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I'll be writing the background stuff today. There are so many factions to track and update on. Garrow, Keltis, Karrion Kold, Boddynoc Grinkle & Asunder, Kim Elderitch, Rush Latealot, Lady Elaydren, all other Cannith persons, the Dragon (s) involved, Dark Lanterns, The Trust, Lord of Blades, Dice and so many more.

Any preferences?

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They all sound so devious and tempting! How can you make us choose? :uhoh:

Hmnn... I like your interpetation of the Lord of Blades, let's start with him. :]

Child of Hypnos

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tell us more about Rush Latealot.

im lookin forward to Cedious meeting him, a warforged who can mess around with time and a halfling who'll steal anythimg? something intrestings gotta happen. :)

Rush Latealot is a creation of the 87.

The Lord of Blades tried to "improve" the Forge he has. He created 87 new warforged before it broke under the strain. Each of these 87 have unsual abilities.

In Rush's case, he is a psionic shapechanger. His shell changes with him as becomes various items of mass destruction. However he is also cursed. He seems to be always late or just missing something important or the subject of bad luck. He has had a few cameros here. He was on the train station platform in Karrnath but just missed the group. In Talenta Plains he somehow missed Cedious with his "missile" attacks then was attacked by a flying dinosaur.

I'll be introducing more "87" as time goes.

11 / 11 / 05
“Dreams of Ice and Fire”

Lady Elaydren ir’Vown-d’Cannith was very tired. She had been studying the old texts on the Creation Schemas of past and present for three days straight. Schemas were much like permanent scrolls often created on metal slabs or materials other than paper. These were usable once a day to caste the spell contained within. Most Magewrights knew how to operate the basic minor schemas. She was studying the ones less often created. She was studying the ones found instead. These artifacts were found almost exclusively in Xen’drik. The Creation Schema was one of these.

There were five small pieces that fit together onto a base plate for six parts total. This Schema aided in the creation of many things. Specifically what she did not know. She was aware they were used to create the first warforged and weapons of the Last War. Then for some reason, the finder of these disassembled the pieces and sought to hide them from the world. Pieces were thus found in Breland, Eldeen Reaches and the Mournlands. Current investigations to the far north suggested a lost foundry there also. The same foundry where the first warforged were created in secret.

Tired, she placed her head down on her arms and closed her eyes. She was soon asleep.

She soon dreamed.

The dreams became alarming and twisted in time as she twitched and murmured in her slumber. Then suddenly she shouted out and awoke. She trembled uncontrollably and stared at nothing specific. Slowly she got up and walked to a securely locked and warded containment system. She activated the unlocking procedures and waited the few moments it would take to unlock and open.

She walked into the vault and ignored the magical armors and equipment. She ignored the golems inside including the one made of Adamantine. She went to the back were there was another locked safe. She opened this one and peered at the three pieces of the Schema she had.


She spends several minutes studying the pieces before closing and locking the safe. She exits the vault and sits down to write.

Follow the leader’s weapons to find the site

Muroni will watch

Taskan can guide

Beware of Stormreach

Breedaernxen will act as he sees fit

Family Matters

Undead will rise

Giants will react

Xulo will awaken

With a new wave of exhaustion overwhelming her, she puts down the magical ink quill and sighs. She leans forward to see what she has written.

“Who or what is a Xulo?”


Hmmnn... Do I smell a Dreaming Dark plot? :] This should make life.... interesting. I find that rogues find mind-affecting powers a real pain the neck, in my experience. :p


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Solarious said:
Hmmnn... Do I smell a Dreaming Dark plot? :] This should make life.... interesting. I find that rogues find mind-affecting powers a real pain the neck, in my experience. :p

arrrg again with the rogue comment if its not a halfling coment its a rogue comment i can not win arrrg *cries* you know there are OTHER players in the group besides me.... i have allready had enough mind affecting stuff go on with my poor little halfling he allready is freaked out about doggys eating hands that move.....!
This whole trap we aare in is a mind f@#% in itself!
Can't we all just get along!
But i must admit this Xulo sounds interesting........ :lol: just when you thought mega has revealed his whole plot somthing else comes along..... i must ask him about this at work :)

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