Spelljammer The Forgotten Realms eats Spelljammer before it even finishes digesting Radiant Citadel!


Got it. Nothing counts as setting material if you can change it. So, nothing counts as setting material.
Stuff you can change on the fly? Pretty much. A Sharn Adventure tied into the Draconic Prophecy, the Lord of Blades and the Halfling mafia would be harder for me to easily Greyhawkify on the spot while tipsy...which is why we do see that.

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WotC "Views on Canon" - 2022

But, remember here, in context, this is absolutely not what WotC is doing. They are giving you a full on Forgotten Realms adventure, complete with setting lore (and some of it some very deep lore indeed) and virtually every adventure is presumed to occur in Forgotten Realms as the baseline. Can you pull it out into another setting? Sure, but, that's not what WotC is doing.

Watching the birth of a Forgotten Realms god isn't setting specific enough to count? Good grief.


They are just suggestions, use 'em or lose 'em. They don't "matter" anymore than the amount of garlic suggested in a cookbook.
Now you done it son, you're talking chemistry and that's science. The amount of garlic is precise and then you double it because you won't taste that garlic unless you do and garlic is dang delicious.

No seriously, it's chemistry, you should follow the recipe until you understand the chemistry otherwise you are going to mess that recipe up and you're family is going to be eating Hamberders and covfefe fries. Ya know, garbage.


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