two emeralds into the Green Dragon’s Eye Slots. Sharshek, with his dragon-themed magical sword readies himself for the worse.

Black sands quivers in the excitement of leaving this trap.

The first emerald goes in. Cedious exhales and then says “#@%^ IT!!” and puts the second one in quickly with no warning put hops off quickly.


“Maybe we were wrong. Did we miss something?” wonders Taskerdoo in frustration.

Then the sculptures on the wall begin to flatten out or recede into the wall. The walls begin to shrink in height and length. The floor smoothes out and slowly a door appears.

“EVERYONE OUT!” Shouts four people in unison.

Black sands merely rushes the door. His eyes burn red as he works the door.

They tumble out of the door and continue to scramble. Though they do not look back, they see something obvious and ominous all about them. The signs of a great battle are apparent. The centuries out dust has been trampled and blown around. Remains of skeletons liter the colorful rune covered floor. A few bodies of Emerald Claw soldiers lie here and there. But the adventures do not slow down. They continue to run as beams of colored light begin to pour out from the stone building behind them. A loud hum can be heard as they reach the exit. Air rushes INTO the cavern where a distinct glow can be seen.

Cedious looks for half a moment to see nothing but a ball of light there. He goes to a full run to keep up with the others.

They run as they reach the high stone arches and walkways over the dark river below. The dark skinned (drow) elven monk is not here to warn them or hinder them even. They continue until they reach the hallway near the secret exit that was guarded by Hill Giants.

They work the trap door and find …dead bodies…..

There is deep snow that once spilled into the room also. Signs of it being dug at are clear. Having no patience, Taskerdoo fireballs the entrance and discovers the snow is over twenty feet deep!

Vale calls forth a column of fire. The snow is nearly 30 ft deep. The stars are twinkling at them from above.

“wow.” Is all anyone can say.

12 / 10 / 05
“Ceasus’ True Intentions”

The Darguun ambassador is less than impressed with Breland and its lawmakers. He leaves Wroat in anger and the need for revenge. He will have it.

First he has to stop in Sharn (See Siberys Seven Story hour). He has something important to do here. Next, he needs to let his leaders know that the Seven Caves Project (See Tim and Cathy’s Story hour) can continue.

Sharn- The goblin moves through the sewers quickly and quietly. He knows the government is trying to watch him but is very certain he lost the two Dark Lantern agents several layers ago. He goes into hiding to be certain. After waiting thirty minutes with no one coming around he begins to slowly climb his way back up.

He carries a small bag filled with potions. Once he nears his goal, he stops and looks around once more. He places the black fluid into a bowl as instructed. Readying his way he looks at his two exits. He pours the green icor into the bowl. It sizzles and pops immediately. Green thick mist rises. Knowing what this means he drops the entire vial into the bowl and runs. The mist fills the room and begins to seep out of cracks that lead to the surface.

About 500 feet down, Ceasus repeats this. And another 500 feet until he has done this five times. Snickering, he runs down again into deeper sections as the green magical mist rises to the surface in the narrow dark streets of UnderSharn and the lowest sections that are not underground.

You will need to read the Story hour Siberys Seven to learn more.

(To begin posting within the week)

12 / 10 / 05
“Dreams with Undead”

“Do you seek power?”

The half-giant snorts in his sleep.

In his dream, the barbarian is cleaning his huge weapon. The bodies of many creatures lay at his feet. He stops to listen to the voice. He is trying to pin point it.

“Do you seek power?”

“Who asks? Show yourself.” He demands as he stands to his full height and tightly grips his weapon.

“I could provide you with power. Power greater than that of a vampire or a were-creature. I can give you so much more."

“Show yourself.” He begins to look about.

Silently a figure begins to rise from the bodies behind him. It is undead with wings. Long Horns sweep forward from the head filled with large and long teeth. In its hand is a wand with a skull on it. The black obsidian and iron seems to glow with power. He leans forward and whispers “Black Pit.”

Black sands sucks in air quickly and a sharp shudder. It is still cold as the entrance is buried with snow. Soon they will dig their way out from Drogan’s Trap. He doesn’t move any but lets his eyes move and peer about. No one saw him wake up. He closes his eyes and smiles. “Black Pit” he whispers as he falls asleep.

“Unexpected Surprises”

The adventuring party rests inside the room. They marvel at the snow. So much snow in such a sort time they all think. Even for the end of Zarantyr** it is an amazing amount.

**DM NOTES- The PCs are aware of the time twisting effects of being within the Trap. It is really the beginning of Eyre. They think about 35 days have gone by. In truth over 100 have.

As they dig they find more skeletal figures with shovels. It appears the Emerald Claw were snowed in at one point. The bones are brittle and frozen throughout. Some of the skeletons are even frozen in ice as if the snow was melted then refrozen quickly. Vale wonders in awe. “It is as if a portal to Risia had opened.”

“Risia?” What’s that?” asks Cedious.

“The plane of Ice and Eternal Cold.” Answers Taskerdoo. He is assuming the same thing.

Cedious levitates up through the hole Vale created the night before. He is amazed by something he sees near the edge of the woods. An Airship! He is quick to report it and the tunneling that Black sands and Sharshek has begun turns to that general direction.

Black sands continues to look to the sky. Finally Sharshek asks him what is happening. “The sun sits low for the month of Olarune. It sits as if it is spring- not the beginning of winter.”

Vale stops suddenly as he sees Cedious pull out his decanter of Endless Water. He aims it to the side of the tunnel Black sands and Taskerdoo have created.


Cedious turns and frowns.

“You can’t be serious- First you will drown us then you will freeze our dead bodies!”

Cedious looks at the Decanter and ponders if Vale is being truthful with him and if it was worth the risk to find out anyway.

“He’s right- the water has no where to go. It’ll flood and freeze eventually. We will become soaked and die from the exposure. Save it for later.” And with that Black sands continues to push and shove snow around as he tries to create a path.

“The water may even cause the roof of our snow tunnel to collapse in on us.” Adds Sharshek.

“Oh.” A pause. “I was just looking at it anyway. I wasn’t really going to us it to tunnel.” He looks at the doubting faces of his teammates. “No. Really I wasn’t!”
They finally get into the general area as the snow is more ice like and finally tapers off. When standing directly under the airship the snow is gone from the ground. The spinning Fire Elemental that lifts and empowers the airship is a mere 25 feet above them. Cedious smiles and levitates up to check on the ship.

He sneaks up quietly and from directly under it. Sneaking as he always does he peers over the side and sees …undead.

There are several dozen skeletons standing on the deck as if frozen. Many stand before the Captain’s cabin.

Smiling still, Cedious carefully releases the rope ladder and the others begin to climb up. He informs them of the guarded room.

Black sands smiles. Under his breathe he says- “Take the ship and go due East.”

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