The Fey, the Far, and the Ugly Space In Between


I explode into action, dashing forward and somersaulting under the spear turned constrictor. My intentions are to meet the giant halfway, in reach of the sting of my blade. Also to keep him out of reach of Rawr's instinct to tear him to pieces.

As I do so, I shout to Saerie. "Keep Rawr heeled!"

[sblock]Defy Danger (Dex)
2, 3 +3 = 8

Success but a worse outcome, hard bargain, or ugly choice.[/sblock]

Per Manbearcat
You feel the heaviness of the snake and the snapping of its jaws just overhead as you nimbly evade it. When you come out of your somersault and spring at your foe, he has cut the distance alarmingly. For a giant, he is much quicker than one might expect. He is literally upon you.

[sblock]You've got two choices here:

1) You can accept a close quarters clinch where he has your off-arm pinned. You won't be able to combine sword and spell (no Master's Bladework move) until you break the clinch, but you can Hack and Slash.

2) You can eat his damage without the Forceful tag, evade/break the clinch and Master's Bladework normally (or whatever you want to do; (b[2d8+3] damage 2 piercing) Forceful[/sblock]

I spin away as he attempts to run right through me. I feel his thick arm across my shoulders trying to corral me and pull me in for a crushing hug. I put a foot into his chest and back-flip over his arm. I save myself from a crushing squeeze, but he still has my off-arm pinned and a handful of cloak.

I go to work with my blade. Lets see how he reacts to a flurry of steel and if I can find an opening to get free.

[sblock]Hack and Slash (Dex)
6, 5 +3 = 14

You deal your damage to the enemy and avoid their attack.

d8, piercing 1. 5 - 1 (2 armor - 1 piercing) = 4 damage.

The Riddle of Steel (Wis)
5, 1 +0 (+1 forward) = 7

1 question and take +1 when acting on it.

* What is this person about to do?[/sblock]

Per Manbearcat

1) Your blade cuts into the hairy, pink flesh of Korshek's muscled forearm. The wound begins to close almost instantaneously.

[sblock]Regen 2[/sblock]

2) He growls an invocation to the Maiden of the Moon as his eyes burn with silvery fire. You feel burning radiance begin to transfer from his hand, which is also glowing silver, to your form.

If you attempt to break free of his grasp, you can take an additional +1 (for +2), but the effort will ensure that you take the full effect of the magic he is channeling into you.

My brain flashes to what I know of Firbolg's martial capabilities. The regeneration? The moon magic? I fought beside them many decades ago in the midst of my early soldiering. My unit was was on a routine patrol one evening on the borderlands of Brokenstone Vale. We came upon a pair of Firbolg huntsmen who were fighting for their lives against a pack of werewolves.

[sblock]Spout Lore (Int)
1, 4 +3 (take +1 for military) = 9

The GM will only tell you something interesting—it’s on you to make it useful.[/sblock]

Per Manbearcat
Korshek's torn eyesocket obviously didn't regenerate. It appears to have been "cauterized" by necrosis as blackened, rotted flesh permeates the wound site.

Your recollection of the moon magic from that day is that the burning radiance outlined the werewolves, preventing their slinking away and seemed to prevent their own lycanthropy-driven regeneration.

Hmmmm...necrosis? Soul-Siphoning it is!

I'll get back to you on what I'm going to do. Saerie needs to Order Followers anyway so Rawr defies his instincts to get violent here.

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I throw my head back and cast a feral ursine call as far as my voice will carry it. I'm telling Rawr to not engage. Otthor is fine. If any of the other hunters attack though, let them have it.

[sblock]Order Follower (Loy)
5, 4 +3 = 12

They do it, now.[/sblock]

Rawr takes a step back and gives the combatants some clearance, but his back legs are coiled, ready to spring.

Obviously the the eyes of the Wild Hunt huntsmen will be drawn to my call. When they cast their sight to the darkness of my sniper's perch on top of the stone wall, I give them a salute. Arrow strung, my bow is trained on them. I call out. "I hope we understand each other!"

Quietly down to Sadia and Leonel. "If the hunters make a move to attack, I want you to withdraw to our campsite in the back corner. If they infiltrate the courtyard, I want you up, over that wall and looking for a place to hide. Leonel will ensure your escape."

I look down at Sadia with a soft face, caring face. "Understand?" When she nods yes, I immediately move my eyes back to the duel and the loitering giants.


Here is what I want to do. Thunderwave knocks man-sized things around within ten feet. Can I sheathe my sword and cast that with that hand and get this fey giant off of me? I don't want to prone him, I just want to break this grapple.

Per Manbearcat
Sure. Here's the thing, though. The giant's massive strength is starting to put the big squeeze on you. You can feel your elbow and forearm bones on the verge of breaking. So you're doing something about it, and now, which takes care of that. But at the same time, you have to steel your physical fortitude against the burning radiance of the Moonfire he is channeling into you.

[sblock]1) Given the close-quarters situation and the grapple, you're going to take -1 to Cast a Spell here. However, if you still get a 10+ with your Thunderwave, we can let that serve as sort of an interruption deal so you can have a shot at resisting Korshek's Moonfire. If it works out, you could attempt to Defy Danger (Con) to mute the effect. By muted I mean you'll have success limited to 7-9. 6- and you take 1d10 radiant damage (no armor), you cannot turn invisible, and the bad guys gain +2 damage against you. 7-9 and its muted; w[2d10], no invis, and +1 damage against you.


3) You could focus on resisting the Moonfire and not be restricted to 7-9 on your DD (and use your take +1 from RoS). However, if you do, you're going to take a Str Debility (-1 ongoing) until you can Recover. Given that this would be an arm injury, it would also apply to Flawless Bladework and Hack and Slash.[/sblock]

The Moonfire's burning radiance is a relative nuisance compared to the importance of Otthor's sword arm remaining tip top. I need to get out of this clinch in a bad way. I'm sheathing my sword, casting Thunderwave...and hoping...

[sblock]Cast a Spell (Int) Thunderwave
3, 6 +3 (take +0 as RoS cancels out take -1) = 12

When you cast this spell, a powerful thunderclap emanates from your hands. It knocks over human-sized creatures or loose objects as far away as 10 feet (Reach).

Defy Danger (Con)
2, 2 +1 = 5

Mark xp.

Moonfire damage to me: 1d10 (no armor). 7 radiant damage. No invis and +2 damage against me.[/sblock]

Per Manbearcat
Burning radiance outlines your form and the assemblage of giants are immediately worked into a frenzy, hooting and hollering as it does.

Quietting their cheers, a deafening clap of thunder erupts from the melee. Korshek's head snaps back and his arms fly wide. The giant takes a few steps back to gather himself, almost tripping over a nasty hole in the stone stair. He catches himself at the last moment, but you have plenty of opening to draw your blade and go to work.

Go to work I do! Closing the distance to melee, my blue Winter Fey blade is unsheathed with a killing stroke on its mind as my free hand is working the intricacies of a Bladespell.

[sblock]Master's Bladework (Int)
6, 6 +3 = 15. Clutch!

Deal your damage and apply 3 techniques. d8. 7 - 1 (2 armor - 1 piercing) = 6 damage

Soul-Siphoning: Your attack heals you for 1d4. Heal 1d8 instead if this attack kills your target. 4 HP returned.

Burst: Your attack deals an additional 1d4 damage and gains the ‘forceful’ tag. 1 + 2 = 3 damage.

Bladesong (Int)
1, 4 + 3 = 8

1 Bladesong for:

* Void Note - Teleport somewhere nearby within your line of sight.
* Guarded Flourish - When you have no weapon or shield in your offhand and you take damage, take + 2 armor.
* Blade Crescendo - When you deal damage to an enemy within your melee weapon's range, gain 2 piercing.[/sblock]

With two Burst Bladespells, can I fling him off the side of the stair?

Per Manbearcat
[sblock]With a 12+ rolled, 15 no less, sure. That is some potent Burstitude. Roll another d8, no armor applies.[/sblock]

Love it. Down goes Frazier.

[sblock]d8 damage (no armor). 1 damage.[/sblock]

Angry fist!

Per Manbearcat
The draw of the blade and the flurry to follow is blindingly fast. Korshek does everythig he can to prevent a killing stroke.

Nethermantic magic draws forth his life and blackens his wounds. As expected, the necrosis prevents his fey regeneration.

He tries to gain sound footing but turns an ankle while defending Otthor's onslaught. One barrage of force magic telekinetically flings him to the edge of the stair where he reflexively lowers his center of gravity to prevent going over the forty foot precipice. Its futile. A second barrage upends him and sends him spilling over the edge, his arms desperately trying to cling to stony cracks but finding nothing. Crumbling stone and his desperate howl accompany him to the hard earth below. A dull thud is accompanied by a painful exhale, indicating he yet draws breath.

You feel something brush up against your leg...


The massive constrictor, as thick as your torso, begins to wind around your lower half!

A magical portal envelops me as I step through worlds and emerge near Rawr. Out of the coils of the creature but near enough that I can see the whites of its serpentine eyes, I shred the air with steel that reverberates toward my foe!

[sblock]Spent 1 Bladesong for Void Step.

Wind Slash (Int)
3, 2 +3 = 8

Deal your damage and apply 1 technique, and choose one of the following:

* You have to move to get a clear shot, placing you in danger.
* Do not deal your damage.
* Do not apply any techniques.

I'll place myself in danger.

d8 (1 piercing) damage. 2 - 1 armor (2 armor - 1 piercing) = 1 damage.

Soul-Siphoning: Your attack heals you for 1d4. Heal 1d8 instead if this attack kills your target. 3 HP returned.[/sblock]

Per Manbearcat
The constrictor takes your display of sword magic and keeps coming! It slithers toward you with tremendous speed, cutting the distance between you. Suddenly it opens its maw and spits a spray of burning acid in your and Rawr's direction!

Simultaneously, several handful-sized (to a giant) chunks of stone come raining down from the sky threatening your position and nearby! Obviously lobbed by the not-quite-felled giant from below, he yells up at you in your tongue. "WE AREN'T FINISHED!"

I'm either defending Rawr or he is eating some acid and rock to the face...which will definitely get his dander up.

I'll figure this one out tomorrow.


Alright. Back to it.

So I'm at the top of the crumbling stone stair with Rawr. This giant constrictor is darting toward me and he's just spit a glob of acid at Rawr and I. Korshek has just lobbed some mini-boulders in our general direction.

I know Rawr got into a pretty good tussle earlier today with raptors and is probably still feeling it. Also, if he gets into the fray, its going to go from duel to complete donnybrook. Hoping to avoid that.

I put myself between the glob of acid, the lobbed boulders and Rawr. I'll do my best to deflect them with my chain guantlets and my cloak.

[sblock]Defend (Con) Rawr
3, 3 +1 = 7

Hold 1.

Redirect an attack from the thing you defend to yourself.

d8 acid damage (no armor). 2 acid damage to me.[/sblock]

Per Manbearcat
The "snake's" acidic venom burns through your cloak, splashes against your armor and perhaps a stray dash on your neck. A trivial matter to a hardened warrior. The important part is that Rawr has been protected and his wrath still bottled.

The serpent wades into melee with you as the "boulder grenades" crash down here and there. Another great chunk of the stone is torn free where one crashes down. The impact of the second sends a fissure slithering up the staircase near your feet.

That isn't the "interesting" part. Its what's on the inside that counts. A swarm of yellow jackets emerge from the shattered rocks and immediately begin buzzing angrily toward you!

Rawr isn't stupid. He backs away with a sound of protest.

How would Thunderwave affect this swarm of bees? Its enough energy to knock a a man within ten feet flat on his back. I'd think it would be effective against the two swarms?

Per Manbearcat
Sure. Makes sense.

[sblock]Single target damage is -1d6 against them. We can give Thunderwave 1d4 environmental damage against them as an AoE.[/sblock]

You better engage them or do something about them though because they're coming for you!

My cloak flies wide as I spin, unleash a slashing flurry, counterspin and do the same over and over to anything still fighting back.

[sblock]Master's Bladework (Int)
3, 1 +3 = 7

Deal your damage, apply 2 techniques, and your opponent attacks you.

d8. 7 - 1 (2 armor - 1 piercing) = 6 damage. Snake defeated.

Soul-Siphoning: Your attack heals you for 1d4. Heal 1d8 instead if this attack kills your target. 7 HP returned.

Flowing: If your attack kills a target, you may immediately attack a new target as if you had gotten a 7-9 on the move you initially used.

d8. 6 -1d6 (5) = 1 damage to one of the two swarms.

Counterattack on me. 1d10 (6, no armor applies) +2 (two extra enemies) +2 (Moonfire) = 10 damage to me. Forceful.[/sblock]

Per Manbearcat
The snake's attempts to constrict your legs are futile due to your deft footwork. The endless droning of the swarms and your blade cutting the air is a stinging, slashing symphony.

Death by a thousand cuts, the serpent's form turns back to rune-carved wood and shatters into a countless splinters.

The yellow-jackets corral you toward the treacherous missing chunk of stair. Stinging clouds hang thick in the air around you. A boot slides backward for sound footing but finds nothing. You feel your weight shift violently backward!

I fall back, using the momentum to attempt to wall-run the angled bank of broken stone and flip back to the stone stair.

[sblock]Defy Danger (Dex)
4, 3 +3 = 10

Cast a Spell (Int) Thunderwave
3, 1 +3 = 7

* The spell is forgotten.

When you cast this spell, a powerful thunderclap emanates from your hands. It knocks over human-sized creatures or loose objects as far away as 10 feet (Reach).

1d4 thunder damage on each swarm.

The damaged one: 2. Dead.

The other one: 4. Dead.[/sblock]

Finishing the flip, I unload a boom of thunder on the swarms. My tiny enemies disappear as the spell disappears from my mind.

Per Manbearcat
Korshek appears at the bottom of the steps. Though battered, bloodied and bruised, the fey giant's regeneration has kicked back in, closing some of his wounds. A low growl and three hard steps takes him to the ranks of his huntsmen. He easily rips one of the spears from a pair of clenched hands.

The growl turns into a roar.

The three hard steps turn into a run up the broken stair.

Yeah, that's far enough. I'm pulling an Indiana Jones here.

[sblock]Cast a Spell (Int) Magic Missile on Korshek
6, 2 +3 = 11

Projectiles of pure magic spring from your fingers. Deal 2d4 damage to one target.

4 + 2 = 6 force damage to Korshek. Dead.[/sblock]

When the missile of force slams Korshek in the chest, the giant face-plants on the stone stair and shakes it for a moment. I look at the remaining hunters.

"Your Wild Hunt is over. Go home."

Per Manbearcat
The giants look up at you for a good long while. The cool night air is crisp and quiet, save for the sounds of crickets out in the brush somewhere.

They share looks with each other. Finally, one of the long, lithe hunters scales the steps. His hand goes to his weapon belt. A curved knife slides from sheath as he stalks upward, eyes on you. When he gets to the corpse of his fallen leader, he stoops, gouges out his last eye and stands. With the easy gesture of a giant, he tosses the eyeball to your feet.

"His power."

He beckons up some help. Together they lift their dead comrade onto their shoulders, carry him down the stair, and begin the long walk home.

As they turn to go, I pick up the eyeball and look at it. "What broken oath?"

Per Manbearcat
Over his shoulder, the same huntsmen replies. "The wedding vow to the Frost Prince. And the misery and death because of it."

The group walks off into the moonlit darkness, demoralized, their own vow unfulfilled.

I watch them go then walk back to camp with Rawr at my side.


As I watch the pack of hunters walk off into the distant night, a skeptical look settles over my face. I clamber down the wall. The children follow me to intercept Otthor and Rawr. When he draws near, if he even has an inkling of an inquisitive look on his face, I say "...I know many things, but no, I have no idea what you do with a Firbolg's eyeball."

More seriously then, I embrace my friend. "Well fought."

I pat Rawr on his side and give his big, furry head a tussle and a scratch behind an ear. "We've got a few hours yet before dawn. The four of you find rest. I'm taking Lucky and the wolf out to ensure that those hunters do not double back." I convey the same to Rawr in his tongue. I'm sure he is more than happy to get a few more winks in.

Lucky and I then trot to the broken stair. My wolf is padding up after finding a way to stealthily circle around our potential enemies. When we meet up, I speak in his lupine tongue. "Good job. But no rest. We will be on a boat all day tomorrow. You can rest then. For now, we are going to shadow those hunters and make sure they truly leave."

[sblock]Hunt and Track (Wis)
3, 5 +3 = 11

We follow the creature’s trail until there’s a significant change in its direction or mode of travel and choose 1:

* Gain a useful bit of information about your quarry, the GM will tell you what
* Determine what caused the trail to end[/sblock]

They're slow-moving and easy to follow. Also, you're not the only creature who has taken interest. The scent of blood has attracted another pack of raptors who are keeping their distance well away...but stalking ever so slowly They haven't noticed you and your skulking wolf.

Within about an hour of your trailing the hunters, they stop. You're a fair distance away to keep your presence unknown, but you can easily tell what they're doing. They begin to assemble a stretcher sled to drag their fallen leader rather than carrying him.

It doesn't appear that everyone agrees about something. Maybe some are having second thoughts about abandoning their quest to slaughter the oathbreaker they were after?

Whatever it is, hushed voices raise. Raised voices turn to shouts. Shouts turn to bloody confrontation.

It is quick, brutal, and decisive. Two are left standing at the end. A third appears to be on the ground, choking on his own blood, begging for help. He is quickly put out of his misery.

The remaining two each grab gear from the recently dead. They spit disrespectfully on the body of their fallen leader. Moon on their backs, the hoof it out of here.

The raptors wait until they're out of sight and then descend voraciously on the lifeless meat-sacks.

If you want to make a move and intervene in the course of this at some point, make your move and we can revisit events. Otherwise, describe the rest of it and we can move on.

Nothing eventful happens for the rest of the night. You guys can gain your half max HPs from Make Camp, each of you do End of Session, and Level Up if you have the xp (pretty sure you don't).

One of you can quickly describe the very short trek to the ferryman's home on The Fading River. Otthor, you know him. Surely he is ex-military and not one to be trifled with given he lives alone (does he?) out in the sticks. Name him, describe the reunion and the transaction. If you need anything from me, let me know.

Otherwise, you guys can have the chat on your boat you were wanting to (I'll play Sadia and Leonel insofar as they need to be involved). Once done, I'll reframe things for the morning of your final leg of the journey to Shinaelestra.

[sblock]Its going to cost you 54-Charisma coins (same as Escort for a day on monster-infested roads but with the Cha discount).

One of you guys make your Manage Provisions move for this second day. You won't need to Scout, Navigate, or Make Camp. The ferryman has that covered. So everyone should be at max HP for the upcoming third leg of the journey.

Go ahead and do Scout Ahead and Navigate for that third and final leg of your Perilous Journey.[/sblock]


Later I'll do the ferry conversation with my companions, all the End of Session stuff, Manage Provisions for the next day while on the ferry, and the Scout Ahead for the last leg of the Perilous Journey.

However, there is a bit that needs done here.

The remaining two each grab gear from the recently dead. They spit disrespectfully on the body of their fallen leader. Moon on their backs, the hoof it out of here.

The raptors wait until they're out of sight and then descend voraciously on the lifeless meat-sacks.

If you want to make a move and intervene in the course of this at some point, make your move and we can revisit events. Otherwise, describe the rest of it and we can move on.

This is profane. Consecration and burial is very important to my people. While their culture is much different than ours, certainly there is some sort of respectful practice to pay homage to the fire carried in life and send them to the afterlife once quenched. The fact that this is taking place by devotees of The Wild Hunt, "oath-enforcers", makes it all the worse. There are always rotten apples in any bunch, I suppose.

This also serves as a good test for my wolf. The final test actually. Is he stalwart enough to travel with us? Courageous enough? Useful enough?

You just said raptor pack. I'm hopeful that we aren't talking about anything nearing double digits. If it is, I'll just have to settle for my own quiet homage and head back to camp. I'm trying to discern:

* if there are any useful natural materials nearby, that are also easily harvestable, for setting snares.
* which is the pack alpha?
* any extra members of the pack keeping a low profile?

[sblock]Discern Realities (Wis)
3, 5 +3 (take +1 Lucky) = 12

3 questions and take +1 forward when acting on them.

* What here is useful or valuable to me?
* Who’s really in control here?
* What here is not what it appears to be?[/sblock]

Ultimately, I'm going to want to harvest natural materials, use Adventuring Gear and set snares between the pack and I. I'll let you tell me what is around, if anything, and give me a move for that. I need to be able to do it quickly, as the raptors are moving in to desecrate the bodies.

[sblock]Maybe it will be something as simple as Defy Danger (Int) for quick thinking? Take +2 for DR and spending 1 AG?

Defy Danger (Int)
1, 4 +1 (take +2) = 8

Success but a worse outcome, hard bargain, or ugly choice.[/sblock]

Finally, and this is the moment of truth, I'm going to command my wolf to put himself in danger. He needs to stalk in, get their attention, and then lure them into my snares while I pick them off with my bow. That is quite a bit of danger and he has proven himself a coward thus far.

[sblock]Order Followers (Loyalty)
3, 4 +1 = 8

They do it, but GM picks one from the list below.

* Decrease the follower’s Loyalty by 1.
* They complain loudly, now or later, and demand something in return.
* Caution, laziness, or fear makes them take a long time to get it done.[/sblock]
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1) The long red grass is thick and tangly. It would easily serve as good rope making material and should suffice for impromptu snares. Weaving it quickly in the field is trivially easy for a Range such as yourself and you have plenty of gear on hand to make the task even easier.

2) The alpha is obvious. A full head taller than the rest with a purple frill running down his neck. He moves in to the corpses first and the rest demurely follow.

3) 4 total in the pack including the alpha. None skulking out in the field. The other three basically serve as standing sentinels while the alpha has his fill.

[sblock]Defy Danger Int is good enough for our purposes here.[/sblock]

While quickly making the field snares isn't a problem, they're not giong to be as robust as you'd like. They won't serve to outright take down and immobilize the raptors, but will definitely serve to momentarily entangle them and slow them up.

Like most pack creatures, the dire wolf isn't as bold when its spirit and intestinal fortitude isn't bulwarked by several ferocious pack-mates. He does as you requested without hesitation, but he is overly cautious and particularly careful to not get caught in one of the snares (which would be disastrous as the creatures would set upon him and fillet him while vulnerable).

Nonetheless, he is clever and used to sneaky pack tactics like this. He understands your plan and works to put it into action.

[sblock]Organized tag[/sblock]

He slinks low, not particularly stealthy nor clumsy, and finally growls to reveal himself when he gets within, say, 60 feet (edge of Near range, while you're at triple that - Far range). The three sentinels immediately take note and begin making squawking sounds; tantamount to "intruder." The alpha, picking his way through the corpses, perks up. He scans the field briefly and, seeing no further signs of threat (and likely motivated by an impatient, ravenous appetite), gives the command to kill.

Off they go. One heads straight on, the other two move out wide to flank, blurs through the red grass.

Your wolf dashes forward, cuts left, right, then left again, leading them through the minefield of snares (while evading them himsel). Two of the three get entangled and struggle to stay upright.

The third is too quick and too canny. He doesn't get lured into the trap and takes a great leap onto the back of your dire wolf. The two of them go down in a rolling heap in the swaying red grass.

[sblock]You can take a Called Shot at something at the beginning of this, of course.

You'll then have time to get another move before your dire wolf and the raptor become ensnared in their death dance. If you make a move there to kill the raptor (such as Volley) and get a 7-9, the danger will be a counterattack on your wolf. These raptors are no joke (see prior fight). He is in grave peril.[/sblock]


My eyes briefly focus on the alpha, waiting for the moment he pops his head up. Predictably, it rises after he tears some flesh free. He flings it into the air and throws his head back to catch it. At full draw, I loose.

But not at him.

I wait until the last moment to see how well the trap is sprung. When the third raptor evades the snares and closes in on my wolf, my arrow flies free from my bow, homing in on the head of the creature.

[sblock]Called Shot (Dex)
5, 5 +3 (take +1 from DR) = 14


d8 damage and they do nothing but stand and drool for a few moments. 4 -1 armor = 3 damage.[/sblock]

Per Manbearcat
The shot hammers the raptor behind an ear, disorienting him. Splintering violently, the arrow doesn't go in deep, but the shrapnel does its part. The creature's momentum partially stolen, it stumbles for a moment, right before the leaping kill.

[sblock]You can outright deal damage to the stunned raptor if you'd like, but you can't use Blot Out the Sun because no Volley move.[/sblock]

Another arrow from my quiver. Another deep draw. Another one finds its mark though much worse than the first.

[sblock]d8 damage on the raptor pursuing my wolf. 7 - 1 armor = 6. Dead.[/sblock]

Per Manbearcat
The second arrow strikes the first one and splits the shaft in two. This one, however, doesn't merely hit bone and splinter. This one hammers through the skull, tearing brain as it does. The creature's head jerks spasmodically. It falls to the ground in its violent rush, sliding into the back hip of your wolf, forcing it to sprawl to keep its feet (rather than jumping atop of it and going in for the kill).

You had to wait long enough for that first shot that the other two raptors caught up in the snare traps have worked their way free. They are in a dead sprint for you. Suddenly, their image shimmers and they blend in with the red long grass.

[sblock]Take -1 to Volley. If you do and get a 7-9, it is going to be danger and you're taking counterattack damage from the two of them.[/sblock]

Meanwhile, the alpha continues his meal.

Two arrows emerge from my quiver, one between each knuckle. I set them to string and pull, knowing how desperate the moment is. I exhale and loose.

[sblock]Volley (Dex)

Using Blot Out the Sun and spending 1 Ammo to get both raptors.

3, 2 +3 (take -1) = 7

d8 damage on all (and best of that or d6 on the one fighting my wolf) and danger. 3 -1 armor = 2 damage on both of them.

Counterattack on me. b[2d8 +1 for the second raptor]. 6, 2 = 6 +1 - 3 armor = 4 damage to me.[/sblock]

Per Manbearcat
Your arrow takes the shimmering reptilian torsos in the chest as they leap at you, hind-leg claws leading. Lucky, your armor, and your agility protects you from the worst of it. Now fully engaged (Close), the creatures circle you, feinting with their toothy maws, trying to get you to commit one way or the other. Lucky is plastered to your leg, barking wildly at one of the circling raptors.

[sblock]To get out your sidearms, you're going to need to defy some danger.[/sblock]

Your wolf circles back in an arc but hesitates to engage the melee.

The pack alpha takes note of the pressing situation and eschews his meal. His image shimmers and he sprints through the long grass toward you.

I growl in the lupine tongue of my wolf. "Get in the fight!"

I shoulder my bow and draw my elven short sword, dancing out of the circling predators' gambit to buy myself some time.

[sblock]Order Followers (Loyalty)
4, 6 +2 = 12

Defy Danger (Dex)
3, 5 +3 = 11

Hack and Slash (Dex)
2, 1 +3 (take +1 to H&S for wolf) = 7

b[d8 or d6 - wolf) damage on one of the raptors . 5, 2 -1 armor = 4 damage. One raptor is dead.

Counterattack on me. b[2d8 +1 for the second raptor]. 3, 7 = 7 +1 - 3 armor = 5 damage to me.[/sblock]

Per Manbearcat
Your wolf obeys your command immediately and throws itself into the fray with a snarl.

You stow your bow, defending a few nasty snaps of toothy mouths with it as you do. You're able to protect one of your flanks enough to get an advantage on one of the creatures. That advantage turns into a short sword through the bottom of the jaw, up into the brain pan. The other rends at your neck, tearing fabric and clanging off chainmail.

Too close.

Its just you and the other raptor but the alpha's speed will put it upon you momentarily. Its jaws are covered in gore. As it emerges from the long grass, you can easily see its extraordinarily developed hind-leg claws...far, far nastier than the others. Given his size, if he leaps on you, you're going to the ground...and If he catches you with that nasty claw, you're in trouble.

[sblock]Forceful, Messy tags[/sblock]

With no time to spare, I do my best to defend myself with my sword as I reach into my pack with my off-hand, graspingCovenant of Winter. I pull it free and invoke the elemental forces of winter, hoping they heed my call. My eyes turn chalky white as winds whip violently around us.

[sblock]Defend (Con) myself
3, 5 +1 = 9

Hold 1

Halve the attack's effect of damage.

b[2d8] damage to me. 3, 1 = 3/2 = 2 damage - 3 armor = 0 damage to me.

Covenant of Winter (Con)
6, 3 +1 = 10

Rend with ice and sleet.

d10 cold damage (no armor) on the charging alpha raptor. 6 cold damage.[/sblock]

Lucky snarls away two poor attempts by the raptor as my bladework deflects and parries a few more. My hair and cloak billow behind me in the wintry winds. I raise the Winter Fey artifact. From its frozen tip comes an arctic ray. Shards of unforgiving ice flay the flesh from the chest of the charging alpha raptor.

Per Manbearcat
That's quite enough. The two predators know when they are bested. Injured, nearly gravely so, the alpha calls out the high trilling sound of withdraw. The other raptor, very aware of its impossible prospects of victory and a meal, is all too eager to fall in line.

They beat a hasty retreat far into the deep red grasses (should you let them).

I do. The dire wolf and Lucky both draw near me. We watch them leave.

I stroke the dire wolf's fur and scratch behind its ears. The first sign of affection I have given it. "You did well. There is a place for you amongst us. We will call you Edge, for that is where you seem to like to spend most battles." I smile at that.

[sblock]Cost: Affection: kind words and deeds, quality time and attention.[/sblock]

We pull the bodies out, build a modest pyre, though big enough that each of the fey giant hunters can respectfully rest upon it. I commit their bodies and the spirits that once lied within them to the Three Fates the Wild Hunt venerates; The Maiden, The Mother, and The Crone. I request they be taken up to hunt forevemore in the afterlife. We set them alight and go back to camp.

I'll do my End of Session and all the Manage Provisions, etc moves later. I'll do a separate post with the things we need to talk about while on the ferry.
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No getting back to sleep and I've had more than a few hours of uninterrupted rest. While Saerie is gone, I unload my bag of books from my pack and research "Eye of Moon Seer".

[sblock]Spout Lore (Int)

Spending 1 use of Bag of Books
4, 4 +3 (take +1) = 12

The GM will tell you something interesting and useful about the subject relevant to your situation.[/sblock]

Per Manbearcat
The tradition of the Wild Hunt originated long ago among the firbolgs. They seek to punish oathbringers and receive sponsorship in their hunts from the three fates they venerate; The Maiden of the Moon (The Maiden), Melora (The Mother), and the Raven Queen (The Crone).

But a hunt is bound by the primal law of survival of the fittest. The hunter can easily become the hunted. The predator the prey. The Maiden, The Mother, and The Crone appreicate this turn of fate as it ensures that the hunters they sanction are the mightiest and the canniest. Those powerful few becomer Moon Seers, their blessing of sight beyond sight gifted into their very eyes. Defeating them and consuming the eye transfers the power to the conquerer.

[sblock]When you consume the eye of a Moon Seer on a Wild Hunt, the Three Fates will bless you with sight beyond sight. Forevermore, speak the name of your prey and one of the Three Fates appears before you, gestures toward the direction of your quarry, then disappears. When you find your quarry, roll +Wis. On a 10+, hold 2. On a 7-9 hold 1. On a 6-, the fates do not sanction your hunt and are offended by your invocation.

* Your sight pierces your quarry's illusions.
* You can teleport (Near) next to your quarry.
* Your attacks shackle your quarry from dimensional travel.
* You gain insight into a past event your quarry would rather keep secret.[/sblock]

I place the eye on a flat stone and Prepare Spells.

[sblock]5 levels of spells.


When Saerie returns, I'll take in her tale of what transpired on her hunt. Once done, I'll go over to the dire wolf and show it respect for the first time. "Edge, then?" The creature is chest to face with me when it sits. I thump and scratch its muscled side the same way that Saerie often does to Rawr. "Well done."

I pick up the stone and walk over to Saerie. I relay the ritual I uncovered in my studies.

"I am no hunter. And while I've bled a thousand creatures and nearly swam in their entrails, the idea of eating a giant's eye makes me squeemish to say the least. And Three Fates that I have no reason to trust enchanting my own eye with their magic?"

Holding the eye-bearing stone out before her, " I guess what I'm saying is, enjoy your meal my friend!"

I'll do my part of the ferry vignette, my End of Session, and Perilous Journey stuff over the weekend some time.

I'm at 10 xp after End of Session; alignment fulfilled, 3 bonds resolved, all 3 questions. So not near level up.

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