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Aust Thale

Turning toward the serpent, Vale shouts a dwarvish prayer at the serpent, and an ink-like crackling energy rushes from his fingers, enveloping the snout of the serpent.
Casts Inhibit (Delays action of target 1 round; Spell Compendium)

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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Vale, your mind-affecting spell has absolutely no effect on this mindless construct.

KLEBORN: It's your turn! The Viper's head is still within melee distance (no movement required) until its next turn! If you like, you can get a full-round attack action on it! And by the way, you notice that Dewydd is trying to hand you his club... his MAGICAL, ADAMANTINE club... you know, the one that can blow through this thing's damage reduction?


Kleborn sees Thallok land a pretty good hit, yet notices that that hit should have done more damage. He looks at his sword and figures it might not be the best tool for the job. He looks over at Dewydd trying to hand him his club and thinks that might just do the trick. He drops his sword and shield, and says "Thank you sir, let's see what this can do." He then strikes him with all the power he can muster. After his attacks he drops the club and says to Thallok, "Hey Red, you might want to use this as well."

Kleborn will call 5 points of power attack. He drops his sword and shield, grabs the club, attacks three times, and then drops the club.
First attack: 18 (Grr)
Second Attack: 31 (possible crit yay - 22 for confirmation - failed grr)
Third Attack: 10 (Gr)

Damage from second attack: 24 points

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Free Action: Drop Sword
Free Action: Drop Shield
Part of Move Action (1-square adjustment): Receive Club
Free Action: Drop Club

Very good tactic! Thallok can now pick up the club as part of his move action (1 square) and get a full round of attacks as well.

Kleborn foregoes technique, seeing that this behemoth will only fall to raw power; he swings mightily three separate times, and while only one blow connects, it is a powerful blow, causing the construct significant structural damage!

The Viper has now taken a total of 60 pts. of damage!
The Viper is moderately damaged!

The Viper rears its head once more, turning its attention to the ship! It does not seem to be worried about the damage it has suffered; now that the boat has reached the wall, the Viper seems intent upon capsizing it!

THE VIPER acts next! I need to read up on the process of capsizing, to make sure I do this right. Post is coming soon!

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth

1. Viper moves into ship's square; this provokes AoO from anyone on the ship.
2. Thallok DOES NOT have time to switch weapons for the AoO; his AoO must be made with Mirios.
3. However, that's ok, because Kleborn will get an AoO with the club anyway.
4. Dewydd does not get an AoO; he is continuously reading, which keeps the boat high in the water, and is the reason that the boat's check is (+12) instead of only a (+4).
5. The Viper makes a Bull Rush attempt; its total modifier is (+25), vs. the boat's total modifier of (+12); The Viper must succeed in this opposed roll by 15 points or more in order to capsize the ship; it gets 1 attempt per round.

OK: Thallok and Kleborn are the only 2 characters who really have a chance to damage The Viper; make your Attacks of Opportunity, using the Power Attack options and maneuvers you made last time (they are still in effect until your next turn) Let's hope you can put this thing down before it dumps all of you into the acid!

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Misguided? (25%): 96,71 = No.
Thallok's adjusted damage: (42-15) = 27
Kleborn's damage: 22
Total Damage From AoOs: (27+22) = 49 pts.
The Viper has taken a total of 109 pts. of damage.
The Viper is SEVERELY damaged!

Kleborn is about to drop the club so that Thallok can pick it up, until he notices the Viper getting extremely close! It gets so close as to warrant another swing, so Kleborn holds fast, and whacks it HARD with the club, hard enough to knock off two more of its iron plates!

Thallok joins in on the fun as well, cutting a huge swath through the plates with his powerful blade!

The Viper looks to be on the edge of failing, but it still retains enough functionality to make a capsize attempt!

Viper's roll: 34;
Ship's roll: 27.
The Viper beat the ship by 7 points. But 15 pts. are required to capsize it.

The ship proves too seaworthy for the weakened construct to capsize, at least for the time being; the great machine rocks the boat hard, making everyone have to brace themselves against the mast or the railing, in order to avoid losing their balance!

GM: No balance check required; only if the difference is between 10 and 14.

Seeing Thallok beginning to shift his heels, as he prepares to attack, Kleborn decides that NOW is the time to drop the club, so that the big Orc can make proper use of it!

GM: Free Action: Kleborn drops the Greatclub.

THALLOK: It's your turn! You can drop Mirios as a free action, and pick up the Greatclub as part of your one-square adjustment. Go ahead and make your full round of attacks!
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Thallok breathes a sigh of relief after the boat stayed up right. He sees that the serpent is not doing too well, and now is the time to finish him. Or bring him down and allow Kleborn to finish. However, he knows they need to kill him before the serpent is successful in flipping the boat.

He looks at Kleborn and says "Ok wolfman, lets finish this thing." He then drops Mirios, and picks up the club. He looks at the snake and lets out a loud battle cry.

Thallok will call 5 points of power attack, and uses Mountain hammer manuever which deals an extra 2d6 damage and overcomes DR. After his attack he drops the club.

attack 1: 18
attack 2: 25
attack 3: 7
All missed
Sorry guys
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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
The Viper used a Bull Rush maneuver to attempt to capsize the boat; but instead of pushing it backwards, it was trying to lift it up and over. It failed to do this, therefore, it remains in the same square as the boat.

When squeezing through a small, confined space, the rules say that you have a -4 to attack rolls, and to your AC. (DMG, pp. 29, "Squeezing Through.") That modifier applies here, since The Viper's maneuverability is impeded. Therefore, The Viper's AC is 22 until its next turn.

Thus, the 25 hits. Go ahead and roll damage.

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Rolling on behalf of Thallok, who had to go AFK.

Damage: 1d10+20+2d6 = 9+20+8 = 37 pts.
The Viper has taken a total of 146 pts. of damage.
The Viper has been destroyed!!
Eyes: (1-4 = Acid, 5-8 = deck): (3,4) = both acid.

Thallok sees the Greatclub clatter to the deck; he slips his foot under it, kicking it upward in a "kip-up" maneuver, so that he can snatch it out of mid-air! The first blow he lands against The Viper is a glancing one, but Thallok quickly recovers, and his second blow lands squarely on top of the construct's head!

The blow is so massive, that it shatters the construct's head, sending metal plates, gears, and rivets flying in every direction! The gems which form the creature's eyes both (unfortunately) drop into the acid, where they immediately sink beneath the goo.

The last wave from Vale's spell rocks the boat once more, but this time, it causes only 3 points of hull damage. The spell dies out, and the "waters" become still, leaving the boat rocking in place, provided that Dewydd keeps reading the scroll.

Dewydd, you suspect that if you cease reading, the boat will begin to sink, and possibly submerge. The momentum caused by the scroll will keep the boat pressed against the wall, but will not damage it the way Vale's spell did. You surmise that once the task (whatever it is) has been completed, that one of the other party members can simply turn the rudder, and guid the boat back to the dock.

COMBAT HAS ENDED! Everyone: What do you do?


Thallok lays Dewydd's club next to him, and says "Thank you for the loan, I like this club." He then picks up Mirios and says, "But not as much as Mirios."

Kleborn picks up his sword and shield, and watches Tam climb up the wall. A strange melody begins to play in his head.

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Tam drives a few climbing pitons into the stone wall, as a precaution.

Tam explains, "I'm not sure when the potion's effects might suddenly end. I don't want to be caught unprepared."

After securing himself, Tam begins to examine the wall carefully.

GM: Rolls / results coming soon.

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Tam can tell something is odd about the wall...
Search roll: DC 15: (16) = Success!
Tam finds a discolored brick!
Open locks roll: DC 30: (35) = Success!
Tam finds a hidden lever and triggers it.
Tam's Wisdom Check: DC 15: (17) = Success!
Tam's search roll for the deck of the ship: DC 25: (32) = Success!

Tam can tell that something is odd about the wall just from looking at it. After several moments (1 round) of staring at it, he figures out the oddity: one of the bricks is slightly discolored when compared to the others...

After another few moments (1 round) of looking at the brick and the wall edges, Tam finds a hidden lever in the top left corner of the wall section. When he activates the lever, the brick slides forward, revealing a locked box, with an odd, star-shaped keyhole in the top of it. Tam ponders this for a few moments (1 round) and then steps over onto the boat and begins looking at the fragments of rivets and gears that scattered across the deck when Thallok destroyed the Viper; after a few more moments (1 round) of searching, he finds a bolt that has that exact pattern in it!

Tam places the bolt head into the lock and turns it. The box opens, revealing a gold key, inlaid with pearls and rubies; it is the Lesser Key, Anshek! As soon as Tam picks it up, the scroll that Dewydd is reading vanishes, and the boat now stays afloat by the power of the key alone; Tam suggests that perhaps it is time to head back over to the dock, rejoin the rest of the party, and try one of the other doors in the previous room...?


Tam tucks the key into a belt pouch.
This adventure, despite its initial horror, was becoming quite interesting, and though obviously quite dangerous, even fun.


:: Duncan & Company ::

Waiting at the dock near the quay.

Ebony pulls Duncan aside out of ear shot of the twins.

Ebony: "Look I know I pushed hard for us to come along on this mission but honestly....."
Duncan: "I know, we're not really any help to the team down here. Still leaving would be a .. ( He glaces towards the twins who are watching the others row back. ) ... complicated."
Duncan: "You've seen their behavior, I don't think they're in their right minds."
Ebony: "True but is that really our...."
Duncan: Cuts her off. "They wouldn't be down here if not for us. We'll need to see them through this place. You know the nature of the effect. Breaking it is beyond either of our capabilities. Best to simply see them through it."
Ebony: "I dont like having my hand forced."
Duncan: "Grimaces and gives her a side eye for the irony of her statement."
Ebony: "What....."
Duncan: "Nothing, here omes the others we'll see what they found."

Duncan: Now addressing the others as they return: "Friends tell me we're closer to leaving this place."


Dewydd Moresby

I wave my hand to signal I heard Duncan, give a thumbs up, and then roll my hand forward in a 'let's keep moving' signal to those on the boat. Continuing to read the magical text, I touch my club and it vanishes.

As the scroll disappears, I shimmy back to the rudder and steer us toward the docks, all too happy to quickly clamber off of the death trap.

Aust Thale

Responding to Duncan, "Patience Duncan. Moments, minutes, or months. Get the keys. Kill the Queen. Collect the reward. Thank you for remaining here. I know you want to leave. I do as well. I've had enough of sand, traps, and riddles. "

Respen waits for the rest of the team to return to the pier. He then makes his way back to the corridor for the long walk back to the central chamber. Surely there is another, shorter way.

Aust Thale


Searching for a way to move the boat back to the pier, he looks around the boat for oars before he snaps to and realizes the fruitlessness of that idea. The liquid is acid. Oars will be disintegrated before getting a quarter of the way back. He sees the scroll disappear from in front of Dewydd. "How in the bloody blue blazes are we going to get back to the pier?"

He thinks hard, and turns to Tam, "Tam, can you see whether the trinket you have will help us get back.
Axe, do you have any means of getting us back?

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Vale said:
"...Axe, do you have any means of getting us back?"

Val says, "The Halfling holds the key, pardon the pun."

Dewydd said:
"...Continuing to read the magical text, I touch my club and it vanishes."

Not having paid attention, Dewydd is surprised to see that the scroll is no longer there, and that the boat seems to be staying afloat without it. Tam fishes the triangle-shaped key out of his belt pouch and holds it up.

Tam says, "I think the key is what is now keeping the boat going. And I also have another theory to test..."

Tam points the key toward the dock, and the boat begins to turn of its own accord, and move steadily toward the pier. When it reaches the pier, Tam simply pockets the key again, and the boat stops moving. Everyone disembarks, Dewydd being the first, in his exuberance to be free of this test.

The entire party gathers again, checking their gear and weapons briefly, before proceeding back down the long hallway, into the center "testing chamber," where
three more doors wait to be opened, and three more tests wait to be taken.


Tam points out, "Looks like this key will fit in the center pyramid. I'll bet the other keys will be similar as well. Wow, someone went through a lot of trouble to make these. This thing is oozing with magic, I can feel it!"

This chamber is 80 feet square with a 40-foot-high ceiling. The door you have just opened is positioned in the west corner of the chamber. Situated in the middle of each of the four walls is a 10-foot-wide stone door covered with inscriptions. The
remaining walls are covered with detailed murals.

In front of each door is a stone pedestal, 10 feet wide, 20 feet long and five feet high. Crouching on each pedestal are full-sized granite statues of sphinxes. Each pedestal holds a different sphinx, and all face their respective doors in silent vigilance,

To the right facing southwest is a falcon-headed hieracosphinx, and to the left facing northwest is a goat-headed criosphinx. On the other side of the chamber, a male androsphinx faces northeast, while a female gynosphinx faces southeast.
In the center of the chamber is a squat pyramid, perhaps five feet high. Composed of smooth tan stone, each of the four surfaces is engraved with a small triangle with an eye set into the center.

EVERYONE: What now?

Buffs from the axe, affecting whole party:

+2 Artifact Bonus (stacks with everything) to saves vs. Fear

Buffs from Khubsheth:
(Affecting: Dewydd, Sylvar, Respen, Vale, Kleborn, and Thallok):

Geas for the duration of the adventure.

+5 bonus to all saves (Guardian Bonus, stacks with everything) for the duration of the adventure.

Within 10 Feet Of Duncan: (Morale Bonus)

+4 Saves vs Fear (Does NOT stack with Sylvar's Greater Heroism.)

DURATIONS: (Original duration) [Current count against duration, in rounds]
Fly: Less than 12 mins (117 rounds) [-56]
Armor: 24 hours (14,400 rounds) [-56]
Shield: Less than 24 minutes (237 rounds) [-56]
Alter Self: Less than 120 minutes (1197 rounds) [-56]
Dragonskin: Less than 120 minutes (1197 rounds) [-56]
Prot. vs. Evil: Less than 24 minutes (237 rounds) [-56]
Blur: Less than 12 mins (117 rounds) [-55]

(It took 2 minutes [20 rounds] to make it back down the long hallway, even at a hurried pace.)
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