The EN World IRON DM 2018 Tournament Scheduling Thread

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Final Form (she/they)
My apologies for ghosting; real life has a nasty habit of interfering. I'm still taking care of some stuff but I should be ready to go for a start time later this evening. I can make the weekend work as well if need be.

Deuce Traveler

Ok, I'll be the second judge. [MENTION=57112]Gradine[/MENTION] and [MENTION=6855204]tglassy[/MENTION], will you be available Friday? If I can get both of you to give an affirmative by the afternoon, East Coast US time, I'll post the ingredients by the evening and get you started.


Sorry I’ve been off grid. As I stated, I’m home recovering from an injury, so I’m pretty open to any time frame. I haven’t really had any time demands except physical therapy. I am at you service.


POSTED :D So stressful to try copying from email and posting by phone. This was stressful but the fun kind of stressful. Can't wait to read [MENTION=62721]MortalPlague[/MENTION]'s entry!


Final Form (she/they)
Damn those are some tough ingredients! It took me a long time to piece together a common thread! Now to write!


Once A Fool
[MENTION=6857996]LongGoneWrier[/MENTION], and

If two of you are ready to start a game tomorrow (Sunday), chime in. Otherwise, Match 3 will have to wait until Tuesday at the earliest.


Limit Break Dancing
Sunday works for me.


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