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:: Duncan & Company ::

Eager to see progress made, the troupe follows along after the party.Staying alert to their surroundings. Once they reach the boat they try and stay out of the way.

Duncan: "Once you reach the other side, best to come back for us. It will be a tight squeeze to get everyone in one trip, and with all of these armored warriors it would be a disaster if the boat were to destabilize. Safer to take two trips."

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Aust Thale

Before Respen answers Dewydd, he steps along the deck of the pier in front of the boat. Moving toward the edge, he attempts to find the creature he believes is under the liquid (acid?).
He draws his staff into his hand and transforms it to his longbow, notching one of his regular wooden arrows. He launches it for distance toward the open end of the tunnel. His intent isn’t to strike anything, but to see if a) will the arrow actually fly (given Dewydd’s issues flying)? and b) what happens when it lands? Both to the arrow and where the creature goes. Regardless, he defers to Vale to go on the boat if room exists for a spell-caster. Given the size of the room, Respen will overwatch.

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Respen nocks an arrow, and fires it downrange. The arrow flies straight and true, striking the stone wall at the end, and bouncing off it, landing in the acidic goo, as expected. The arrow immediately begins to hiss and smoke, as the acid immediately begins to dissolve it.

Vale boards the boat, taking his place as the boat's fifth passenger. Tam follows behind, bringing the count to 6. Respen stays on the dock area to provide overwatch. No one offers to relieve Dewydd of his position as Scrollmaster; Dewydd resigns himself to the task, determined not to waste any more time.

Delayed Action (Dewydd): Wait until 6th passenger has boarded, then begin reading the scroll.

As Dewydd begins to read, the ship rights itself, rising slightly (a few inches) as it begins to move SLOWLY forward. In the ship's wake, acidic vapors are created, as the still "waters" are disturbed.

All party members, both on the ship and on the dock, need to make a Fort Save, DC 13, or else suffer the temporary loss of 1 CON point. Roll your saves on Rolz as per usual, and post the results of your rolls in LINE chat.

Buffs from Khubsheth:

Affecting: Dewydd, Sylvar, Respen, Vale, Kleborn, and Thallok:

+5 bonus to all saves for duration of adventure.

The second round has ended. Please roll initiative for round 3, and post the results in LINE chat. Also, please state INTENTIONS for round 3; those that did not board the ship have now lost the opportunity to do so, unless they can succeed at a running long jump, for a distance of 15 feet. (It is 10 feet to the trailing edge of the boat, but it is 15 feet if you want to land on the deck.)
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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth

Vs. DC 13 Fort Save:

Tam: 19 (Saved)
Kleborn: 28 (Saved)
Thallok: 35 (Saved)
Respen: 1 (Failed) -13 To Max Hit Points (Temporary)
Dewydd: 28 (Saved)
Travis: 41 (Saved)
Lenny: 29 (Saved)
Ebony: Necklace (Immune)
Duncan: Necklace (Immune)
Sylvar: 14 (Saved)
Vale: 36 (Saved)

Dewydd: 22
Respen: 21
Tam: 20a
Vale: 20b
Kleborn: 16a
Thallok: 16b
Sylvar: 9a
Duncan: 9b
Ebony: 9c
Lenny: 9d
Travis: 9e


D = Duncan
E = Ebony
L = Lenny
T = Travis
R = Respen
W = Dewydd
M = Tam
Th = Thallok
K = Kleborn
S = Sylvar
V = Vale

The numbers represent rounds; during this round, if Dewydd manages to keep reading, the boat will move 10 ft. forward; it will take 9 rounds until the boat bonks into the wall.

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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
As the boat began to move near the end of the second round, the party noticed a swelling and bubbling of the goo, just south of the boat's position. SOMETHING is rising out of the goo! It looks vaguely like some sort of giant snake, although until the goo has had a chance to drip off of it, you won't be able to see it clearly. The "viper" is massive, being 10 feet wide, and 20 feet long. It DEFINITELY looks big enough to capsize the boat!


DEWYDD: You're up first! You can see the form of this thing, rising up out of the goo, in the position indicated on the map. What do you do?


Dewydd Moresby

Eyes widening, I struggle to muster control of myself while thinking, Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?! Rather than stop reading, I double down on my focus and continue to read at a steady pace - working to ensure I don't stumble on any words in my haste to get away from the creature that enjoys acid baths.

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
As Dewydd continues to read, he realizes that the scroll is about the history of the Sphinx Empire. Dewydd focuses all of his attention, and succeeds in reading the scroll flawlessly! The boat moves forward another 10 feet, but because the viper is flat-footed, the giant serpent cannot capitalize on the attack of opportunity!

RESPEN: It's your turn! What do you?
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Aust Thale

Upon seeing the bubbling and the creature rising, he motions for the twins, Ebony, and Duncan to stay back, whispering an evocation launching an electrical discharge from his right finger toward the creature. He has no intention of fully dispatching the creature at the moment. He is attempting to distract it away from the boat.

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Respen's ranged touch attack: (23) hit.
Target is immune to electricity.

A small, bolt of lightning springs from Respen's fingertip, striking the viper squarely. A small area (about 3' in diameter) of the goo is blasted away, revelaing that this "serpent" is composed of black, iron plates... a construct! The electrical charge does not seem to concern the viper in the least.

Tam decides to try his hand with magical arrows, since it's the only real method of attack available to him.
DURATIONS: (Original duration) [Current count against duration, in rounds]
Fly: Less than 12 mins (117 rounds) [-33]
Armor: 24 hours (14,400 rounds) [-33]
Shield: Less than 24 minutes (237 rounds) [-33]
Alter Self: Less than 120 minutes (1197 rounds) [-33]
Dragonskin: Less than 120 minutes (1197 rounds) [-33]
Prot. vs. Evil: Less than 24 minutes (237 rounds) [-33]
Blur: Less than 12 mins (117 rounds) [-33]
Buffs from the axe, affecting whole party:
+2 to saves vs. Fear

Buffs from Khubsheth:
(Affecting: Dewydd, Sylvar, Respen, Vale, Kleborn, and Thallok):

Geas for the duration of the adventure.

+5 bonus to all saves for the duration of the adventure.

The Company Are Still Maintaining The Following Auras: (Circumstance Bonuses)

Within 60 Feet of Ebony/Duncan:

+1 Attack
+1 AC
+4 Fort Saves
+3 Reflex Saves
+2 Will Saves

Within 10 Feet Of Duncan: (Morale Bonus)

+4 Saves vs Fear
Base Attack Rolls Before Buffs (2 Arrows): (27,20)
With Buffs: 28, 21
Viper Flat-Footed AC: 25
RESULT: 1 Hit, 1 Miss
Damage: 1d4+1 (+1d4 Holy); (5,3) = 8 pts. total.
Non-Evil; Holy damage does not apply. 5 pts. dam.
Minus 15 pts. DR = -10 (0 Damage.)

Tam shoots two arrows at the big, mechanical viper; the first arrow skips off its plated hide, ricocheting into the goo. The second arrow strikes the viper more squarely, and shatters upon impact! The viper does not even seem to notice the Halfling's attack!

VALE: It's your turn! What do you do?
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Aust Thale

Vale, something nagging his brain since entering the room, looks at the threat emerging from the water, and back up toward the sun-like orb above them. Something Val the Axe conveyed. The room is a trap. A wise man would avoid the trap. And help others avoid the trap.

He snaps to, quickly summoning a spell from within him, calling on the Dwarven pantheon, hopeful that they are aware of this predicament.

Moving his hands to direct the spell, he summons an abjuration and casts it toward the sun-like orb, thinking to himself in classic dwarven fashion, "I hope that this works."

He directs Dispel Magic at the Orb.

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Val snorts, "Aye, laddy, that's the ticket. If you can dispel the orb, it will be vulnerable to attack. I sense that it's a permanent magic item. Dispelling it will suppress its powers for a short time, perhaps only a few seconds. When (if) it goes inert, I recommend striking it immediately. Also, I've a hunch that if we can destroy the globe before it activates, whatever's inside it will be destroyed as well."

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
DC For Dispel Check: 18
Vale's Roll: 1d20+10: (29) = Success (Suppressed for 2 rounds, i.e., this round [round 3] and next round [round 4] and coming back into function on Vale's initiative count in round 5.)

Vale's spell causes the globe to flicker wildly, then go dark. The entire room is cast into utter darkness! However, Dewydd's cloak provides illumination, as does the glow of Vale's sentient axe.

Val lights up, adding much-needed illumination to the room: "You did it! Now one of you pigeons needs to shoot it or throw something at it! HURRY!"

KLEBORN: It's your turn! What do you do? There is a lot less light now, but you can still see well enough to fight.


Kleborn, realizing his best course of action is to take out the orb, pulls out his bow and some arrows. He knocks an arrow and takes aim, hoping that each arrow is true.

First attack = 26
second attack = 19
Third attack = 20

Damage if hits
first attack = 11
Second attack = 11
Third attack = 11

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Kleborn drops his sword and shield. (Free Action)
Kleborn draws his bow (As part of a move action)
Kleborn does not actually take any movement. (Full Attacks Available)
Firing from unstable location (moving boat): -2
All three attacks hit, regardless.
Hardness: 5
Damage: 6,6,6 = 18 pts.

Kleborn hits the globe with three of his arrows; the first two skip off, despite striking it squarely. But the third arrow cracks the globe as it careens off. One or two more solid strikes like that will probably shatter it.

THALLOK: It's your turn! What do you do?
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Thallok also drops Mirios and pulls out his Elven Strongbow. "I really want a piece of that snake, but first the orb." He draws the arrows and lets them fly.

First attack = 18-2=16
Second Attack = 10, natural 1, missed it.
Third Attack = 7-2=5

First attack damage 7-5=2
Third attack damage 7-5=2

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Thallok curses as he realizes an important truth: the draw weight on the Elven bow he carries is too light. It occurs to him that if he makes it out of this underground death trap alive, that he should find a master bowyer, and have a bow made whose draw weight can accommodate his massive strength.

Nevertheless, both arrows from Thallok's bow cause the cracks on the globe to spread! One more good hit might do the trick!

Globe has suffered 22 pts. damage so far.

Just at that moment, the viper rises out of the acidic goo, and as the liquid drips off of his body, you see that this viper is made entirely of black, iron plates, tightly inter-woven like scales. Its eyes are two glowing, red gems, massive rubies to be exact, each the size of a man's head!! When Tam sees this, his fear leaves him for a moment, replaced by the look of a Halfling who is now intent upon salvage operations!

The viper hisses as it peers down at the deck of the boat; without making any further sound, it opens its mouth, spewing a cloud of poisonous vapor in a large, 30' cone, which more than covers the entire deck of the ship.

EVERYONE ON THE BOAT: Dewydd, Tam, Sylvar, Vale, Kleborn, and Thallok: Roll a FORT save, DC 18, to avoid the effects of the poison.

Rolling for Tam: (18) = Saved
Thallok: You are immune to all forms of poison. No need to roll.

Sylvar B.

Noticing the cracks in the globe, and also noticing the glowing "eyes" Sylvar decides to shoot the globe until it breaks, then fire on the rubies in the snakes head."

OOC: attack rolls: 35,25,20. Damage rolls:7,8,7

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
FYI: Distances from boat: Globe = 25 ft. away; Viper = 15 ft. away.
Thanks to the new changes I made to Point Blank Shot, I need to go back and retroactively add +1 damage to each of Kleborn's arrows. That means that Kleborn actually inflicted 21 pts. instead of 18. I need to add that for Thallok as well, thus he inlicted 6 damage instead of 4. THE GLOBE HAS BEEN DESTROYED.

Thallok's last arrow shatters the globe into a million pieces! There is an INTENSE flash of light, and a loud boom, as the magic of the globe is destroyed!

Sylvar takes aim at the serpent's ruby eyes, despite the difficulty involved in hitting them.

Adjusted Attack Bonus for PB Range: 22/17/12
On a moving boat: -2
Called shot to the eyes: -14 (You didn't specify, so we'll assume right eye)
Total Penalty: -16; Trying to hit AC 26.
37-16 = 21 (Miss)
27-16 = 11 (Miss)
22-16 = 6 (Miss)

Perhaps because he was inspired by the globe's destruction, or perhaps even by Tam's attraction to the gemstones, Sylvar decides to shoot the viper's ruby eyes, starting with the right one. However, he soon finds that the motion of the boat, combined with how well the viper can twist and move, prevent him from having a good shot. His first shot is almost on the mark (missing by only 5 points!) but the other two miss badly. Sylvar instantly regrets the decision, seeing as how he could have easily hit the main body, had he been inclined to do so.

DUNCAN AND CO: It's now your turn! What do you do? P.S. I hope this teaches you guys a lesson about called shots; you aren't yet at the level where you can pull stuff like that off, unless you get VERY lucky.



When the globe shatters, the four some looks on in amazement.

Ebony: "What in the heavens?"
Lenny: "No idea lass!"

Duncan: Looks on at the struggle on the ship, knowing their way out of position to help. "Prepare for volley fire."

All: "Yes Sir!"

Duncan and Ebony swap their sword and shields for their bows. The twins for their crossbows.
"Aim for the snake! Try not to hit a friendly. On my command.......... "
The four take aim preparing to release their missiles.

( OOC Not enough actions left to shoot after swapping weapons. :) )


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