D&D 5E The Dungeon Dudes Notch Up Another Million Dollar Kickstarter

Passes the million dollar mark with just a day to go.

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The latest entry to the Million Dollar TTRPG Kickstarter Club is Monsters of Drakkenheim from the Dungeon Dudes. The 5E monster book with D&D Beyond support passed the million dollar mark with just a day to go.

This is the Dungeon Dude's third entry in the chart, the others being Sebastian Crowe's Guide to Drakkenheim in September 2022, and Dungeons of Drakkenheim in August 2021. The Dungeon Dudes work closely with Ghostfire Gaming, who have been involved in several million dollar Kickstarters as primary creators or as partners.

Monsters of Drakkenheim is the first ever Kickstarter to include D&D Beyond support from Wizards of the Coast. The book includes 150+ eldritch-horror themed monsters, with plenty of miniatures, dice, accessories, pins, and other add-ons.

The campaign ends today (Thursday 25th April).

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Missed the Kickstarter on this one.

I wonder how that epic action feature for the bosses will work out. It sounds deceptively easy and I like how it sounds but does it work in game (not sure if any testing has happened with it yet so just asking in general)?


I'm excited for yet another harvesting and magic item crafting third party system! (not sarcasm I love me some crafting rules)
Is there a list of these?

I have Hamund's Harvesting Handbook.
Creature Harvest Index
Ultimate guide to Foraging and Harvesting

Those are the ones I found.


Oh right...I think we discussed this previously. It's pretty interesting that WotC is letting someone else use DDB access as part of their Kickstarter pitch. I'll be buying this, for sure. Just because of my own gaming needs, these days I mostly just buy things that I can access through DDB or Demiplane.


Well, that was fun
Staff member
that was the smarter play all along
I’ve been saying it ever since they “backed down”. Everybody was basking in victory without realising they’d been outmanoeuvred. WotC didn’t lose that battle: they simply rewrote the battlefield. The OGL isn’t technically cancelled, but it’s now valueless and the thing that has value is access to DDB—which, unlike the OGL, WotC controls.

3PPs didn’t really win anything. WotC is positioned to control the 3PP market in ways it never could before.

As I said, well played. Drop the stick, switch to the carrot. Same end result. Right in the open, too.

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