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Some of you may have wondered why I've been gone for the last few weeks. I've actually been working on a private project of mine, and it looks like it was all in good time.

I've been working on slowly converting the LEW rules to OD&D. It's actually been going fairly well, but it's far from ready. With the recent board change, we'll need to ramp this effort up quickly if we wish to keep LEW here and thriving. Give me a day or two to gather my notes and post them, but I'll put them up as quickly as I can.

In case you need a preview:

Character Generation:
Players will use a dice roller like Invisiblecastle to roll 3d6 in order (Strength, Intelligence, Wisdom, Constitution, Dexterity, Charisma) after getting a name account approved by a judge. There will be no re-rolls. Hit Points will be rolled at first level, and rolled for each level after that.

Edit: I've just been informed of an impending purge of all non OD&D stuff, so we need to get moving on this before that time comes. I'll have an exact date for you soon.
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Bront said:
You didn't roll them in the correct order. That's actualy a Wisdom of 5 and con of 8.
Oops, I didn't edit the order that Invisible Castle gave me. That's slightly better for me!


Kenku17 said:
I forgot to ask...where would be a good place to get OD&D resources?
Speaking of which, now that we're using a non-SRD system, how are we going to refer to rul--oh, nevermind.

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