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D&D 5E The Dwimmermount [OOC]


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Sure he could do that, or you could leave them at camp. So long as there is some food they would probably stick around close by. Its a matter of him have no gear right now :) he will have to spend two days (one there and one back) to go to Murgberg to grab some...

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Perfect, the cubs can stay at camp then. That would probably be best.

Just wanted to make sure we didn't have to decide between him caring for the cubs or him exploring with us.


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Didn't bother to RP this, but: I'm giving Toby 10g 5sp 2cp to buy me map-making supplies in Muntberg.

10g = ink
5sp = 5 sheets of parchment
2cp = ink pen

I totally forgot that we're supposed to be mapping these woods as part of the job, and as far as I can tell none of us even has the supplies to do so. Whoops.


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My mistake! But you're right, couldn't hurt to have more, so I'll buy the stuff anyway.

Besides, even if Shara doesn't use it for map-making, she can always put it to use scrawling religious ramblings. ;)


Just an FYI, I will be leaving on Monday for a week long road trip, I am not sure what my internet situation will be like while on the road, so please NPC Hunter as needed if I don't respond in a timely manner.


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I don't mind the group decision in the retainers, I'm finding, that from a meta game pov at least, they are something of a group asset/liability. The only other way I can see them working is purely social. Which would require us to have semi permanent residence and a slightly different bent to my character background.

Whatever works for you. :)

I guess the way I see it, while they may be an asset/liability to the whole group, they're still 100% Magen's to command. So he gets to tell them to do whatever, but then the rest of the PCs are free to make their own decisions in response. (e.g., if Magen had ordered them to stay at the logging camp, Shara would not have tried to persuade him to do otherwise, but she would have stayed with them.)

However you choose to handle them, I do like having them around. They add some depth to Magen's character and provide RP opportunities for the rest of us too.

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