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“More Unexpected Things Happen”

Cedious takes out a skeleton once two of his adventuring teammates climb over the edge. Even as he attacks Black sands bellows out. He was hoping for a challenge. 30 skeletons are NOT a challenge. Vale finds that the skeletons are spread out enough that his turning powers will not be very effective at this point so he goes to the side with the least amount of resistance. Several skeletons begin to stomp and thump the deck with their spears. Not caring, the PCs continue to board.

Black sands is ordered to break a hole into the back of the captain’s quarters by Taskerdoo. There has to be a reason they guard it so intently. Cedious hates the idea of HIS ship being damaged like this but such is life. He has seen the boards on the deck are damaged and / or rough. This was the ship Taskerdoo set on fire last month. So where is the necromancers? “Black sands….!” SMASH!

He peers in and sees a pale humanoid buried under blankets, tapestries, rugs and even large paper maps. A few things were burned in the center of the room. Meanwhile- the skeletons swarm.

Taskerdoo holds back near the rope ladder. He is ready to give support at any moment. Vale holds his own against a few skeletons. The others mow through the skeletons as they work their way around to the front of the cabin. Black sands climbs onto the roof of the cabin to go across that way. Archers at the bow try to hit him but can not. However, he sees something that disturbs him. HUGE skeletons are climbing out of the storage area! His eyes flare red for a moment.

Three Cloud Giant Skeletons total walk to them to engage in battle. Sharshek looks up and swears. Cedious smirks. He is too fast for them he figures. Vale knows they are in trouble. Taskerdoo stays where he is for a moment then decides to enter the hole Black sands made to explore and if need be surprise the skeletons.

The first of the Huge Skeletons reach Sharshek and strike him soundly. Their halberd nearly cleans him in two. He staggers and drops! Cedious, now the only one before this giant begins to wonder about his ability to avoid this creature. Then the second one arrives. The ship is narrow enough to keep it back but with its long reach strikes Black sands with attitude. He staggers and goes down!

Two series of attacks and two adventurers down. Not good.

Vale uses Searing Light and staggers one giant. Cedious continues his attacks and finally the one skeleton topples and falls over the side. He is happy but the third is coming. It raises its weapon then suddenly stops in mid motion. The other continues his attacks. He hits Cedious once but that was enough. “VALE!”

Taskerdoo opens the cabin’s door and fires a fireball out to stop the skeletons. A second Searing Light spell further damages the second attacking skeleton. Taskerdoo moves over to Sharshek and gives him the HEAL potion. Sharshek opens his eyes and curses in general. “This was supposed to be easy!”

Cedious is given some strength from Vale and some healing and they try to drop the second skeleton. They do. Meanwhile, the other “normal” skeletons are coming up to attack. The huge skeleton that was just standing there lowers his halberd into a scooping position as if to shovel the group off the ship’s deck. Cedious notes there are red lights of energy within the skeleton’s eye sockets. “uh-oh.”


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“I hate it when I am right.” Mutters Vale wondering what he has for combative spells left.

“Uh -Orcus …is that bad?” asks Taskerdoo trying to remember what an Orcus is.

“He intends to scoop us off the ship….” Adds Sharshek wishing Black sands was still alive.

“^&%# Orcus. This is MY ship!” answers in anger the halfling rogue whom then steps up and strikes the skeleton’s leg. The adamantine slips through one bone cleanly.

Vale heals him and tries to duck into the cabin. He knows he can not survive a direct hit from that halberd and also knows that name. He can’t place it other than it was pure evil and being very ancient!

Spells are used to attack the possessed undead cloud giant and more spells are used to boost Sharshek and Cedious. The battle is short since the skeleton was already on the receiving end of a fireball. It staggers and falls over the edge and into the deep snow below.

DM NOTES: Clinton demanded epic level to be available- I think battling Orcus would allow for that.

The remaining skeletons are easily destroyed and the spell casters look around to investigate. “Now what?” asks Cedious.

They search the Captain’s quarters. They find maps and books. One book is a journal written in code. Cedious takes time to decipher it and discovers it belongs to a necromancer named Karrion Kold. She seems to hate a certain halfling druid / mage for burning her badly. While he continues to read this others take the frozen and half-starved airship operator outside. It appears he died of being frozen since the skeletons would not allow him out of the ship’s room.

“How cold was it to overcome the heat from the elemental?” asks Taskerdoo.

“Worse- he was nearly starved to death also. The strangest thing- there is evidence he had enough food to last a month.” Adds Vale.

“Do you think there is something to what Black sands said? He suggested it was spring –not winter based on the placement of the sun.”

“Anything is possible. That magical artifact we were in called Drogan’s Trap dealt with time as well as space. Perhaps we were within it longer than we thought.”

They get the dead ship operator outside for the sun and the heat of the elemental to thaw him. Once thawed, they hope to resurrect him. Based on the maps found, they are five days away from Fairhaven. They plan on being there in the five days.

They explore the storage hold area and find skeletons everywhere. Some are wrapped with oily and scented straps of cloth and others have (had) gems over their eyes. Cedious can’t remember if they had gems or not.

By the end of the day the operator is thawed, cured and resurrected. After being given stale trail rations (the last the PCs had) he readily agrees to return to Fairhaven. He has had it with the Emerald Claw. Keltis Doran was bad enough but the new necromancer was too much. He was ready to retire at the age of 23 from being a captain and work a desk job.

They set a course that takes them to the edge of the great Eldeen forest then they follow the lake to Varna. They decide not to stop there and continue on. They reach Aundair airspace in three days and finally follow an electric rail track to Fairhaven. The entire trip takes 4 ½ days.


DM NOTES- I am going to skim over this part.

The PCs are given one hour to wash up and become presentable before seeing Jorlanna d’Cannith. When they arrive they learn they were presumed dead. It is the month of Eyre. They have been gone for nearly six months. This surprises the PCs but they expected as much.

They hand over the Schema and she calls for their rewards to be brought out. She asks about Black sands and the PCs play up his turn to evil and possible possession. It was thought best to leave him dead. She asks about the new armor and arms several members have. She asks to check out the adamantine rapier specifically. Cedious wants it further powered up which she entertains with a smile only. No comment given.

She mentions their crashed ship, how even another party was sent out but has yet to be heard from. She also asks about the group’s knowledge of a Sara Silvergleam. She is a reporter whom has been asking for Cedious. She believes someone has hired top assassins to kill him. Cedious smiles at the thought and thinks how easy she will be next time he sees her.

They are given 10 bags of treasure as a party. Each has 5000 gold worth of gold, platinum and gems. Later they will divide Black sands share. They also hope to trade / sell their party treasure.

Before they leave, Jorlanna asks Cedious if he was for hire again. She needs to send a team into the Mournlands. To a place he has been to –Whitehearth. He agrees. She agrees to give him and the others time to rest and settle their needs before leaving.

“The Griffon’s Wing aka Cedious’ Ride ”

Once more I will make this part brief and to the point.

The next six weeks consist of the PCs selling goods, fixing the Airship and reading their magical tomes. Cedious learns the costs of running an airship.

While it is docked he has the deck repaired. He also has the hole made by Black sands repaired and some other repairs. These are done by a cleric he finds that is willing to cast Make Whole and other repairing spells for a generous fee. Her name- Pebbles.

He also looks into selling equipment and extra goods. He uses this money to pay for the various fees involved. He hires guards to watch the ship and various docking fees. Once it is time to move on he hires these same guards to watch over his ship including the head of security- Dirron.

He tries to locate the captain that once ran the airship but he has left town. He gets in contact with House Lyrandar asking about possible pilots. As he begins he comes to realize that he may be going about this the wrong way and ends up contacting someone outside of the House. The House was asking too many questions.

He begins to look for outside resources to pilot his newly acquired ship. While visiting various sites where he may find such a skilled person he comes across a mantis warrior. His name proves to be unspeakable by non-kreen some he calls him “Bob”. “Bob” is hired on to help on the ship with security and within the Mournlands.

He hires a rogue agent of House Lyrandar. When asked for qualifications the captain shows him his dragonmark. Sold.

Shortly after this he learns the ship’s name is Griffon’s Wing. He unofficially renames it Cedious’ Ride. He looks to repaint it later but time runs out.

It is time to go to Whitehearth for House Cannith. They decide to hire on Pebbles as a means to deal with the undead there and future ship repairs. It will take three days to arrive there and Cedious knows the Emerald Claw and many others would be happy to blow them out of the sky.


Nymm 13 999

Having bought food and hired personal, Cedious and the team begin for the Mournlands. Sharshek has just traded and sold the last of his goods to buy a Belt of Giant Strength from a Cannith builder. They group up and begin down the loading platform to Cedious’ Ride when they hear a commotion behind them. Turning they witness four well armed and armored Ogres tear through the security personnel. They are growling and shouting while pointing at the group.

“Good to know we are getting a farewell party after all.” Quips Cedious as the others turn to face the trouble.

Taskerdoo, with his new wolf turns and notes their specific interest in themselves. “I believe they are in a hurry …”

Sharshek, still getting use to the thick leather belt he now wears, draws out FyreBane and prepares for the worst.

Pebbles, not used to this, looks back at the group then charges as the Ogres slice one guard completely in half with one sweep of his huge Great Falchion.

Pebbles holds up the rush of giant-kin as the walkway is only 25 feet wide. The Ogres are all dressed in BreastPlate armor with the image of a demonic skull with horns and flames printed on it. These Ogres are obviously well trained and have a mission.

The others move up to face the Ogres. Cedious is slow to go up. He heard his name shouted by them. Maybe there is something to the assassination rumor he has heard after all. The Ogres are fireballed forcing them to spread out to avoid this from reoccurring. This also stops their flanking of Pebbles whom finds it troublesome to be dodging their blows.

Then it becomes worse. Taskerdoo sees the shadow first as it is cast onto the building where he can see it. He turns into the morning sun and sees another Ogre-like creature FLYING at them. Its weak and worn wings land it on the ramp between the airship and the PCs. Its skin is dark and rough textured. It has small horns and red eyes. It also carries a Great Falchion and has breastplate armor with the same image of the flaming horned skull. “Great- company!”

On board Cedious’ Ride the crew watch. They were hired to protect the ship. And since those are BIG Ogres that is exactly what they are going to do. Protect the ship.

Taskerdoo fires a fireball at the winged ogre. The spell goes off and the Ogre walks through the magical flames. A small flame has developed on a braid which it twists its head to blow out. “I WANT THE LITTLE ONE! I WANT CEDIOUS! I WANT HIM DEAD!”

The wolf is slain by an Ogre taking a shot at it leaving Taskerdoo now without his special animal companion. A few Ogres go down but not nearly enough. Cedious finds himself dancing around as two Ogres try to chop him up. The others attack these two remaining Ogres even as the Ogre leader calmly walks up to him. Taskerdoo watches this bizarre looking creature as it goes by him and realizes it is a ½ Fiend of some sort. Thus the failing of his fireball attack. “Wonderful” is all he has to say.

Enter the Fairhaven Law Enforcers whom use Lightning bolt spells on the Leader. Another Ogre goes down also. “Stop and Don’t Resist.” Begins the mages of Aundair. The lone Ogre snarls at them and the leader decides it is time to leave. Taskerdoo tries to think of a spell to contain him but fails to do so before it jumps off the edge of the tower and flies away.

The last Ogre turns on the security force and is slain with magic missiles. “We hate to repeat ourselves…” they say to the PCs. They look at each other and put their weapons on the ground and wait.

“The Crew of Cedious’ Ride”

Grayson Kurr looks from the bow of the airship Griffon’s Wing (aka Cedious’ Ride) and sees the last of the Ogres taken down. Then he sees the Aundair law enforcement officers arrive. He sighs and mumbles about people who do not deserve to have airships. The ½ Elf turns to one of the other quickly hired help. “Go to my room. On the table are several scrolls and a book. These are tied together with a leather strap. Bring them to me.”

“Yes Sir.” The ex military man says. Once he rode on an Aundairian Stormship. This is the total experience he has on airships. Cedious hired help quickly and without references.

He turns to another man. This one had only seen airships from the ground. “Look busy- we are about to be boarded.” And with that Grayson waits. He rolls down his sleeves to cover up his Dragonmark. He will only let the officer know he is a true Lyrandar Dragonhouse member when absolutely required.

As expected, one officer is sent to the ship. Grayson studies the officer as he comes. The officer is new to him, which may be good. Perhaps he has a chance to escape yet. He walks up to the secured plank that connects the bows tip to the loading tower. Here he waits for the officer hoping to not have him walk on board.

As the officer is about to walk the board he calls out. As hoped, the officer stops to answer before walking on board.

“Hail good officer of Aundair. What a fine day it is!”

“Ah yes. Papers please.” He says while his eyes roam over the ship. He sees the recent floatwood repairs. Some of the boards however look to be plain pinewood from Eldeen. Cheap but not very efficient for an airship.

Grayson sorts through the scrolls that have just arrived. He makes sure he finds the forged ones he just made two nights ago. This Cedious character is so typical of adventurers. Thinks he knows everything about airships because he won one or found it. The hired help brings the scroll to the officer. The officer opens the note and looks through it.

The Griffon’s Wing
Cyrian airship, used for cargo
Prior owner- Captain William F. Grouper
Current Owner- Cedious of Breland

“…and you are…?” the officer says as he finishes reading the document.

“Grayson Joyrean”

“You are the pilot?”

“Where is Cedious going?” he asks as the adventurers gather up their weapons and go to a secure room nearby for questioning.

“Simple question.”


“For questioning. It is not everyday Ogres attack in plain sight like that. Further, one of the Ogres was …enhanced.”

“Oh. And yes. The Griffon’s Wing is air ready and passed the Inspection of House Lyrandar.” The ploy works as the officer hands the scroll to the man without asking about the pilot again.

“Assuming the men, woman and the creature are not guilty of any crimes you and your ship will be allowed to leave within the hour.” The officer looks over the ship once more then turns away.

Grayson waits for thirty seconds before letting out a long sigh. “I hope the halfling has no crimes on his record. We leave within two hours regardless.”

Turner Carl, the hired head of security for the ship comes up to Grayson after the Officer leaves. “Is everything okay?”

“Assuming Cedious and his adventurer buddies are clean then yes. Otherwise we lift and circle outside of Fairhaven limits until further notice.”

“Very well.”

“The Power of the Dragonmarked Houses”

Cedious and his adventuring friends gather within the security room that is located half way down the tower.

“I need to see everyone’s papers.”

Everyone digs out papers except for “Bob” the Thri-kreen. He has none.

The security man looks over the papers and frowns. Under Cedious’ personal information is a note from House Cannith. They are on Dragonmarked House business. He motions for the other man to come over and shows him the paper. The man leaves to confirm this. Cedious catches some of the conversation. His hand always stays on a hip or near the hilt of his rapier.

“What can you tell me of these Ogres?”

“They are big and mean and tried to killed us.” answers Sharshek after being given a potion. He is fed up with this crap. He has picked up the fact these creatures were here to kill Cedious and possibly those with him. He tires of being cut up and nearly killed daily while being with Cedious.

“They had matching armor and weapons. They were very well skilled. This was no chance encounter.”

“KLIK-CICK-:):):)-:):):)-KLAK.” Says Bob.

“What did he say?”, asks the officer in annoyance. “And where is his papers?”

“Don’t Know what he said.” Answers Cedious still blushing. “For papers, I believe House Cannith has them. He is treated more like a pet than a person. …Unlike warforged, they have not gotten their rights yet.”

“Where did it come from and…” Bob interrupts with some noisy commentary.

“My understanding is he comes from southern Talenta Plains, within the desert region.”

“Balinor’s Beasts! Is that a Kreen?!?”

Cedious stops not knowing what to say to that. His mind is still stumbling on who Balinor is much less what is a kreen is. Is that what Bob is? “Kreen …is such a …non-descriptive title.”

His bluffs barely hold as the officer watches for venom on the creature’s beak-like mouth.

The Thri-kreen is annoyed himself. He has been given the name Bob that is torture to him. He can not even say the word! It fidgets in the corner.

Just as the officer is about to call attention to the pet license he needs the other officer returns. With him is a House Cannith representative. Five minutes later they are all free to leave.

Walking onto the blank to his ship Cedious is happy to work with House Cannith.


The airship Cedious’ Ride leaves Fairhaven. The next stop is the secret Cannith facility of Whitehearth. It will take about three days to arrive there. There are fifteen general crewmembers. Three shift captains and a head of security. All of them are human. They have a cook whom is also a cleric. Her name is Pebbles, She is a dwarf. A warforged Fighter has joined them also. Also hired on (by Cannith which bugs Cedious) is another rogue (human also) and a mage. The mage keeps to himself.

Unexpectedly, Sharshek has quit. The last encounter with the Ogres has made him reconsider this life style.

So, there are 26 persons and one animal companion known to be on board.

Cedious has the guards working in 3 8-hour shifts. A leader is in charge of each shift. The Head of security, Turner Carl then is in charge of all 18 individuals.

Grayson operates the ship by communing with the fire elemental. He has directed it to fly straight to the Mournlands.

The men bunked in several rooms below on the very bottom of the ship. The ship has many lockable rooms ranging from 5x5 closets to 30x30 rooms. Of these, the adventures and others take them. No one checks the 5x5 rooms. Why would they anyway?

Bob hangs out in a small room that separates Cedious’ room from everyone else’s.

Night comes as they leave Aundair and just clear Thronehold’s airspace. The ship turns south only slightly as the elemental goes for the southern Mournland extremes. Five guards are on the deck watching the sky and the dark landscape below. The deck is well lit by the elemental. The human rogue is up and walking about on the stern. He is restless and impatient. He is also summing up the value of this ship. The warforged stands erect at the bow watching the coming dark clouds. He expects to see the mists anytime now.

On the second level, the adventurer’s are asleep.

On the bottom level the remaining guards sleep along with Cedious. Bob hangs out there as Cedious’ personal bodyguard.

One of the closet doors open. A thin lightly armored warforged slips out silently. Many nodes stick out of his upper arms and his thighs. It creeps down the hallway. He slips past Taskerdoo’s room allowing the druid / mage to sleep. Pebbles sleeps also with a thunderous snore that only a dwarf could create.

The warforged assassin then passes the Cannith hired mage’s room without notice. It creeps down the long hallway past all of the sleeping guards and arrives at the room where Cedious sleeps. Sever has been hiding this ship for four days now. He is impatient to kill the halfling. The Turbulent has paid him well and The Lord of Blades has instructed him to gather any paperwork or items that lead to the Creation Schema.

The door is locked. No problem.

Bob is daydreaming about hunting small but fast dinosaurs. These creatures are slightly larger than chickens and have a nasty bite. He becomes aware of a noise at the door. Someone is picking the lock! He wills up his psionic reserve and readies himself.

The lock clicks off and the door opens a mere three inches and stops. Nothing. The door opens another six inches. An armored finger can be seen pushing the door open. Bob thrusts his arm into the opening and pops his psionic blade and misses the agile warforged assassin. The door is used by both as a shield by both as they push and shove trying to strike each other.

With the element of surprise having been spent, the assassin known as Sever calls up a Dimensional Door and steps through it to attack the pilot upstairs. Perhaps without a pilot the ship kill the halfling and he can pick up the notes after.

Bad luck for the assassin. The soft glow awakens the light-sleeping pilot. The pilot is also a mage. Seeing it is time to leave all together the assassin looks for an exit. Meanwhile, the portal is being held open by the mage’s spell as Bob steps through and restarts their fight. Cedious comes through a few rounds later. He is annoyed by the disruption. He was dreaming of the reporter Sara of the Korranberg Chronicle.

Outside, the human rogue hears noise and creeps up to the only door leading to the pilot’s room. The guards and warforged do not hear him or the noise as the roar of the elemental drowns out the sound.

Sever is overwhelmed and taken down once he is surrounded and attacked magically, psionically and through a rogue’s skill.

They search his body and find no weapons. They pull on a node and out comes a weapon! Each nod pulled produces a weapon. They take the body below and lock it up.

“Everyone back to sleep. We reach the graymists in the morning.” Calls out the pilot.

“Return to Whitehearth Facility”

The morning sun will not burn off the gray clouds. These clouds are unnatural and represent the beginning of the dead nation of Cyre. On the 20th of Olarune 994 the country of Cyre died in an instant. How or why is unclear but everything that is within the mists died that day.

In its place are undead and/or mutated creatures and oozes known only as Living Spells. Healing will not work here. It has become a haven for warforged. It is here, somewhere under the cover of the gray mists; the mysterious Lord of Blades has set up his Steel Nation.

Cities, towns and villages were either destroyed or changed by the magical blast of strange energies. There are reports of some cities being torn apart and reformed differently. There are reports of vampires coming here to nest.

Cyre, before the accident, was also the core location for House Cannith. There are dozens of known facilities here and many that were kept secret even from the government. With Cyre’s destruction, many of these facilities were destroyed. But some did not. Some like Whitehearth were built underground. Altered but not destroyed, the facility remains.

Cedious has been here before. He along with several other adventurers came here to locate a piece of the Creation Schema. He did better than that. He found TWO pieces. Between leaving the facility and reaching Sharn, the entire party except for himself died. Many by members of Darguun’s military and still others by a mixture of Fiend’s experimentation with alchemy and the overzealous Silver Flame cleric Terri.

It has been nearly a year. Not long enough for Cedious.

It takes two days to flow over the corpse of a country to reach the Rose Quarry and the mineshaft that hides Cannith’s weapon design facility. From the safety of the air, Cedious and the others on board see the bodies of entire armies lying on the ground. Hundreds of acres of land covered by non-decaying bodies that dropped where they were standing at the moment of the blast. They see Living Spells roaming the ruined lands looking for something or anything to consume. They see where the ground has become glass them shattered making for a deadly place to cross. They see siege weapons. Some these seem to move as if on their own. Sometimes they see undead or at least unnatural things hunting on the ground far below.

Cedious is happy he has come across this ship. Walking through that would have been very bad.

Giving Grayson the instructions, they fly low and to the hillside where the mine is locating. They circle it a few times then stop once he is satisfied there is no obvious dangers.

Using magic or climbing down a rope Cedious, Taskerdoo, Pebbles, Cider (Human Rogue), and Bob climb down. The warforged fighter joins them last.

The airship rises and moves away a few miles so as not to draw attention to the mine. Something like a fire elemental powered airship will draw attention from miles around in such a bleak gray area as the Mournlands.

Cedious and Cider note several things immediately. There are wolf tracks everywhere. Some are very large. Cedious figures Rorsa is still around. He hopes she remembers him. “She could be a good aid here.” They also see warforged tracks. Not good. And finally a small humanoid track. The one foot looks damaged as the arch of the foot is incorrectly formed. “Undead or mutation….possibly both. Wonderful.”

Cedious goes to the hatch he knows first. This seems to be where the most tracks originate from. The hatch has been melted to slag. There is no way to open it. “What the…. ?”

As Cedious ponders this then pulls out his Adamantine Rapier and begins to work on cutting the hatch out the others search the grounds. Cider stops. “Do you hear that?”

“Rorsa and Her News”

“WOLVES!” says Cider.

“No…It’s Rorsa.” Says Cedious. He stops slicing at the melted cover and listens.

The light padding of wolf’s feet can be heard along with the deep voice that seems childish also. “It is him! It is!” can be heard as the sounds rapidly grow closer.

All Cedious tense up as a large Dire Wolf skids to a halt just within the light of their lanterns. Her spikes that in part gives away her Dire sub-species type is all scarred and some broken. Tuffs of hair are missing and many cuts are apparent. She has been in a hard fight. Her pack also looks rough and beaten.

“It is you!” she howls in excitement.

Bob clicks and clucks in annoyance. Then is very broken common he says “Big and deadly but with the mind of a child.”

“She was “awakened” on the day of Mourning and mostly self-taught. How are you Rorsa?”

The large wolf bears down on the halfling and lathers him with love and affection. Once he squirms free she begins to ask about the others. He says they all are dead.

“No. Bob is alive.” The Thri-kreen turns its head at his given name.

“There is no Bob. Sorry. This is Bob.” And Cedious points to the kreen whom is gnashing his mandibles.

“No Bob. Bobnok…bobbynock…”

“Boddynok? Bobbynok Grinkle? He died…twice.”

“Stinks but alive.”

At this point she tries to explain to the halfling how Boddynoc and asunder arrived there months ago. Boddynoc is alive but alive like the people here. They smell bad but are alive. Then came the metalmen.


“Metal men like him.” she says and points a paw and snout at the Cannith Fighter.

Cedious pulls out his rapier and begins to work on the hatch again. He has “unfinished business” with that artificer.

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